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Watch The "Do Nothing" Criminal U.S. Congress Discuss Port Deal

Republicrats in the "Do Nothing" U.S. Congress hold their first set of hearings on the Dubai Ports deal. In this hearing, they are already "selling" the Bush Port deal, attempting to make sure that it is approved.

Now I said this would happen, if you scroll down to my first post about the Dubai Port deal, titled "STRANGER THAN FICTION: Homeland Security?"

I can recall after 9/11, the Pentagon, and the State Department repeatedly mentioning the UAE as a problem. Even the 9/11 Commission reported that the UAE was problematic and less than cooperative. The 9/11 Commission was also against the review process in these matters, which it said was too weak. The 9/11 Commissioners also object to this deal. We now also know that the Department of Homeland Security actually objected to the deal early on, but changed its position later. Now all of a sudden, the UAE is great, and we should trust them with our security? Unreal!

Now we find out that Neil Bush, the brother of President Bush, has strong ties to Dubai. Also, David Sanborn, a member of the Bush team, works for or has worked for this same port company- Dubai Ports World. Why did Bush go around the normal channels and procedures on this deal? Why did they have a secret deal, as was reported earlier this week? Several procedures and security requirements were waived for this company... Why?
And with all that we know, I find it hard to believe that Bush never knew about this deal. Everytime these guys open their mouths they lie. We must also ask, who is making the money from this deal? Always follow the money trail! FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! It will lead you back to the scoundrels behind this deal who have sold you out.

Despite all the attempts to sell this deal to the public (Brainwashing the public), with all the misleading glossy information that the Bush-ites will give about the UAE, here is what the former Inspector General of Homeland Security had to say (very smart man, and one of our highest ranking law enforcement officials). Here is an earlier article about issues raised by Mr. Ervin, from late 2004. Here, Ervin really points out serious flaws in our security and it hits at the heart of this issue.

The Republicrats cannot be expected to do anything in this situation, this is what I fully expected from the beginning...they will do what they always do... give a rubber stamp to whatever the White House wants. These crooks need to be arrested.

Luckily there are a few politicians who MAY have some backbone. We shall see. Local officials- Governors and mayors, Port authorities and Port owners- are planning to move ahead with lawsuits in an attempt to reverse this deal. This will be the only chance to stop this deal.

Here is the video link to watch this Republicrat Ceremony, from the Senate Armed Services Committee.
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Elizabeth Dole Plays Dumb

I think perhaps I was the only one who caught this. But when the Dubai Ports deal first came to national attention in mid February, Sen. Elizabeth Dole played the "shocked" role, along with the other members of Congress. But all along, her husband, former Senate giant Bob Dole, was working for the Dubai company as a high powered and highly paid lobbyist, helping to ensure that the deal would be approved.

So this is something that Elizabeth Dole had to have known all along. But when she was seen in the media, she appeared surprised and concerned. Just another example of dishonesty from these politicians.

Dole's role is discussed in this article.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


A suburban St. Louis family is told that they would not be allowed to move into the home that they just purchased. The interracial family of 5 was told by the middle-class St. Louis suburb of Black Jack, that they were being denied permission to move into their home because they did not fit the towns definition of "a family", since the couple is not married. This is beyond absurd, and is actually unconstitutional. This kind of case has never made it high enough in the judicial system to allow for a serious constitutional challenge.
I also suspect that there is more to this case, although the article makes no mention of it... this is the kind of thing that exists, but is taboo. The father is black, and the mother is white. The St. Louis Post Dispatch posted photos of the whole family and they are beautiful folks. This case is beginning to get national and international attention.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jim Hightower Commentary

Jim Hightower Commentaries from Past week

Where is Bush On Katrina? The Nation has forgotten The Gulf Coast
Click Audio link

Exxon Oil Co.
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Bush: Port Deal Will Go Forward

Despite all the security concerns of the American people and the Congress, Bush vows to allow the sale of these key American ports to a Middle Eastern government. Unreal! When are stupid Americans going to start waking up to see what kind of government they have and what kind of system they live in?

What is more troubling is how this port deal was kept from the public eye for so long. Another case of the Bush administration keeping its activities from being known to the American public. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and the other State-Run Corporate News networks were too busy talking about Terri Schiavo, Michael Jackson, Natalie Holloway, and their typical Hollywood celebrity nonsense- dumbing down the American people with this entertainment news to boost their ratings.

This is why I support the idea of giving the public the right of having a referendum....something that a country must have if it is a "Democracy". The American public would vote this down wouldn't even be close. In France, the people showed the world how the power of referendum could be used. In 2005 the French voted against the EU Constitution because their interests were not served. The French government will probably never allow that to happen again, but it shows how powerful this tool is, if people in so called democracies have a chance to use it. Too bad we don't live in a Democracy in the U.S. The U.S. will never give its citizens this right.

The RepubliCrats in Congress will do as they are told by the dictator, just like they always do, and will give their rubber stamp approval. The deal will go through.

What party will people turn to now? This is the problem with having just 2 political parties, especially with such a big country. When the 2 criminal parties collude, and don't act in the best interest of the country, there is no viable 3rd, 4th, or 5th option. Either way you slice it, the dumb American people will vote one of these criminal organizations into office over the other. Nothing can change in such a system. This is why I laugh at idiots who bother to even vote in this country. They are under the delusion that they are actually part of some democratic process, when in truth, it is nothing more than ceremony for the cameras. The U.S. remains one of the least democratic countries among so-called "free" nations. This port controversy is just one more example (among a long list) that shows how un-democratic this country really is.

Why was this deal kept from public view? Because it was a big money deal between huge corporations and facilitated by governments, particularly the White House. These criminals in the White House got a big bundle of money or future agreements out of the deal i'm sure, as they so often do from large corporations.

As usual, the American people get shafted in the deal.
Enjoy voting for the Republicrats next time around....and i'll be laughing at you as always.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rare Audio of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Speaking On 2/18/06

Well, he's not exactly speaking on 2/18/2006, but his message was and is so profound and relevent that he could be speaking today.

These are two short speeches in Chicago for Labor Unions. He is talking about economics, livable wages, poverty, the war and its affects on conditions within the country, etc... Just substitute Iraq for Vietnam and you have a speech that is unbelievably on point. Although one was recorded in 1967, and the other in 1968... 4 decades ago.

Mp3 link:


These people get more nutty with each passing day. Now they are giving U.S. port security to Arab countries. THE CRAZIEST THING THAT I HAVE HEARD IN QUITE SOME TIME.
This government is sick. Port security is a key component to national security in the face of terrorism. It's bad enough that the RepubliCrats have made us dependent on the oil from foreign countries, and allowed foreign agents into the country through a flawed immigration and border security system to train at our own flight schools and then strike us on 9/11.... but now they want to hand over our sensitive Port operations to foreign entities from the Middle East?

Stranger than fiction indeed. Not even the "Twilight Zone" could come up with something so out of wack. Read article on this story here.

The Bull$hit Continues in 2006

Black Firemen in Florida find nooses when they arrive to work.,,-5628081,00.html

U.S. House of Representatives Issues Official Report on Katrina

More reports are coming soon, all slamming the response to the disaster. What is extraordinary is that it is from a Republican Congress- a Congress criticizing it's own Party.

The problems with most of these reports is that it shows that the government (Congress included) still really does not "get it".

I completed a large report on this issue in late 2005 and pointed out some key issues that the Congress really did not address.

There are about 6 major issues that the government did not concentrate on, and showed no interest in changing.
1. There was no independent investigation. This is an indication that the Republican Congress was never really serious about investigating this issue, and improving the U.S. disaster system.
It was a show trial for the most part.

2. They still do not understand the importance of having people in key positions in our disaster response system, who actually have sufficient experience and expertise in the emergency response/rescue/law enforcement fields. Michael Chertoff- Sec. of Homeland Security, nor Michael Brown- Head of FEMA, have experience in emergency response or managing large organizations. Yet they were given these sensitive positions. There are dozens of key positions in the Republican government occupied by political appointees who are not really qualified for the jobs that they have been given.

3. They still do not understand the importance of having FEMA report directly to the President, eliminating red tape. Adding layers of bureacracy only slows down disaster response and weakens effectiveness.

4. They still do not understand the importance of interoperable communications and linking all emergency response personnel together with a system of satellite phones, cell phones, and radios. Emergency directors from all States, all major cities, and all major counties should be able to communicate over the same network, 24/7, 365.

5. They still do not understand the importance of establishing a system of rapid response/emergency response teams and strategically placing them all across the country.

6. They still do not understand the importance of establishing a unified system for disaster response, with the same procedures and standards, that would link State, Federal and local responders together into one cohesive system. There is still no effective system of coordination.

With all of these issues basically glossed over or ignored.... I don't think much will come from these Congressional investigations, other than the admittance that the response was inadequate. I think that is the most that we can hope to get from a Republican Congress. How dare we expect real action.

I believe that if another major disaster strikes, the response would be just as poor. Without the above issues being addressed and corrected by Congress, the same thing can happen all over again.

To learn more about this final Congressional Report (House of Representatives), view the following videos.
Final Report Summary from House of Representatives
(may need to copy and paste the video links)

Follow-up and Commentary about the report
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Download the entire report here:

Monday, February 13, 2006


Tavis Smiley Speech, Feb. 10, from the St. Sabina Church in Chicago Illinois....Rev. Pastor Michael L. Pfleger officiating.


MY TEACHER !!! Dr. Cornel West Speech, Feb. 12, from the St. Sabina Church in Chicago Illinois.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Grammys

Great commentary on the Grammys. I pretty much agree with the author except when he gets to the part about Alicia Keys. I happen to like Ms. Keys. But as far as his other points, we are basically on the same page.

I don't use these phony awards to help me decide who has talent...who has "the chops", etc. I can list countless great musicians who did not get a lot of Grammys, or who got no Grammys at all.

WORSE THAN WATERGATE: Will Patrick Fitzgerald Show That he Has A Backbone?

Will the criminal Republican Government finally fall apart? Can the DemocRATS gain support for their vision, or will we continue to see the Republicrats (a one party government with two faces)?

We shall see. There are currently AT LEAST 3 major investigations taking place, looking into the criminal Republican government. Late on Thursday, reporters dropped a bombshell, reporting that Libby was told by his bosses to leak the information about the CIA agent, Valerie Plame. This leads to the possibility of major major indictments based on conspiracy, which could take down the top figures in the U.S. government.

But it remains to be seen if Fitzgerald (The Federal Prosecutor) will seek a case. Will he show he has a backbone? He has already hinted earlier that he would not seek more charges, because the scope of his investigation was so small.

But this is the biggest story so far. Why is the current Republican corruption bigger than Watergate? Because there are multiple huge cases that are in the works, not just one case.
But the Democrats are so weak that even with a Republican collapse, Democrats still stumble.

Ed Gordon & The Roundtable, February 9th

Great roundtable discussion from the Ed Gordon radio program today.
Many good points by the panel and good topics. Quick report.

What is Really Happening In Iraq Today?

What is really happening in Iraq today from the Iraqi perspective? Here are two audio reports on the true situation in Iraq. Long report from the "On Point" radio program.

A shorter report from a recent National Public Radio program.

More Religious Lunacy

The religious nuts never seem to take a break.
The end of the world is not coming fast enough for these crazies, so they want to help God to speed up the process. It's frightening when I remind myself that these are the same people who run this country. Article.

Religion: The Ultimate Evil

I have been keeping up with this Muslim cartoon story over the past week or so. It just reminds me of how religion is ripping the world apart. Just look around the world. Most major conflicts, and the longest running conflicts that have killed the most people all stem from religion, either directly or indirectly. Religion has been responsible for conflicts in India, Israel, all over Africa, etc. Religion and religious based wars, are the leading man made killer of people in the world.
Religion has been responsible for incalculable amounts of death, destruction, and suffering in the world throughout history.

It is one of the main issues, along with race and class, that divides the worlds people. The world would be better off without religion... this has always been my belief. But it is not only my belief. I share this belief with a growing number of people. Not to say that it has not done some good... but the evil that it has been responsible for has outweighed any good that it has brought.

The issue with the cartoon is just a reminder of how religion makes people crazy. In Western countries, people say that Muslims are out of line for protesting and rioting, but Americans would be outraged (and have demonstrated their displeasure) if Jesus, or the Pope were disrespected in a cartoon. Americans, with their right wing religious ideology, would (at minimum) demand that the cartoonist be fired. Americans & other westerners believe in freedom of speech when it suits them.

Both sides are wrong, as is usually the case with these religious conflicts. The Europeans were attempting to provoke the Muslims. And it is interesting that throughout this global debate, few bring up the issue of how this all started and few want to talk about Europes problem with racism. So on that point, the Europeans were wrong, for not only disrespecting another religion, but for really disrespecting another culture. On the flip side, the Muslim world is wrong because they have taken the protests to violence, which in a way, validates the storyline of the cartoons which depict the Muslim religion as radical and violent. Muslims also don't seem to understand that they cannot impose their religion on people who are outside of their countries and outside of their cultures.

In other words, both sides are nuts. Religion may eventually lead to the demise of mankind.... this is the way that the world is drifting.

Cold War Over? It Never Ended In My Opinion

1. Russia Selling Weapons to Syria
2. Russia Selling Weapons to Iran
3. Russia Selling Weapons to Venezuela
4. Russia Selling Weapons to China
5. Russia Selling Weapons to N. Korea
6. Russia Recognizing and offering to support Hamas- A group recognized by many in the Western world to be a terrorist organization.
7. Russia involved in skirmishes with neighbor Georgia, and Ukraine- both of which will be NATO countries very soon.... why the U.S. would want these unstable, volatile countries in NATO making it easier for a war to be sparked with Russia is beyond any logic.
Neither country (Ukraine or Georgia) offers anything significant to NATO in terms of military power. Both are insignificant on that basis, and both are very young, unstable nations. Both have skirmishes (including military skirmishes) with Russia on a regular basis. The U.S. is on a suicide mission. Of course, since the U.S. is not a democracy, the American people have no vote on this matter of expanding NATO. Most Americans don't even know what NATO is...yet it is their blood that is being mortgaged without their knowledge.

-- In the meantime, U.S. led NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization)- the worlds most powerful defense treaty group, has been expanding at a record pace. NATO has added almost as many countries in the last 10 years, than the number of countries that existed in the organization in the previous 50 years.

The idea that the Cold War ended is a huge myth, spread by the U.S. government in order to avoid unsettling the nation. The reason that they make this claim is because they like to proclaim that the U.S. won. Many in this country mistakenly believe that the Cold War ended when the Soviet Union ended. This is false. Russia is still going strong, and still has thousands of nukes pointed this way. I have never believed that the Cold War ended. The fact is, it only went into an intermission (1990,91-1999). The Cold War (the same Cold War) is now intensifying again. How long will the U.S. lie about some cozy relationship that exists between the two countries? The list of Cold War activity that I listed above is just a small sampling. In 1999, the two countries almost went to war over Yugoslavia (The American public basically had no clue...typical of the people in this country). In the last 15 years, the two countries have come close to obliterating the planet with nuclear weapons, because both countries have hundreds of nuclear weapons on hair trigger status. This has happened once by George H.W. Bush, once by Bill Clinton, and once by Boris Yeltsin... each time, the alert was called off at the last moment).

If the Cold War ended as the U.S. claims, why is NATO expanding at such a furious rate? And I really want to know why the American people are not demanding a say in this matter?

Here is a recent NPR story about the so-called end of the Cold War. I don't really agree with the author who is interviewed for this story.

Now it is important to point out that these events in Russia are happening for a reason. They are being motivated by U.S. policies. Russia is taking these actions because we have antigonized Russia ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Instead of reaching out to Russia in a positive way, the U.S. has thumbed its nose at Russia, & humiliated the country at every opportunity. Russia is specifically responding to the expansion of NATO into its geographical territory. It is meeting with Hamas because the U.S. has recognized the radical Muslim Chechen fighters in Southern Russia, and have provided a platform for this group, despite Russia asking the U.S. not to do so. The Chechens are fighting for autonomy/independence, but they are also terrorists. Yet, the U.S. has been sympathetic to the group. Now it is Russia who is returning the favor.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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Watch the Congressional Hearings on Spying on Americans

The first day of Senate hearings.

As expected, it is a show trial with no substance. The Atty General was not even required to raise his right hand and be sworn in as an official witness under penalty of perjury. A clear sign that it is a circus event. Typical of the U.S. Congress.
They simply want to show the public that, hey... we held hearings. Strictly a PR move.

Copy and paste link to your browser to watch the hearings.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mother Leaves Small Children Home Alone For Jerry Springer

Here is another story showing just how rotten to the core American culture has become.
A woman left her small children (babies) home alone while she went to see the sleazy trash T.V. show "The Jerry Springer Show".

These stories have become common in is the case in other places (but here it just seems worse). It is common to either see a news story about women and their "bad boy" boyfriends, or about women who are not parenting. This is especially true about the epidemic of women desiring to be with bad boys. For those who may not be familiar with the American slang... A "Bad Boy" = a rough/tough guy, thug, rapper, criminal, deadbeat, drug dealer, killer, abuser, etc. Over and over again, we hear about bad things happening to women who are with these men, yet, more and more women prefer to have these guys as boyfriends or even husbands. It's a cultural phenomenon here in the U.S., especially with young urban women.

In this case, we have an ignorant parent. Someone who probably should have never been allowed to have children. Unfortunately there are a lot of people in this country who are unfit to be responsible for children. This is part of the reason why so many of our children turn out to be so bad. The U.S. has a lot of people who have kids, but are not "parenting".

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Should Aaron McGruder Apologize? HELL NO!

Should Aaron McGruder apologize for the Martin Luther King episode of his cartoon?

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the rest of the black civil rights elite think he should apologize for the MLK portrayal. I have to disagree with these so-called civil rights leaders.

Although I don't always agree with Aaron McGruder, I think that in this case, he said what needed to be said, and he said what these so-called civil rights leaders have been scared to say for years. I think that Al Sharpton and Jesse should shut their mouths (for a change).

Here are 2 quick discussions on this subject from NPR. One from January 26th, and another from February, 2nd. They discuss McGruder at the end of both audio streams.

Here is an old interview with Aaron McGruder, done by Tavis Smiley. Video and audio available.

(To See the Boondocks Video in question, go to the January Archives).

Jim Hightower Commentary

Jim Hightower Commentary, February 2, 2006.

Titled "Equip The Grunts" (Audio link available).

Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Response To Mr. Bush's State Of The Empire Speech

Here is my response to Mr. Bush's State of The Empire Speech.

This man, and his crazy Republican party, seem to be more and more detached from reality with each passing day. I lost track of all the lies that he told in this speech. But one thing that I recall that really annoyed me was that he stated that Iraq was a sovereign country. WHAT??? And he said it with a straight face. How in the hell can a country be sovereign when it is occupied with over 130,000 foreign troops. The U.S. still calls many of the shots there...and the government there has to hide within the safety of the "Green Zone" in Baghdad in order to stay alive.

It just sounded like the same old Bush speech, which has become so predictable. 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 and more 9/11. But what is he actually doing about preventing another 9/11. Most of the Republican governments policies are counter-productive, particularly when it comes to terrorism.

**I heard nothing about decreasing these massive deficits or paying down the even bigger federal Debt, which is at a whopping 8 trillion dollars. The Federal debt will soon be unmanageable. Very soon, we won't even be able to take care of the interest on it anymore. We will never pay it off...and our kids, grand kids, and great grand kids won't even get close. The country is broke.

**I heard nothing about preparations for major disasters. Nothing about revamping FEMA.

**I heard nothing of substance about plans for the Gulf Coast, and people who were made homeless after hurricane Katrina and the other hurricanes that struck last year.

**I heard nothing about the progress in training Iraqi troops to take care of their own responsibilities, so that U.S. troops can return to the States. You know why? Because the U.S. has every intention of staying in Iraq. They never planned to leave. There will be a large U.S. presence there (Several thousand troops) for decades. That is why they have been building permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq. Hmmmm. But you won't hear that on FOX news or CNN.
Why haven't they reported on this?

**I heard nothing about the sqeezed and shrinking middle class.

**I heard nothing about the increase in poverty, and the increase in the number of kids with no health coverage... but he did lie and say that he had taken care of that problem, lol. Come on!

**I heard nothing in terms of new policies for fighting terrorism that will actually work.

**I heard nothing about this out of control militarism, and war to solve disputes. The only thing I heard on this subject was more pro-war rhetoric... Getting the country mentally indoctrinated for their upcoming war with Iran. In other words, more of the same.

**I heard nothing about making sure more Americans have healthcare.

**I heard nothing about more programs for education...just vague statements with no plan or substance.

**I heard nothing about fixing Americas economy so that it is competitive and we have the best minds...just more of the same, with no plan or substance.

**I heard no real plans for making corporate America and politicans more accountable and there was nothing about getting rid of corruption.... could it be because his party is full of corruption? After all, corruption is what brings these guys to power.

**I heard nothing about a living wage increase. (Congress voted against raising the minimum wage twice last year, but voted to increase their own pay just a few weeks later).

**I heard nothing about serious steps towards securing the nations borders, and overhauling immigration policy so the bad guys are kept out, while allowing others to still have access.

**I heard nothing about reshaping Americas image in the world, about restoring our damaged relations with a number of countries, or restoring credibility.

One thing I did like was the mention of getting the U.S. away from dependence on foreign oil. Now lets see proof of a real plan to do it. Interesting how they basically stole Progressive ideas for this one. Progressives have been saying this for years.

Here is a fact check about the State of the Union Speech.

Here is how some ordinary Americans reacted to the speech. This is where reality is, and Bush is nowhere close to it.

Michael Savage Bashes Coretta Scott King After Her Death

Michael Savage, a Right-Wing Conservative nutjob, bashed Coretta Scott King on his radio show on Wednesday, Feb.1, a day after she passed away. He laughed about G.W. Bush mentioning her in the State of the Union Speech, degraded her sacrifices, and made fun of her worth to her husband, family, and her people.

This is no surprise, this is the same guy who badmouthed the victims of the Asian Tsunami, questioning their worth as human beings, and stated that we should not have given them assistance.

Michael Savage, who claims to be an independent on his website, is actually one of many right-wing talk show hosts who are part of the mighty Conservative media apparatus that controls much of talk radio, T.V. news, and controls debate in this country. He is part of the same Right-wing Conservative media machine that includes Rush Limbaugh and literally hundreds of others like him. These people are syndicated by hundreds of radio and T.V. stations across America. For those who are not familiar with Savage & others like him... they are racists to the core. I'm embarassed to say that I actually agreed with this clown on some issues... but on the majority of subjects, the guy really shows how much of a looney he is.

Some of the other Conservative mouthpieces like him on radio and T.V. are Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Limbaugh of course, Matt Drudge, Laura Ingraham, Pat Robertson, Michael Reagan, Neal Boortz, Chuck Colson, Glenn Beck, G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and countless others. When you add up all the nationally syndicated Conservative media figures, and all the local Conservative Republican T.V. and radio hosts from cities across America, you are talking about at least 200 people. They represent the media apparatus for the Republican Party. This is what allows the Republican party to control debate, squash dissent in the media...and to block real news and journalism.

Much of what they do amounts to hate speech (supported by the FCC, and by Corporate America which supports their views and makes sure these shows stay on the air by providing plenty of Corporate sponsorship). This is one of the biggest ways that Corporations support the Republican party, by making sure these Right Wing Conservative shows dominate the airwaves. They do it through their advertising support.

Why I Hate The Democratic Party:

Add this to the series of why I hate the Democratic party (there will be several of these as my blog grows).
I have to take a minute to talk about the website called Some of you may be familiar with this website. I was a fairly new member of the site before I was blocked by the websites “Thought Police”, just yesterday. Why was I banned from the site? Can you guess? For having an opinion. Apparently, you are not welcome at the site unless you pledge full allegiance to the Democratic party and everything that it stands for. If you have any opinion that deviates from their philosophy, or if you criticize the party in any way (even constructive criticism) you will be banned from posting on their web forum. I joined the forum there to post with a few like-minded people and to increase my blog readership (which is growing at a steady clip). If you are not familiar with DemocraticUnderground…visit it sometime, the site is huge, with several thousand members. But after the Jan. 31st State of the Union Speech, I became a little too active on their web forum.

Their party has been so spineless lately, and just as bad as the RepubliCONS in terms of not getting the job done for the country, that I (and others) added some healthy criticism. Their “Thought Police” are completely intolerant of any free exchange of views and any healthy real debate. So they erase any message that is not perfectly in line with their views. But that’s not the most interesting part in my opinion. What they really seemed to be afraid of was any suggestion of more political parties. They quickly freak about any discussion about another political party other than the two established parties. This is one of many things that democrats have in common with Republicans. They are both scared to death of any talk of more political parties, because they know that is what a growing number of Americans want. They are scared to death of losing their stranglehold on the American people. Republicans and Democrats smooze and work together to not only keep other parties from forming, but they even keep the debate out of the media and out of the minds of the American people. Anyone at who so much as brings up the idea of another political party (no matter how polite they are) their message is immediately frozen and the person posting the message is quickly banned from the website.

Hmmmm Doesn’t this sound familiar? Isn’t this what they accuse the Republicans of doing? Not allowing freedom of thought, free exchange of ideas, criticism (even positive criticism), dissent, etc… Then they preach freedom and democracy and all the usual garbage the they preach but don’t back up… It’s annoying. Their entire political party is annoying. And I fully expect that they will fall on their faces in 06 and 08. Now for the record, I would prefer that they win, because I don’t know how much more damage we can take from the RepubliCONS. But then again, It wouldn’t be all that bad to see the DemocRATS flop either. The Democrats are basically a lesser of two evils. It is more about hoping against the Republicans rather than hoping for the Democrats. If the DemocRATS lose, then more Americans will suffer…and that may have a positive side to it because more folks will want to get up, get out of their comas, organize, and do something politically. It’s healthy for a country to go through these cycles…because it wakes the masses from their sleepwalking. I’m afraid that if the Democrats win, the American public will fall right back into their blind, mindless complacency, which would not be good in the long run…because the Republicans still have the upper hand in the long term (they have a huge political machine, a massive media infrastructure, and a country that is still trending Republican in the long term, even with a Democratic win).

And what the idiots at fail to understand is that 1 or 2 additional political parties consisting of Independents, Reformers, Disgruntled Democrats, far left Democrats, or even a conservative breakaway group…all would actually benefit the Democratic Party. Furthermore, a little healthy criticism of their weak political party, and a free exchange of ideas…is actually what their party needs. Without this, it’s hard to come up with any new strategies, hard to be flexible, hard to expand the vision of the party, hard to have any kind of meaningful debate within the party, etc. Without criticism and debate you end up with Group-Think, tunnel vision, and being stuck on stupid, which basically describes where the Democratic party is right now. One thing I can say about Republicans is least Republicans have backbone, are tenacious, ruthless, & even gangster-like with their politics, they take no prisoners, they employ sneaky (yet smart) strategy, and they know how to plan and control information. None of these things could be said for the Democrats…which is why they get smashed by Republicans on a routine basis.

I went easy on these guys… because this is not what I wanted to type last night…. What I originally had in mind was a lot more abrasive.
But my message to is simply this,…. Practice What You Preach.