Monday, January 26, 2009

Blago Compares His Problems with Mandela, MLK and Gandhi

Blago is at it again. First he invoked the attack on Pearl Harbor to describe the morning of his arrest by the FBI. Now, as part of his media tour, he has compared his problems with the struggles of Nelson Mandela, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi. Hear story from NPR.

Here is what he stated on NBC's Today Show Sunday, when reflecting on the December 9th, 2008 arrest at his home:

"I thought about Mandela, Dr. King and Gandhi and tried to put some perspective to all this and that is what I am doing now."

You almost have to see it to believe it.

Blago's narcissism, and insanity are finally overtaking him just as I suspected they would. It should be pretty clear to folks at this point that Blago's elevator does not go up to the top floor. He wants everyone to know that this whole ordeal is part of a conspiracy against him (by a Democratically controlled State). He has even taken the step of hiring a Public Relations firm as part of his effort to change public opinion. He won't attend his State Senate impeachment trial (because he knows he's guilty), but he'll go through all the trouble and expense of hiring a PR firm.


Almost as annoying as Blago is the willingness on the part of the mainstream media to help him with his tour of the TV networks. They want to give him a platform for his propaganda and fulfill his desire for constant attention. They will basically do anything for ratings.

Even attorney Ed Genson can't deal with Blago's nonsense. Genson announced over the weekend that he was resigning as Blago's attorney in the Federal criminal case because Blago wouldn't listen to counsel. Wow... that's a shocker. Apparently Genson was tired of Blago running his mouth and was against the idea of having a media tour. But Genson must not have understood...that this whole fiasco has nothing to do with Blago wanting to defend himself... it has always been about The Rod Blagojevich Show and this man's incessant need to be in the spotlight. Genson had already decided not to represent Blago in his impeachment case.

Genson's comments over the weekend:

"I have been practicing law for 44 years. I never require a client to do what I say, but I do require them to at least listen to what I say," Genson said. "I believe in this case it would be better off, and I intend to withdraw as counsel in this case. And I wish the governor good luck and Godspeed."

Additional Commentary from the Chicago Tribune Blog


Brian said...


Are you still supporting Blago's foolishness now????

*cough* Must be something in the water in Chicago. *cough*

Or perhaps it's the air.

Anonymous said...

I've got an idea. Let's lock Blago's crazy ass up for 20 years. Then he can really compare himself to Mandela.

...somewhere around 2040.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and AI: I'm sure you caught it already. But if the Rod Blagojevich Show would've ever came to light, that loon actually wanted Oprah to be his version of Kevin Eubanks.

Oy vey.

rikyrah said...

When did I ever say this man wasn't crazy. I do believe that I told folks from the very beginning that he wasn't going to resign. That he would go kicking and screaming. I'm just a mere voter who has observed the man for 7 years. I didn't even know him, and I knew this. That's why those Democrats who deluded themselves that he would leave quietly shock me. How they could be that stupid, and underestimate their opponent like that.

Brian said...


yes... I'd like to see him after he's been tortured and held in prison for 27 years. And the whole premise that his problems have ANYTHING to do with these civil rights leaders is pretty damn insane.

Clearly Blago has completely lost it. And the media is just eating it up... talking to this man in interviews as if he's competent...wt_!!!!.


I hear you.... it just seems like you were singing his praises a few weeks back... talking about how good he was to folks in Chicago... (Blacks in particular) and this is why he should get a pass. You also mentioned that you weren't buying the fact that he did anything wrong (that IS what you stated).

We'll have to continue to agree to disagree when it comes to Chicago's corrupt politics.

The fact is... Blago's approval rating in the State (before the scandal) was somewhere in the low 30's....and sinking. His approval among Blacks was also low...about the same. So i'm curious about where all this "popular" Black support is coming from that you were talking about a few weeks back. The only folks supporting him are Chicago's Black politicos...and that crooked CBC.

Brian said...

And Andre...

Notice the muted response from the Black elite...particularly the CBC to Blago's comments.


If these comments had been spoken by any other White Man...all Hell would have broken loose.