Friday, January 16, 2009

"Waterboarding is torture"


This was in the answer to the first question of Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder at his confirmation hearing.

How long have we waited for someone official to say that.

I know some have called into question Holder's work as a private attorney. He's a private attorney at a major law firm, and he's good. He's not going to get do-good cases. He's going to get corporate work for not-so-nice corporations. The man is giving up a 2 million dollar salary. Nobody's going to make that kind of money doing the kind of law that makes people feel good.

I had a discussion with a friend of mine this week. She's an Obama skeptic. She asked me honestly what I thought we'd get out of an Obama Administration. I told her that I thought we will be well on our way to Universal Healthcare. And, that there would be a restoration of belief in The Justice Department. I believed Holder as Attorney General is a good step in that direction.

The Republicans tried to grill him over the pardon of Marc Rich. While I always thought it was wrong, the bottom line is that Bubba had the right to pardon whomever he wanted, and at the end of the term, Holder fulfilled his duties at The Justice Department. And, if the pardon of one crook is all the GOP has on him, then Holder isn't a bad choice at all.

What upsets the GOP about Holder isn't his time at The Justice Department. It was what he did beforehand - going after crooks with a vengeance. I honestly asked my friend, who is bloodthirsty about nailing Republicans that she needs to pick a group. The horrifying thing about the past 8 years is that there is so much to choose from. It's a daunting prospect; I'm one that wants 'Justice'. But, where do you start? Where do you begin? Do you realize how, from top to bottom, The Justice Department has been gutted, infected with incompent GOP cronies, and the rule of law has been turned on its head?

I believe the investigations are necessary because we need to have it on record as to what they did to this country. I believe this country is owed that. I believe they need to be exposed for who they were and the harm they infliced on us over the past 8 years.

Despite the whining of the GOP, I believe Holder will be confirmed, and with a nice amount of GOP votes.

And then, the next Attorney General can go about the business of being THE PEOPLE'S LAWYER.

Some Holder video on FISA:

Holder's family supporting him during the hearings.

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