Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The First Couple's First Dance


Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Rikyrah, I couldn't even see it. But I still knew it was beautiful.
I'm so happy. My head is hurting from not getting enough rest. But when I do lay it down, I will go to bed with peace.
BTW: You know I won't be content unless I have a Rikyrah Description of the First Families atire..
Peace and love,

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

I know if I'm tired, the Obama's have to be tired. I feel bad that they have to start their day so early in the morning.
BTW: Rikyrah, I'm not good with large crowds either. No lie, when I came to the Taste in July, I was a little uneasy. But with that being said, I will be going back to Chicago in July.

rikyrah said...

Hey Angie,
well, for the Inauguration, the First Lady wore Isabel Toledo. They call the color lemongass. It was a dress with an overcoat. The overcoat had brocade on it. She had a chiffon scarf that was sort of greenish, and also a chiffon bow that tied in the front. I have to backtrack. It was really a 3 piece ensemble. A dress, then a shorter jacket/sweater that you only got to see for the Inaugural Luncheon, and the brocade overcoat. Now, the sweater was held together at the top by a jeweled collar that looked like diamonds, but weren't. She wore green gloves, dark limeish color from J.Crew and matching Jimmy Choo heels (not too high, I would say 2 inches, max.)She even wore stockings.

While some might not have liked it on TV, I can assure you from the newspapers I bought this morning, and looking at the front pages online from all over the country - that outfit was probably chosen for how it would photograph.

Now, for the Inaugural ball, the President was in White tie. Lord, I love a man in White tie.

Michelle Obama wore a one-shoulder flowing gown by Jason Wu. Now, it's hit or miss too by some. I thought it framed her body perfectly. He used textures on it too, and had crystals all over it. It was Ivory, which you know just popped against her skin tone. Listening to the people on tv this morning, they said tv didn't do it justice. To see it up close and see the detailing on it, it was stunning.

The First Lady wore her hair down the entire day.

Now, the WeeMichelles.

Malia had on a royal blue overcoat with black scarf and royal blue satin sash tied pefectly in a bow. Black stockings and shoes. Black gloves.

Sasha had on a salmon outfit. The satin sash and her scarf were still salmon, but a deeper, richer salmon. And Sasha even had salmon gloves on, as well as shoes and tights.

The hair in curls, of course. They looked beautiful. And AGE APPROPRIATE.

The picture of the First Lady and First Daughters was a very colorful one. They looked great.

Hope I helped.