Monday, January 12, 2009

Roland Burris to be Seated in the United States Senate


Burris says he's honored to be seated in the Senate
From Evan Glass and Dana Bash

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Illinois Senate-designate Roland Burris said Monday afternoon that he is "truly humbled and honored" to learn he will be seated in the Senate later this week.

Earlier in the day, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Illinois senior senator and Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin said the Senate would accept Burris' credentials.

"The Secretary of the Senate has determined that the new credentials presented today on behalf of Mr. Burris now satisfy Senate Rules and validate his appointment to the vacant Illinois Senate seat. In addition, as we requested, Mr. Burris has provided sworn testimony before the Illinois House Committee on Impeachment regarding the circumstances of his appointment," the two said in a statement.

At a news conference around 5:30 p.m. ET, Burris publicly thanked Reid and Durbin.

"It will be my honor to both serve with them and learn from them," he said. "I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve, and I ask for your support and prayers."

Burris also took time to praise Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, who opposed seating Burris, and did not sign his appointment certificate, although his office stamped it Friday to show it had been received.

"He [White] is owed a debt of gratitude. He also happened to be someone's whose autograph I cherish," Burris said. "[He's] an honorable man."

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Glad to see this over.

For me this was always about the rule of law. And either we are a country of laws again after 8 years or we are not.

If you don't like him, pick a Primary Challenger in 2010 and work your heart out for him/her.

And a word to politicos out there everywhere:
1. When you're trying to be SLICK (avoiding a Special Election, which would have been the democratic (small d) thing to do), like Harry Reid and Speaker of the Illinois House Michael Madigan, you best make sure that ALLL your ducks are in a row.
2. Know your opponent. If your opponent is a STREET FIGHTER, what would make you think that he or she would even KNOW how to spell shame, let alone feel it?

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