Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inaugural Events on TV

The Lincoln Memorial Concert is going to be on HBO today- SUNDAY, from 2:30-4:30 pm EST. With repeats on HBO at 7pm EST, and 11:30 pm EST. But, here's the thing. Even if you don't subscribe to HBO, it seems that cable companies are making this a free HBO weekend. So, check your HBO channels to see if they are unblocked. If you have DirectTV, also check Channel 101 - it will be shown on there too.

MONDAY - There is a children's concert that will be shown on The Disney Channel, from 8- 9:30 pm EST. Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will be there.

TUESDAY - The "Neighborhood Inaugural Ball" - the first one that the new President and First Lady will attend, will be shown on ABC, beginning at 8 pm EST. This is where they will have their first dance.

MTV will air the ' Youth Ball', beginning at 10 pm EST, which the President WILL attend.

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