Saturday, January 31, 2009

Priority #10 For the Obama Administration - Revitalize Urban America

One of the top 10 priorities for the Obama Administration should be to revitalize/invest in urban America. Investment, tax revenue and jobs have abandoned America's inner cities, leaving crime, poverty and hopelessness to fill the void.

Obama can do this by establishing a service culture and challenging young Americans to volunteer. The new administration should also put billions of dollars into the building of Federal job training centers and free or low cost 2 year colleges in the 40-50 largest metropolitan areas in the Country, where the need is greatest. In each of these training centers, students can learn everything from construction, carpentry, and plumbing to computer technology and green jobs.

There should also be tax incentives for companies that provide jobs in economically depressed areas.

Unfortunately... poverty has not been a top issue for Obama. But he does have a Progressive Social Secretary- Desiree Rogers - who seems interested in improving conditions in urban America. We shall see.

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