Monday, January 05, 2009

Blago Exploiting Blacks For His Own Selfish Purposes

And like Swiss Clockwork, The Congressional Black Caucus shows up and Blacks Fall For It. Have Black folks lost their minds?

Not only is Blago using race as a wedge, but so-called “Black Leaders” appear to be enablers and co-conspirators in the game he is playing.

I don’t know which is worse - Blago using race as a wedge to gain political leverage and to thumb his nose at us, or the fact that Blacks (at least a vocal minority) are falling for Blago’s nonsense and appear to be enabling him. The attempted appointment of Roland Burris was a crude political move on the part of Blago to create conflict and division within his Party and to punish those who have called for his resignation. But it’s the fact that Blago chose to use race…. Blacks in particular…. that makes this so disgraceful. Hopefully this will be the final desperate act from this man before he is forced from office.

But what is even more annoying than the Governors attempted appointment is the way that some Blacks have fallen for the ploy. You can bet that Blago was counting on such a reaction from the so-called “Black Community”. Blacks are so knee-jerk and predictable when it comes to the way they react to race…. Especially in a situation where they see a Black applicant or affirmative action pick being rejected. It doesn’t matter to them if there are conflicts of interests, ethical questions, or if dirty politics are involved. Black politics is known for being so sleazy & corrupt that “The Black Community” sees nothing wrong with crooked politicians. It’s sad and embarrassing to me as a Black man. And I find it ironic that after Blago was arrested, Burris himself stated that he didn't believe that Blago could do his job and seemed to back the calls for Blago to step aside. But when he is offered a Senate seat...all is well... I guess it's now o.k. for Blago to carry out his duties as Governor. Burris is not only an ego-maniac, but he appears to be a hypocrite too.

Are Blacks so unsophisticated that they don’t understand when they are being used for the benefit of someone outside of their own ethnic group? Are they so unsophisticated that they don’t understand when they are being exploited by their own? I hope this is not the case. But the so-called “Black Community” has a tendency to support those who look like them over other candidates, simply because of a shared racial identity. They are typically less concerned about policy and getting actual results. This is one of the reasons why America’s big cities are all too often run down and barely livable… Black politicians have helped to run these cities into the ground… year after year… but the “Black Community” keeps re-electing the same characters. Meanwhile it’s not safe to walk to the grocery store or to the bus stop.

One explanation for this behavior is the fact that Blacks are often blinded by ethno-centrism. When this happens (and it happens all the time), moral compass’s, values, integrity, and often common sense go out of the window. It’s all replaced by a sense of entitlement. Sometimes warranted, but more often than not, it’s unjustified entitlement. Feeling that they have been deprived of power for such a long time, having had doors shut for such a long time, and feeling that they may miss a golden opportunity that may not present itself again….they are willing to have a Black politician representing them in the Senate, even if it’s an appointment made by unclean hands and even under such a dark cloud. It is this fear and frustration among Blacks that Blago is trying to exploit for his own benefit (and for no one else’s). Blago knew that if he could just create a situation where Blacks felt that they were being deprived of something or that “their Senate Seat” was being taken away by Whites…then all Hell would break loose. And because the so-called “Black Community”, the “Black Leadership” and the Civil Rights Industry are so predictable… Blago got the scenario he wanted. Mission accomplished. In fact, I think this all worked out even better than he anticipated. Now he is sitting back and enjoying the chaos as his narcissism is fed. He will be headline news for the next month. And he loves it. This is an example of Race-Baiting both at its worst (in terms of its crudeness) and at its finest (in terms of execution).

The CBC is also engaging in this blind ethno-centrism…. Mostly for their own selfish purposes as well. Finally, they will have an “authentically Black” Senator who will play by their rules…rules that they couldn’t get Obama to play by. But they are unable to see the big picture… that playing this game of enabling Blago is more damaging to their interests in the long run….and hurts what little reputation they have left. But they are choosing to play the game anyway…and it defies all logic. Bobby Rush and his CBC should be ashamed. They have aligned themselves with this crook and are enabling him to not only damage their reputation and that of the Democratic Party, but they are enabling and assisting Blago in his effort to use Blacks as a wedge for his own purposes. That is inexcusable!

The Black establishment is so predictable. This just shows the corrupt nature of Black politicians and the Civil Rights industry in this Country. I have a feeling that they aren’t bothered by embracing Blago…because they themselves aren’t strangers to corrupt politics. They feel at home around this man. They have no moral standing whatsoever. Rush and the CBC had to have conspired with this crook before the announcement of the appointment, otherwise, why would Rush show up and give such a statement at the circus of a Press Conference last week? Not only have they aligned themselves with Blago…. But they have now aligned Black folks with Blago. This is an example of why I am so embarrassed when these Black politicians & groups claim to represent all Black people or even imply that they do. Bobby Rush, the CBC, and the rest of the corrupt Black political establishment does not represent me, and never will.

And I’m tired of hearing about the “Black Community” and what they want.…and I’m tired of hearing that Obama’s U.S. Senate seat is somehow a Black seat. It’s interesting that these are some of the same folks who thought of Obama as not being Black enough or not really being Black at all when he was in his Senate position. Now that he has left the seat…. These same people are characterizing the seat as a Black seat that should be filled by an affirmative action choice. The opportunism is glaring. The fact is… U.S. Senators of course have to represent the interests of the people throughout their entire State. Blacks represent 15% of the Illinois population, yet Black political figures feel a sense of entitlement… that the seat belongs to a Black candidate. Blacks have no more of a right to this Senate seat than any other group in Illinois. But Blacks don’t seem to mind if Burris would be an affirmative action quota. Embarrassing. Why not stand for election under these circumstances? Could it be because Burris has lost every major election he has run in for Congress?

If Burris wants to represent the “Black Community” then he should become an alderman for Chicago’s South side. That would be fine with me. But don’t try to hijack Obama’s Senate seat on the basis of race. The race path taken by Rush, and other Black political figures in Illinois, and in the CBC is not the same path that has been taken by Obama. It’s annoying when “Black Community” folks claim that this is the case when it’s not. Obama won his State Senate seat in a mixed district. Building on that success, he won his U.S. Senate seat by doing better in parts of downstate Illinois than other Black candidates in the past. Obama had a much wider appeal. The idea that this Senate Seat is a Black seat is ridiculous.

If Illinoians wanted Burris to represent them in Washington DC, they would have sent him there. But they didn’t. So now there are certain “Black leaders” who want to run an end-around… to get him into the Senate, even if the appointment is tainted?

Blacks seem to be losing the concept of integrity. I don’t know exactly when this trend started, but it is definitely noticeable. Perhaps the corruption in Washinton D.C., Detroit & Chicago have become so common that it is no longer seen as shameful or deplorable. From Marion Barry to William Jefferson… Blacks have become more willing to accept crooked politics and are less likely to embrace the idea of accountability. Corruption now has a measure of acceptance… as long as people can get their trash picked up and have their roads paved. But ironically, in some “Black neighborhoods”, Black politicians aren’t even taking care of the basics very well. I can drive through North St. Louis right now (American Baghdad) and I will see the same number of liquor stores per block that existed 20-25 years ago…. In some cases there are even more. In the meantime, the police department has shrunk, the schools have worsened, and little has been done to clean up the crime. Criminals continue to terrorize the “Black Community” in St. Louis. And of course, without taking care of the crime, property values remain depressed and there continues to be no investment in these areas. Yet there are City Aldermen who have been on the City’s legislative board for 10, 15, 20 years, and there have been two Black mayors and two Black police chiefs over that same period. No change in conditions. No accountability. Although I think most of the blame lies with Black families, and parents in particular… the Government can’t really make up for the lack of value systems and parenting skills. But they have not done their part as political leaders either. For the “Black Community” the attitude is - “By hook or by crook, let’s just get what we can”. And they see “getting what they can or what they want” as meaning that they have to have a Black politician representing them…. never mind what he or she stands for…. that is of much less importance than skin color. Therefore there is no taboo about their political representatives being crooked, or being appointed by those who are tainted.

But this gives a huge amount of ammo to Conservatives and weakens arguments against Dick Cheney and the corrupt and questionable behavior of the Bush administration. That kind of double standard won’t work and will only hurt so-called “Black interests” in the long run.

Burris and his supporters like to tout his integrity. But I have to question the integrity and judgment of a man who would take part in this kind of ploy. The fact that Burris would seek & accept an appointment from Blago really makes me doubt his character. I don’t have much respect for a man who would allow himself to be used as a pawn like this…. especially as a racial pawn. Blacks should be offended by this nonsense… the fact that they are being used for divisive purposes as race pawns and the fact that Black participation in politics is once again knocked down a notch or two…and that such participation often seems to be associated with corruption or some questionable motive. This is why Blacks often aren’t taken seriously…. Whether it’s in politics, in the justice system, in the workplace, or the pulpit. With this move, the joke is on Black folks once again.

I am glad that Sen. Harry Reid is finally showing some backbone. It’s about time. I wanted to shake Reid’s hand when I heard that he instructed Senate Staff not to allow Burris into the Senate Chamber when and if he shows up this week to be sworn in. Beautiful! I just hope that Reid and the Democrats stand their ground. Burris should be arrested for trespassing just for showing up. And I wish there were laws against Black Buffoonery so that he could be charged with that too. I wish I could be there to lock his *** up myself. The man is a damn fool for this.

I hope the Illinois Lt. Governor Pat Quinn (once Blago is sent packing) chooses Tammy Duckworth for Obama's Senate seat. She is my #1. candidate. Nope... no racial litmus test for me. She's a bona fide hero. I think Duckworth would demand a certain kind of clout and respect that Burris or Jackson could not.... not even if they were squeaky clean. As a result, she could accomplish much more for the State... even for Blacks.


Citizen Ojo said...

Blago played em but I think the only people he has fooled live in Chicago. He has rallied support for himself and has taken some of the heat off his back. Burris has been in the news non-stop. Burris has a very healthy dose of self esteem. He is the right man for Blago someone who is willing. Everyone is waiting to see him get the boot on his first day of work. We shall see.

Brian said...

"Fooled" is probably not strong enough to describe these folks.

But you might be right regarding people in Chicago. They live in a political bubble. There seems to be a lot of "creating their own reality" going on.

It's a shame.

And as for Roland 'the Clown' Burris... part of me hopes that the Capitol Police will lock him up. But another part says... this is exactly what Burris, Blago, the CBC, and Civil Rights Inc. are hoping for- a big scene and possibly an arrest. It will play right into their hands.

Initially he said that if he is rejected....that he wouldn't go there to cause a scene... but now it looks like this is exactly what he might be planning to do.

rikyrah said...


I don't know who you think Blago has fooled. Everybody knows that Blago did this for his own purposes. Facts are facts - they wanted ALL the Black candidates eliminated. I'm not down with that, AI. I'm just not. Why is it someone like Tammy Duckworth, who LOST her race, even though she SPENT MORE MONEY THAN HER GOP OPPONENT, more 'electable' than someone who actually ran and WON?

I'm tired of Black candidates toiling in the field, always having some excuse made to them as to why they can't advance and the resources of the party apparatus can't be put at THEIR disposal. Happens all the time.

rikyrah said...

He was Comptroller - the money man - three times. And Attorney General also. He has not lost all his races, AI.

Brian said...


I never stated that he lost all of his races...(i'm aware of those victories) but he has lost the big ones. That was my point.

He lost a U.S. Senate race (didn't get past the primary), lost the race for Governor, race for Chicago Mayor, etc. I thought he ran for Congress a few times, but I was mistaken.

And this disagreement is not about qualifications. No one is arguing about that... you keep bringing that up...and it's irrelevant. If you're strictly looking at his resume...the man is well qualified... that's not the issue. The issue here has to do with the circumstances under which he was appointed.

Tammy Duckworth for U.S. Senate!!!!

Anonymous said...

Blackness trumps integrity. All you have to do is look at the BET Awards to know that.

I have to agree w/ AI wholeheartedly on this. If I were a black politician being given my first real opportunity by a crook like Blago I'd have to pass. I'd go back toiling until the opportunity was free of any hint of impropriety. All money ain't good money!

No matter WHAT good works Burris may happen to "squeak" in (because he'll be repulsed by every one of his colleagues and have no power whatsoever) he'll forever have the STINK of Blago on him. I have "almost" never been as disappointed in my ppl in my life.

Shame on the CBC, shame on Burris, shame on Mr. Rush for the "don't lynch Burris" statement.

My God people, when did we loose the meaning of self respect?!

Taking this dirty mans handout after this historic election:


Are we so blinded that we don't see this is the ultimate slap in the face? Are so stuck on getting whatever scraps tossed our way we're missing the bigger issue of integrity? We're thinking short when we should be thinking long. And don't give me that "we have to take what we can get" bulls***.

This appointment doesn't undermind us, it's acceptance does.