Saturday, January 31, 2009

World War II Vet Freezes To Death After Michigan Utility Cuts Power

So much for taking care of the Greatest Generation. Apparently the richest nation on earth can't find the resources to take care of those in need within its own borders... We may not have debtors prison in this Country...but in this economy you might be better off going to prison over your financial situation. At least you'll survive. This economy is dealing out even worse punishment than prison - death.

According to the medical examiner, the 93 year old victim, Marvin Schur, died a slow and agonizing death in his home. All because he got behind on his electric bill. No bailout for Mr. Schur. Meanwhile, Wall Street managers got billions in bonuses with my tax money. I would have rather seen that money go to Marvin Schur, or 90 year old widow Addie Polk of Ohio, or all the other people struggling just to survive.

What is this Country turning into?

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