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Asian American Newspaper Takes Heat For Racist Column

Asian Newspaper Article Attacks African Americans

Even Asian Americans are upset about the printing of a column last Friday entitled "Why I Hate Blacks". The column was printed in the weekly West Coast newspaper, Asian Week, and was written by staff writer Kenneth Eng. In the column, Eng (An Asian American) attacks Black Americans, and goes on a rant that seems to feed off of long standing stereotypes. See report here.

Note: See a full copy of "Why I Hate Blacks" below.

Now some (especially those in the Asian-American Community) have tried to write this guy off as a crackpot, which is probably true. However, the question is not whether the guy is a racist crackpot....that much is clear. The question is how and why did the newspaper, which is a regional staple in California, allow this edition of the newspaper to go to print, without the issue being raised? The paper can't simply come out now and say "we didn't know" or "we don't support the comments". Someone had to edit and approve the comments before the paper went to print and distribution. Someone gave their implicit o.k. for it.

This also raises another question. Was Eng simply expressing some of the things that other Asians feel but have been afraid to say publicly? I would say that this is more probable than not. Although many Asians are not as outspoken about their prejudices, they do tend to show it in other ways. My experiences with some Asian Americans, particularly Asian women, have left me wondering. Although most of them have not been blatently racist, they seemed to show it in a more implicit & passive way. Most Asian Americans (who I have come across) typically want to associate themselves with Middle Class white Americans, and they try very hard to do so, as if it is some great goal. They don't seem to be too eager to socialize with African Americans. It is no coincidence that Asian American women tend to prefer White men. These particular women that I am referring to, tend to come from very strict traditional families where the parents expect their daughters to find "a good man". Well, you are probably thinking... ALL parents want that for their daughters. But, a "good man" for many (not all) Asian families does not include a Black male. A "good man" often seems to be code for a "White male"....as if they are the only men who are stable, successful, decent men, etc.

I have actually been told a few times by Asians, that it is unacceptable to Asian Families for Asian women to bring home a Black man. To many, this is seen as Taboo....an abomination of sorts. Part of the blame for this probably lies with Black culture.... just look at the negative images of Black men that are often perpetuated by Blacks themselves.... we see this with the rap community for example. But I obviously still find this kind of racism as troubling.

Then there are the other conflicts between Black Americans and Asian Americans in urban areas across the country. I find these conflicts to be silly. But do they signal a deeper divide? How long has this divide been lingering (and festering)? We have been stuck in the White/Black vacuum for so long that other race and cultural issues have been ignored.

Some of the same issues are cropping up again in Los Angeles between Black Americans and Latinos, although that situation seems to be different IMO. That situation involves gangs, the urban poor, poor public schools, etc. That divide does not seem to be consistently bad across all classes.... it seems to be a problem mostly for the urban poor-lower middle class. On the contrary, what I see with the Asian/Black divide seems travel a little more across class...although the reasons for the divide might be different for different class levels.

This article was really not surprising. In fact, it seemed to be more confirming than surprising in many ways.

I also found it interesting that in the article he mentions white controlled/directed movies as an example of Black racism towards Asians. The two movies that he mentioned, Rush Hour and Exit Wounds, were directed by Brett Ratner, and Andrzej Bartkowiak- two white directors. But I guess the directors, producers, etc, and the studios should be let off the hook. Interesting. So he's mad about the role of Chris Tucker?

But I guess this is one of the reasons why Black actors/actresses should be more in control of how their images are used on film. Because as the actors, Blacks get the backlash....whether it is how those images are internalized by other Blacks, or how people of other races & cultures see Black people as a result. The directors, the screenwriters and the movie studios don't have to deal with the backlash quite as much because they are always in the background counting the money. It's a similar situation with Rap music, although in that case Blacks are more to blame IMO.

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Story About Life In a Texas Military Community

1st Calvary Division
Fort Hood Texas

Hear an interesting 2 part story about life for a Texas military community under the cloud of the Iraq War. That community is the Killeen/Fort Hood metro area- A place that I once called home.

If you are not familiar with Ft. Hood, the place is huge. It is the largest full service U.S. military base in the World. It is approximately 330 square miles in all. To put that into some kind of perspective for you, that is larger than New York City, larger than the entire city of Chicago, larger than Dallas Texas, 2 & 1/2 times the size of Atlanta, and bigger than 4 Baghdads. Most of that space is used as a practice area for Abrams tanks, artillery, and for Apache helicopters. Ft. Hood also houses two airfields.

The base serves more than 50,000 U.S. troops and their family members.

Hear Part I

Part II

Do The Chicken Hawks Really Care About the Troops?

Monday, February 26, 2007

U.S. Military Readiness Fading

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Peter Pace, says that the U.S. military is stretched to its limit and may not be ready for another crisis.

This seems to be a quiet way for General Pace to tell the Bush-ites that another conflict, such as a war with Iran, would not be a good idea. Will the neo-conservative nuts listen to the Generals?


Related Events

--Several top U.S. Generals have threatened to resign if an attack on Iran is ordered.

--One of Iraq's Vice Presidents was nearly killed in an assasination attempt, while at the same time, President Talabani has fallen ill.

The security and political situation in Iraq does not seem to be improving. This is the kind of instability (along with Al Sadr now rejecting the crackdown effort, weak border security, a destroyed economy with no jobs for the people, political assasinations, a mass exodus of the country's best and brightest, poor water and electrical service, terrorism & religious strife, and the extreme weaponization of the region) that a temporary troop increase cannot fix.

When will the stupid rich White men, who got the nation into this mess, come to this realization?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Who Murdered Army Pvt Lavena Johnson?

Update: Please Read My Blog Entry on The Rude Pundits Site. See Here.


This has to be one of the biggest stories in the Country that is not getting National Coverage.

Young Pvt. Lavena Johnson, a St. Louis Missouri area soldier, was killed in Iraq on July 19th, 2005. Evidence in the case points to assault and murder. However, the Army has been covering up the murder, calling the soldiers death a suicide instead.
This story is also being covered by blogger Shakespears Sister.

Immediately after her murder, The Army told her family that her death was not a suicide. But a short time later, the Army changed its story and called it a suicide by way of a self inflicted gunshot. The case was never properly investigated. The FBI should have taken over this case, once it appeared that foul play was involved.

The family put up an initial fight, but then the case faded.

Right after her death, I attempting to get more light shined on the issue. I wrote newspapers, and TV stations, without success. I guess they felt that it was more important to spend all of their time talking about Strippers like Anna Nicole Smith. I even attempted to get "Black Reporters" Tavis Smiley and Ed Gordon to cover this story, but neither of their programs ever responded to my e-mails via their websites.

I immediately saw red flags with this case, because the circumstances were so suspicious. First and foremost:

1. Lavena Johnson was not a candidate for suicide, based on all of the accounts that described her personality, demeanor, her spirit, etc. None of that pointed to suicide. Also, she was nearing the time when she would be coming home and had been making plans with her family.

2. Secondly, from a physical/scientific standpoint it would have been nearly impossible for her to shoot herself in the side of the head with an M-16 with her weak hand. The bullet wound was on the left side of her head, but Lavena was right handed. Typically this is not how a suicide would be done with an M-16 rifle. In addition, weapons residue & forensics tests showed that she did not even fire the weapon.

3. Her face and upper body showed signs that she had been beaten. She had a broken nose, a busted lip, and her front teeth had been knocked loose. The funeral service workers had to repair her face before her funeral. Other parts of her body also showed signs of trauma.

I did not want to push too hard at the time, because the family did not seem interested in dealing with the issue. They wanted to grieve instead.

But there are now new developments in the case, and the family is once again fighting for a new investigation. Local St. Louis TV Station KMOV Channel 4 covered the case this week, and even more evidence has surfaced in the case that was not previously reported. See video here. The new evidence supports the case that Lavena was brutally murdered in her tent.

This case should be brought to national prominence, because a disgusting injustice has been committed here. The killer or killers are out there walking free.

My theory on what may have happened to this young soldier? She was likely a victim of a rape or sexual assault of some kind, likely by superior officers or enlisted soldiers. In an effort to cover up their crime and keep her from telling anyone, they decided to kill her. The evidence in the case shows that the suspect (s) attempted to destroy evidence at the crime scene, including an attempt to try to set the crime scene on fire. The new information also shows that there was a blood trail leading outside from Lavena's tent. If she shot herself in the head with an M-16, then she would not have been able to get up and walk outside of her tent to create the blood trail. Another person would have had to do that.

OR an alternate scenario could be that Lavena was a witness to or knew of serious criminal activity involving officers or senior enlisted folks over there. She must have saw something or heard something, and her superiors knew that she could be a witness against them. In an effort to guarantee that she would not tell what she knew, someone decided to have her killed.

Either way, this case deserves National attention, and the FBI should get involved. From seeing other cases in Iraq involving Iraqi civilians, we know that these kinds of events have taken place. The problem with these kinds of cases involving soldiers overseas is that evidence is lost and potential witnesses and suspects are reassigned to other bases over a certain period of time. But this is exactly why this needs to be an FBI case, because any new case would involve several jurisdictions.

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Division (or CID), which is typically responsible for investigating crimes on Army installations, has proved that #1. It may not have the resources and/or the manpower to investigate such a complex case, and #2. It has shown that it is not trustworthy in terms of being an impartial entity in this case. This is especially important if the offender or offenders were Army officers…and if the Army itself is involved in this cover-up.

Let's bring national attention to this issue so that justice can be served...for Lavena, her family, and for the other young women in the military who may have found themselves in similar situations (or will in the future), and may not have known how to seek help if help was even available at all. Women deployed overseas in the field are often isolated among men and often do not have the same support networks when they are deployed to warzones that they have when deployed Stateside.

This kind of vile injustice (far worse than what happened to Pat Tillman) should not be allowed to stand.

I Plan to Stay On This Story

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Tom Vilsack And Americas Paper Democracy

Arguably The Most Qualified Democratic Candidate Has Announced That He Is Ending His Campaign for President

The Vilsack departure is an example of why American Democracy is so farcical. It represents everything that is wrong with the American political system. It is a system where Political figures are created and where “frontrunners” are determined by corporate media, their corporate connections, and to a large extent by corporate money. Democracy? Democracy my ass! Countries in the Third World have better Democracies. What the United States has is “make-believe Democracy“….and it doesn’t even play make-believe very well.

Vilsack was the candidate that had me the most excited about the race. I thought that he could be the dark horse in the race… Someone with impeccable credentials, with an actual background to stand on and be proud of. Someone with a background as a Governor who could have come out of nowhere to become President, exactly the same way that the two previous Democratic Presidents did. And as the former Governor of Iowa, he was poised to do well in the Primaries. Vilsack was among the top 2 best candidates in the race.

This announcement also removes another viable, electable Democrat from the list of candidates. This leaves only John Edwards (and as a stretch…Dodd or Richardson) as the only viable candidate in the race. It greatly weakens the Democratic Party’s chances for beating a Republican in the General Election. This is a significant development because Vilsack could have been a major counterweight to the media created candidates. This unfortunately paves the way for someone unelectable to actually get the nomination. After this event, Democrats don’t deserve to win the General Election. This decrepit Political Party has been pumping money to the un-electables in the race, not to mention not providing the kind of support that all the candidates deserve (demanding equal media time for example).

So why did Vilsack drop out? Well, he was not the media darling. He didn’t create great ratings on Americas entertainment news channels….the same POS news networks that have spent hundreds of hours talking about a dirty stripper over the last few weeks, but have mentioned virtually nothing about one of the worst Genocides in modern history taking place in Africa. CNN, FOX and all the rest can go straight to hell.

Not being the media darling= not getting the money. No money= no TV coverage & no funds to support a staff. And the rest is self explanatory. The cycle is clear. This is why there is a great need for publicly funded campaigns, where all candidates get the same amount of money from a pool….and where everyone gets the same amount of TV coverage….fair and square. But jackasses like Hillary Clinton can’t dream of winning in that kind of fair and square environment. So it’s no surprise that people like the Clintons don’t support publicly funded campaigns where they would have to compete on an even playing field. You see, on an even playing field, candidates like Vilsack win. But in today’s America, this kind of fair and square Democracy is unfortunately frowned upon.

The next time you big media assholes (including you spineless journalists) get the chance to speak to Mrs. Clinton, ask her why she doesn’t support election reform and publicly funded campaigns where all candidates work with the same amount of money and get the same TV time.

Another problem for Vilsack was that his own Party was working against him. How? By tinkering with the dates of the Primary contests in various States...so that they would be held closer to/or earlier than the Iowa Primary. Iowa is traditionally the first Caucus in the Democratic Primary. And often, whoever does well early goes on to win the nomination. So why did they do this? Because they knew Vilsack (a former Governor of Iowa) would do well and would probably win the Iowa contest. This would not have been good for the hand-picked Democratic candidates. What Americans have just witnessed here is a gangster move by the power brokers in the Democratic Party who did not want to see Vilsack do well. With this strategy, Vilsack would have had a hard time even if he did have the funds.


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Farewell Dennis Johnson


Dennis Johnson has passed away at age 52.

I will always remember watching him when I was a youngster, as he played on those great Celtics teams in the 80's. The Lakers - Celtics sports rivalry was the greatest level of competition that I have ever witnessed.... in ANY sport. DJ was a big part of that mix. Yes, there was Bird, McHale, Parish, etc... but everything went through DJ as the Point man.
He was one of the greatest to ever play the Point Guard position.

He was also a class act. Dennis Johnson came from an era of great players and an era when there was a great league. I recently had a debate with someone regarding the contrast between the current NBA culture and the NBA culture of past generations, like the one I grew up with. THERE IS NO COMPARISON WHATSOEVER. I could write all day long about those differences, but anyone who grew up watching Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Dennis Johnson, Magic, Isaiah Thomas, Moses Malone, etc, knows what the deal is.

DJ was a man on and off the court. He exemplified professionalism, hard work, being a great role model, dedication, leadership, competitiveness, grace, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. It's hard to find all those things in a player of todays era.... (across the board...in any sport, let alone Basketball).


Great commentary on Johnson and his career

Commentary from Hartford Courant

Some Early Reactions

Associated Press

Reaction to former NBA star Dennis Johnson's death Thursday at the age of 52:
"Dennis was a great player, one of the best teammates I ever had, and a wonderful person. My thoughts and condolences are with his family at this difficult time." — former teammate Larry Bird.

"Whether he was leading his teams to NBA championships or teaching young men the meaning of professionalism, Dennis Johnson's contributions to the game went far beyond the basketball court. Dennis was a man of extraordinary character with a tremendous passion for the game."
— NBA commissioner David Stern.

"Larry Bird was totally in awe of Dennis. Dennis was just an awesome player. He played hard and he took the big shots." — former Celtics coach K.C. Jones.

"Dennis was a great player for the Sonics. He helped us win a championship and was the MVP of the finals. But more importantly, he was a tremendous person. He seemed to be enjoying coaching in Austin, and was in great spirits. He's left us way too soon." — former Seattle coach Lenny Wilkens, now the Sonics' vice chairman.
"We were laughing. He just collapsed." — Austin Toros (NBDL) spokeswoman Perri Travillion, who called 911 for Johnson when he dropped to the sidewalk outside the practice facility.

"He was one of the most underrated players in the history of the game, in my opinion, and one of the greatest Celtic acquisitions of all time. D.J. was a free spirit and a fun personality who loved to laugh and play the game," — former Celtics teammate Danny Ainge, now Boston's executive director of basketball operations.

"Dennis was a joy to be around and a terrific person. He will truly be missed by the many people whose lives he touched." — Elgin Baylor, the Los Angeles Clippers' vice president of basketball operations.

"It seems like just yesterday when D.J. made the shot against Detroit that allowed our Celts to go to the championship against the Lakers. D.J. brought more than trophies and triumph to Boston. He helped define one of the Golden Ages in Celtics history. It is a tragedy he was taken from us so young." — U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass.

"The bigger the game, the better he played. All he wanted to do was win; he desperately wanted to win and make a contribution to a winning effort. He thrived on competition and challenge. Everybody he played with had enormous respect for him as a player and as a person. I would suspect that everybody he played against shared that respect." — former Celtics GM Jan Volk.

"He was a great player on a great ballclub. He played with passion and grit. It was fun to play games like that. You always enjoyed it. It made for not only great games, but great entertainment." — former Detroit Pistons center Bill Laimbeer.

"I just heard about it. It's tragic. I don't know the circumstances of it. Absolutely a tragic loss. There's not much I can say but to offer tremendous compassion and sympathy to his family. It teaches you about what life is about and that this is just a game." — Miami Heat coach Pat Riley.

New Study: Iraq War Has Increased Terrorism

Yet another report has blown holes in the Bush/neo-con nonsense that says the war in Iraq is stopping terrorism.

The Intelligence Community has concluded that this neo-con view is a lie. The Intelligence agencies of the U.S. have reported that the war in Iraq is spawning more terrorism. Several other studies and reports have said basically the same thing.

Yet another study seems to confirm the previous reports that have indicated that the war in Iraq has increased terrorism.

Read Report Here. Video Also Available.

Barack Obama And The Corporate Media

Here is an interesting story about how Fox News distorts Obama and plays on the fears and the ignorance of its viewers.

The Conservative media has been smearing Obama ever since speculation began about his Presidential run. And it's not just Fox News doing this... it is all of the networks. But Fox News blatently engages in this kind of nonsense.

This is only the beginning. As we get closer to the Primary Season these kinds of media distortions will become more intense. The media (especially Fox News) has settled on a strategy to mislead and scare the Public about Barack Obama. As Dr. Cornel West mentioned in a recent Speech in Chicago- despite all the Pie in the Sky talk by Obama about the greatness of America, Obama will discover the reality of Americas ugliness during his Presidential campaign.

And what the hell is Fox News doing hosting & narrating a major Democratic Party event? This is why I call Democrats and Republicans "Republicrats". The two Parties are much too cozy. But I doubt if the Republicans would allow a liberal leaning media outlet to host a major Republican event.

This is another example of incompetence and stupidity on the part of the Democratic Party.

Also Check Foxattacks.com



An interview with an old friend of Barack Obama regarding how he was before he became a household name.

Listen Here

Joe Lieberman Threatens To Join Republican Party

Joe Lieberman wants to hold Democrats hostage on the issue of Iraq, threatening to join the Republican Party if Democrats try to cut-off funding for the war.

The truth is, Lieberman has been a Defacto Republican for the past year. So any announcement of a switch to the Republican Party would just make it official. Such a switch could shift the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.

It is unlikely (or should be unlikely) that the Democrats would attempt to cut funds in the Senate, because they would not have the votes to carry out such a plan. However, Democrats could prevent or deny reauthorization of funds. Currently, Democrats in the Senate are attempting to attach conditions to any reauthorization of funding. It is unclear what threshold Lieberman has in terms of what would trigger him to make an official switch to the Republican side.

I just hope that the stupid people of Connecticut who voted for him are happy. I think it is safe to say that Connecticut is officially now a Slave State....ooops I mean A Red State. Connecticut is unfortunately in the wrong neighborhood geographically. Can we move a State? Maybe we can officially move Connecticut. Let's give them part of Alabama or Mississippi....and call it New Connecticut. Make all those Leiberman voters move their asses down South. The people of Connecticut would then be among plenty of their fellow Red Staters.

And why did Connecticut join the Confederacy? Because it is a State full of selfish rich folks who are more concerned with having a Senator who can bring home plenty of Pork (funding for local Pet projects) than for a Senator who would tell the truth and exhibit at least some level of moral integrity....particularly about George W. Bush & Co. and their War.

Well, I hope the Red Staters of Connecticut enjoy driving their SUV's over their newly paved Roads.


A Huffington Post Article Regarding the Lieberman Threat to Join Republicans

Poor Conditions At Walter Reed Army Hospital

The White House and the U.S. Military have been scrambling over the past week to try to explain the poor conditions for War Vets at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Top officials in the White House and the Army now claim that they had no clue about the situation at the Hospital.

Yet, reporters with the Washington Post were able to find out what was going on and assess the situation just by talking with the troops. The problems were quite obvious.

This is a situation where the military and politicians DID have some idea about the situation at Walter Reed and decided to allow the problems to fester. They only acted when pressure was applied, and tried to act as if they knew nothing about the problems (once the Washington Post report hit the airwaves). NPR actually did a story about the condition at Walter Reed a few years ago. There has been speculation about Walter Reed closing for years, so that a replacement could be built....due to the aging facilities there. This age/condition of the facility was one of the issues cited by the BRAC Commission when it suggested in 2005 that the Hospital should be shut down. So for the military to claim that it didn't know is a joke.

Additional Links

An Interview with Writer Dana Priest, one of the Authors of the Washington Post Report.

An Interview With Paul Reickhoff- the Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Walter Reed a "Second Hell" for Soldiers


Direct Audio Link

U.S. Still Not Prepared For Disasters

Hear a great 3 Part Series about U.S. Preparedness. Reports show that the U.S. is still unprepared for terrorism or natural disasters.

Listen Here

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Documentary - Baghdad ER

This documentary aired on HBO a few months ago, back in 2006. But it is so important that it should be reposted. Folks must see the kind of Hell that the Frat Boy and his neo-con puppet masters have created in Iraq. Most Americans are fed a sanitized view of what is happening in Iraq. It's important that Americans see the reality of war....and see the madness that the Rich White Men in Washington have given us.

And Americans themselves share some responsibility as well for not taking their role as citizens of this so-called Democracy very seriously. The American public was completely brainwashed regarding this war (and many people still are). They swallowed the bull---- leading up to the war, hook, line and sinker.

WARNING: Some Images Are Disturbing

U.S. Ready To Launch Attacks On Iran

According to the BBC, the U.S. has finalized plans to attack Iran. Truthdig is covering this story. See Here.

This has me sick. This gives you the ultimate feeling of helplessness, because there seems to be nothing that can be done to stop this madness. To hell with Iraq!!!! Iraq is already a disaster...probably a lost cause. It will go down in history as one of the biggest military and political blunders of all-time. What we should be focused on now is stopping an even bigger disaster from taking place. It's too late for Iraq.... but it's not too late when it comes to Iran.

But unfortunately the best response that the spineless Democrats can come up with is that Bush & Co. must come and "ask for Congressional approval" before attacking Iran. In other words, the Democrats are saying... we won't stop you, but we just need our ego stroked by having you ask for permission first, so that we feel like we matter. WHAT THE HELL? I have heard at least 3 major Democrats give this line over the past two weeks. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Is this what all you voters asked for in the Mid-Term elections? This is one of the reasons why I don't participate in the farcical American political process. It doesn't seem to mean anything.

I was sincerely hoping that I would be wrong about Iran... and I still pray that it won't happen. but in reality, I have been right in predicting every major U.S. foreign policy & military situation since 1999 (since Yugoslavia), and I have been following international events closely for more than 15 years. I was writing (and warning) about the invasion of Iraq in 1999, during the Presidential race....4 years before the invasion actually took place and before Bush even took office. The prediction at the time was based on a hypothetical Bush victory in the 2000 Election.

But I will keep hoping that this colossal disaster can be prevented. I have to keep hoping. Because a war with Iran would make Iraq look like an episode of Sesame Street by comparison.

Hopefully grassroots pressure will have some sort of impact.... because the Democrats don't seem to be able to handle this situation. Unfortunately, the Bush crew doesn't traditionally respond to grassroots movements like protests, etc... they usually ignore such efforts (this is why i'm not a huge fan of protests and marches....they are often ineffective in dealing with the problems of the 21st Century).

An Interview With Bill Withers

Here is a quick but nice Bill Withers interview from the News and Notes public radio program.

Is Barack Obama Black Enough?

Of course i'm playing Devils Advocate with that title. I believe this whole question, raised by the mainstream media and by some in the so-called "Black Community", is a ridiculous one.

The following is my response to a fellow blogger who raised the issue after attending an event at Claflin University in South Caroline where Obama spoke over the weekend. NPR did a brief story about this speaking engagement. Listen Here.

According to the blogger (whom I like & respect and whom I agree with probably 90% of the time), Obama was not attentive enough to so-called "Black causes". The inference seemed to be that Obama was not being "Black Enough". There is a desire in Black circles to see Obama tow the line....or follow the path of Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton.

Instead, Obama seems to be moving more in the tradition of a Shirley Chisholm or a Carol Moseley Braun (they tried to cast a wider net..... even Chisholm going back three decades. She was way ahead of her time on that front.) Oddly enough, I don't recall their so-called "Blackness" being questioned like Obama's Blackness is being questioned today.

Many Blacks want to pigeon hole Obama....they want to stuff him into some Liberal Black only box that they have created. Now that they see he doesn't want to cooperate and step into that box, some are getting upset.

Here is the original Post.

My response:

I agree with some of what you had to say….and you had me laughing hard at times…. however, I have to disagree with the overall message.

It’s a new day…. I am personally glad we aren’t getting the Sharpton, Jesse Jackson line again with Obama. Obama shows that we as Black folks, are in fact diverse.

And you have to understand the situation that Obama is in. He is not running to become the President of so-called “Black America”. A lot of folks want to paint him into that box. The fact of the matter is…. he is running to become the President for all Americans. Therefore, his message has to be a broad one. The problem that many African Americans have is that they have not broadened their view.

Contrary to your point about not wanting to hear about other issues… (such as international issues for example), I believe that Black Americans have to recognize that such issues are important to them. They may not appear to be important on the surface, but they are. What happens with U.S. foreign policy has an impact on what is happening (or not happening) in terms of an effective urban policy. The billions of dollars that are being wasted in these foreign interventions is money that will not be available for the domestic programs that are important for Black Americans….and poor/moderate income folks across the board. Less money for education, College loans/grants, etc.

Tax cuts for the wealthy?…. that is less money that is going for education and healthcare.

NATO expansion?…. that means that Black blood will have to be wasted for countries that many Black folks can’t locate on a map and for countries that “we should not care about” as you say.

Election/campaign finance reform? That IS important. Any effort to level the playing field a little, is a pretty decent idea. Anything that will limit corporate Americas influence over who can run and who is elected, is exactly what we need. If we could go to a public funded system where all the candidates have a similar amount, that’s a good thing…and it would mean that more minority candidates may be able to participate…and voters just MIGHT have a little more influence over who is elected. I will be waiting to see exactly what kind of campaign finance proposal he comes up with….hopefully something that won’t be just cosmetic.

Lack of a healthcare plan? Who does that impact disproportionately????

Have you seen the 2008 Budget? An 11% increase in military spending and cuts in domestic programs like Medicare/Medicaid. Who does that hurt most (disproportionately)? Black folks who depend on those programs.

My point is…. it IS important for Black folks to have a broader understanding of the issues. Blacks SHOULD know and care about what is going on internationally. That way, Blacks will not only know that they are being screwed….but will have an understanding of exactly how rich politicians are doing it…. so that they can deal with it more effectively…by pushing for better policies (domestic, economic, international, etc).
And all of these policies and issues are interconnected one way or another. So it’s important for Blacks to understand what is happening….especially when it comes to international affairs.

And politically…. Blacks must know what is happening from a broader perspective rather than just from a Black perspective, because that kind of old political approach is dead. It is no longer relevant to the American political scene. Obama (hopefully) represents a new breed…. although that remains to be seen.

A Black politician running on a “Black Issues only” platform is doomed to failure before he even gets started. He would have no chance whatsoever of getting elected. Obama understands that. Unfortunately, a lot of Black folks are having a hard time catching up…especially those who say he isn’t “Black Enough”. This is one of the things that I hate about modern Black culture… Blacks are quick to attack and destroy their own, even when it could be something positive. Yet I don’t see the same Black folks attacking those things that ARE negative within their culture with that same kind of vigor. Go figure!

Blacks must come to understand that 80-90% of our issues are shared by other poor folks across the board….therefore, they must learn how to build coalitions across race, religion, class, etc in order to make something happen. Therefore, candidates like Obama have the right approach from that perspective.

But getting to your point… he probably could have talked more about issues that were more important to his particular audience (as well as the other issues….because those are important as well, even if they don’t appear to be). Those “other” issues will give him a fighting chance to get a foot in the door.

Perhaps his campaign team just doesn’t have a well thought out plan regarding what issues to talk about in front of different demographics. Some simple Market research would have told his people that the crowd would be mostly Black & moderate/middle class working folks….more concerned with the price of medicine…how to stay alive, etc…
He has been used to talking in front of white or mixed audiences for the past few months…. A Black crowd might have thrown him off a little. lol

It’s still early in the campaign. He hasn’t had the chance to really shape his message just yet.

See my comments about a new approach for Black politicians.

1. CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) is upset about Alcee Hastings. The CBC must find an alternative to racial politics only.

2. CBC begins new session.


Even Louis Farrakhan (in this speech) talks about the importance of Black folks having a wider view.

Domestic policies & foreign policies, economic policies, etc etc…are connected.

Disclaimer.... I am in no way whatsoever endorsing Farrakhan's platforms/positions. However, he makes a few good points in the particular speech above.


Another blogger chimes in with the following....

Great leaders of our time speak to the masses in truth and with integrity backed by their faith which moves all generations, all race and nationality. Although the people in the arena were hungry for a leader, short of the wordly view of “All Americans” to which definintion still lacks, they were there as a community to seek such leader that embodies Martin’s dream, Lincoln’s principle, Ghandi’s courage, and Bobby’s genuine presence. And to deride such notion that hes running for “President of All Americans” is an understatement, yet trivial, to what everyone should be really be paying attention to. A leader!!!, or “the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success to the cause we believe that is just !!” Cookie-creaming it to fit, or to design a “one size fit all Americans” package is not how a leader of any community rise to true success. Leaders are created by the communities and the masses of those who yearn and struggle for equality, liberty, freedom, fairness with a sense of belonging as a whole community. Created by those who seek simular ideas of the pursuit of happiness even if its the three bedroom house, two children, two cars and a dog… They were looking for a word, a word from a leader….and not a politician that can be viewed on C-span or any other news show. Thus skeptical brotha, was disappointed.

My reply

Again, Obama is not and cannot be the leader of “Black Folks”, that many are looking for, nor is he some great mythical leader of the ilk of a King (Hell, I could have told you that and saved you some gas money). He never claimed to be either one. It’s the media that has painted that box for him to curl into. Now that folks are seeing that he doesn’t fit into the boxes created for him, folks are getting upset. lol

Black folks are whining that he is not Jesse or Al Sharpton….or MLK…. But as I mentioned before, that is a bygone era. You aren’t going to get that from Obama. If you want to hear a feelgood speech about Black issues only…. then go to a Jesse Jackson event….or a CBC function…. they are good at having “Church”. Actually getting anything done however, is a different matter. lol

I have studied leadership and I would be willing to bet that Obama gets a wider range of support (which is needed to be successful in politics) than any of his African American predecessors. Leadership is often determined by followership. Yeah… Jesse and Al got the Black vote….but they couldn’t win with just the Black vote. They ran symbolic feelgood campaigns. On the contrary, Obama is trying to reach out to more voters… (and the so called “Black Community” attacks him for trying to run an intelligent campaign).

Black folks (a lot of them) have a very narrow view of what a Black President or candidate should be.

BTW… you mentioned “Lincoln’s principle” as a way to describe how Obama should be????

Lincoln didn’t free the slaves out of the kindness of his heart. I always wondered why people talk about Lincoln as some great mythical leader who loved or even liked Black folks.
But I do get your point….

However….demanding all of those qualities in one guy might be too much.

Let Obama be Obama…. he can’t be a Ghandi, King, Jesse, and all the rest. Everytime he does something (or doesn’t do something) he is compared to one of these figures.
In many ways, he is catching more hell from Black America than from White America. I knew he would catch hell from Black America….because Black America likes to create this kind of controversy when candidates don’t dumb themselves down enough to become the Ghetto President. That’s the kind of mentality (the mental chains) that holds Black folks back and keeps them in the same old box that they have been in for the past 20-25 years.

It’s ironic that Black folks are looking for some kind of leader to save them (as if they need to be saved from something being done to them from the outside) when many of the problems in so called “Black America” are self inflicted…(The ignorant *** hip hop culture is a perfect example).
Blacks should stop waiting for some great leader to drop out of the sky and instead become the leaders that they are looking for.


A great related article from the Indy Star

Monday, February 19, 2007

Jim Hightower Commentaries - Rumsfeld Still At Pentagon

The following are a few great Jim Hightower Commentaries from the past few weeks, including his story about Donald Rumsfeld.

1. Big Oil Speaks for Bush

2. Big Brother in the Workplace- The Workplace Body Snatchers

3. Donald Rumsfeld Is Still Working At The Defense Department, Calling Shots.

Daily Violence Report From The Meat Grinder- Iraq

Report only includes information from the previous full day. Report does not include the attack on the U.S. military base that just occurred.

I hope to post more of these reports, particularly as the Bush & Co. "crackdown" gets started in Iraq.

Roundup of violence in Iraq - 18 February 2007

By Mohammed al Dulaimy
McClatchy Newspapers

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Mohammed al Dulaimy in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It’s posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.


- Around 2:40 p.m. two parked car bombs exploded in NewBaghdad neighborhood near an intersection not far away from an Iraqi security checkpoint. The blast targeted civilians and caused fires and damages in several adjacent buildings near the two car bombs site, the crowded market across the street, known for selling junk materials that can be suitable for poor families, was severely damaged from the bombing. Burning cars, women in black searching for their beloved, human parts and blood covered the place. The blast claimed the lives of 60 civilians and caused injuries for more than 131 others.

- Around 3:15 p.m. a parked car bomb exploded in Al Habibia area in Al Hamza square, two civilians are killed and 11 were injured.

- Police found 3 dead bodies allover Baghdad. One in Salihia (central Baghdad not far way from the green zone), one in Al Amil (southwest Baghdad) and one in Abu Disheer (south Baghdad).


Police said that two policemen (including an officer) were killed today in a clash with gunmen in Jabal Himreen (Jabal is the Arabic word for mountain) several gunmen were killed and another three police men were also injured.


The Iraqi security forces (ISF) raid a house in Al Askari neighborhood of Hilla city. the intelligence info said that the house is used by members of Jund Al Samma (soldiers of heaven). Three cars were confiscated. Two were car bombs and the third was loaded with weapons. The early reports contradicted whether the third car was loaded by mortar rounds or shoulder surface to air missiles. A third report by Iraqi television said there was Iranian made weapons among the confiscated weapons. Captain Muthana Ahmed, Hilla police spokesman said the American troops came by midday and took the detainees and the confiscated weapons also.


- Police said gunmen killed 2 farmers in Baldrouz city (45km east Baaqouba).

- Around 5 p.m. gunmen attacked the municipality director Sabah Ahmed of Al Saddia town, a Kurd and a member of the Kurdish party PUK. 2 men of the attackers were killed.

Darfur Crisis Spilling Into Chad

The Darfur genocide is spilling into neighboring Chad. This has actually occurred off and on for the past several months, but it has recently worsened. Additional Report

Meanwhile the media has been fixated on Anna Nicole Smith. The white corporate media has made it perfectly clear that (according to them) the lives of thousands of Africans are not nearly as important as the life of one stripper. An African genocide also doesn't do much for ratings.

It seems that genocides involving the Jews or European Muslims have become the standard that determines when & how the World will act. An African genocide somehow doesn't create the same urgency. The lives of poor Black Africans are just not considered as important.

As I have written many times before, rich Westerners, as a whole, do not see Black Africans as Humans with any value. I have seen Americans (well-off Whites in particular) show more compassion for animals and the Humane Society, than to the plight of Black Africans in Darfur.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Baghdad Security Plan Making Good Progress

The Joint Iraq-U.S. Baghdad Security Plan is Working After The Initial 2 or 3 Days

Violence has reportedly decreased in Baghdad as more coalition troops have moved in.

However, can the plan work long term? I have my doubts. Even Iraqi officials have acknowledged that armed groups are laying low for now, waiting for the opportunity to continue fighting. Many of the militant leaders and fighters have left Baghdad to find other bases to operate from.

I believe that the violence in Iraq will unfortunately mutate. As more troops enter Baghdad, militants will go into other parts of Iraq, adjusting to the security situation like they have done since the start of the occupation. In fact, violence is already increasing in other parts of Iraq. A car bomb exploded in northern Iraq, killing 11 and injuring more than 60 people.

Another problem with the troop surge plan is that it will not be very effective in stopping car bombs and IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices), the weapons of choice for many of the militants fighting U.S. troops. No matter how many U.S. troops are put on the street, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to stop these kinds of attacks.

2 car bombs have exploded in Baghdad this morning (as I type this entry), killing dozens of people, and injuring many more. Unfortunately, it looks like the decrease in the killing may have been temporary.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

More Stupidity From Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats

Nancy Pelosi is reportedly considering William "Cool Cash" Jefferson for a sensitive Homeland Security Committee post. Jefferson is currently under Federal investigation for taking a bribe.

This is one of the many reasons why I cannot fully embrace the Democratic Party. This kind of hypocrisy and stupidity on the part of the Democrats is inexcusable.

And as expected, the Republicans are having a field day with this report. Once again, it appears that the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot. Why would they want to raise Jeffersons profile (by placing him on such a powerful Committee) right before he is indicted? Most observers believe that an indictment will come at any moment....

With all of the qualified Democrats available, why is Pelosi even considering Jefferson for the position? Why provide fuel for your opponents? Why is Pelosi risking damage to her Party, especially at a time when the Party is trying to regain trust and rebuild its reputation with the American public?

See Report From The African American Opinion Blog, run by the African American Political Pundit.

House Of Representatives Votes Against Troop Increase

In A Symbolic Vote, House of Representatives Expresses No Confidence In Iraq Policy

House OKs Measure Opposing Troop Surge

Saturday February 17, 2007

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Democratic-controlled House issued a symbolic rejection of President Bush's decision to deploy more troops to Iraq on Friday, opening an epic confrontation between Congress and commander in chief over an unpopular war that has taken the lives of more than 3,100 U.S. troops.

The vote on the nonbinding measure was 246-182, and within minutes, Democrats said their next move would be to challenge Bush's request for $93 billion in new funds for the Pentagon.

``The stakes in Iraq are too high to recycle proposals that have little prospect for success,'' said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, leader of Democrats who gained power last fall in elections framed by public opposition to the war.

``The passage of this legislation will signal a change in direction in Iraq that will end the fighting and bring our troops home,'' she vowed after the vote, in which 17 Republicans joined 229 Democrats in a wartime rebuke to the president.

Continue reading


It appears that several Democrats are interested in eventually cutting off funding for the War (or just the troop increase). Either way, this would probably be a mistake, at least at this point. See my previous comments to understand why.

Amy Goodman speaks to members of Congress, including John Conyers, regarding the situation in Iraq and the issue of cutting off funds. Listen/Watch here.


Results from a Recent Associated Press Poll

While the poll shows that most Americans were not in favor of sending more troops to Iraq, the same poll also indicates that most Americans ARE NOT in favor of cutting funding for the war (the troop increase OR the war in general).

Associated Press-Ipsos poll. Feb. 12-15, 2007. N=1,002 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3.1.

"Would you favor or oppose sending more troops to Iraq?"


Favor= 35%
Oppose= 63%
Unsure= 2%

"Would you favor or oppose Congress cutting all funding for the Iraq war?"


Favor= 29%
Oppose= 68%
Oppose= 3%

"Would you favor or oppose Congress cutting funding for the additional troops President Bush wants to send to Iraq?"


Favor= 38%
Oppose= 60%
Unsure= 2%

Thursday, February 15, 2007

U.S. and Britain Rank Last In Child Welfare

The U.S. and Britain came in last in a study that ranked industrialized nations based on the well-being of children. The study was conducted by UNICEF. See Report Here. See Additional Report From the BBC.

This should be no surprise. It is no coincidence that the two countries at the bottom of the list are the two most militaristic countries in the Western World. These two countries, bogged down in a war in Iraq, and flexing their military might all over the planet, seem to be much more concerned with investing in bombs and war than investing in their futures (their own children). This is one of the reasons why the U.S. is already losing ground in the World. One thing that I find pretty ironic about this is that as the bombs, planes and other weapons systems become more advanced & complicated, I wonder, where in the Hell will they find the soldiers to operate their war machine, when the younger generations are not getting adaquate healthcare and education? This too will become harder and harder (the U.S. military is already struggling to find enough qualified warm bodies to send to Iraq). This is a case of two rich imperialist countries that are falling victim to their own lack of good governance.

How does the U.S. expect to compete globally when it doesn't even see its children as an investment of primary importance? The U.S. is already lagging behind the EU, China, & Japan and other parts of the World in terms of education and competitiveness. As a result (within a few decades) the quality of life will begin to drop for Americans. No country that fails to invest in its people (especially its children) should expect good outcomes in the future.

I get a little extra steamed when I read these kinds of reports, especially when they come at a time when $400 Billion dollars of American Tax money is being blown on a stupid military adventure in Iraq. This is all because a group of rich white men who decided to cook up a hair-brained scheme to Democratize the Middle East in an effort to protect the interests of their Corporate buddies, particularly those in the oil industry.

There are hundreds of other ways that $400 Billion American Tax dollars could have been spent.... especially as it relates to investing in our own people.


More detailed information from the USA Today

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dr. Cornel West Speech

One of my teachers (ideologically speaking), Dr. Cornel West, gave his annual speech at the St. Sabina Church in Chicago Illinois. The speech was given on Sunday, February 11th, as part of a Black History Month celebration.

2007 State Of The Black Union

Tavis Smiley Hosts the State of the Black Union Conference.

This year the event was held in Jamestown Virginia, to mark 400 years since the first slaves arrived.

I sometimes wonder if these events are still necessary. But then again, there are so many problems within so-called "Black Culture" that it probably is necessary.

But I don't feel the same way about some of the organizations, such as the NAACP for example. Some of the traditional organizations and some of the characters outlived their usefulness a long time ago. But I agree with some of the ideas and efforts of the annual Conference.

I do think that the effort by Tavis Smiley and others (called 'the Covenant') leaves out one major thing. It spends a lot of time begging the two political Parties to listen to the concerns listed in the Covenant Statement, but there is no effort (not even the idea) to create new alternative Political Parties...Independent Progressive Political Parties to challenge the Republicans and the Democrats. As long as Black voters...(or ANY group) continue to operate in the small-minded world of the existing 2 Party system, not much will change for Black Americans.

Without a grand "thinking outside of the box" strategy for dealing with politics- the idea of forming new Political Parties rather than working within the existing 2-Party framework, and the idea of forming coalitions with other groups across the country- then all of these other initiatives will not be possible.

This event is long (as it usually is each year). It may take viewers a few days to watch the videos.

Watch Video

Dr. Cornel West is on the second panel (Part 2).

(the videos will only be available for a few weeks from the date posted.)


More Information About the State of the Black Union

Will He Ever Take Clear Positions On The Issues?

North Korea Agrees To End Nuclear Program

Negotiators pose for press photographers before the closing ceremony of the six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program in Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007. North Korea agreed Tuesday to take first steps toward nuclear disarmament and shut down its main reactor within 60 days before eventually dismantling its atomic weapons program. From left: Kenichiro Sasae of Japan, Chun Yung-woo of South Korea, Kim Kye Gwan of North Korea, Wu Dawei of China, Christopher Hill of the United States and Alexander Losyukov of Russia. (AP Photo/Michael Reynolds, POOL)

See Report

Monday, February 12, 2007

Gunman Opens Fire At Utah Mall

A Gunman Enters A Utah Mall and Begins Shooting Patrons at Random
At Least 5 Killed, Several Others Injured

This highlights the need for better security at Shopping Malls and other major public places. The current private security situation in this country is a complete joke, especially at venues like major Shopping Malls. Private security workers at such places have no equipment, no authority, and poor training to deal with these kinds of situations. One of the biggest factors is the lack of protective gear, such as body armor.

Incidents like these are just hints of much worse events that could happen. Americas private security industry is ill-prepared for dealing with threats such as terrorism, random shooters, gang crime, etc. But especially terrorism.

This case just raises the questions... if this Mall was attacked by Terrorists, how much worse could it have been? And how many more attacks and deaths will have to take place in this country before something is done about the situation?

Just a month ago there was a shooting in a Mall in Florida. At around the same time there was also a shooting at a Mall in the Carolinas. 2 or 3 weeks ago, there was a shooting and hostage situation at a Law Firm in Chicago. Not to mention some of the workplace related shootings by disgruntled ex-workers, or the school shootings that have become an almost normal part of our culture now. There must be a national standard for dealing with these security vulnerabilities. These are vulnerabilities or holes in our security that must be filled. I am sure that Terrorist groups are taking note of these weaknesses everytime one of these stories hits CNN. And even without the threat of Terrorism, these holes should still be filled because of the domestic threat and because it is the right thing to do. But it will take Federal government policy to fix it (or State Governors putting their heads together and crafting some sort of legislation that would be recognized by all the States....essentially creating a National Policy if the Feds fail to act). The private sector will not deal with this problem on its own. The government will have to require the private sector to act.

The private security industry and the corporations that control it represents one of the biggest holes in Homeland Security. The dreaded private sector does not want to deal with questions like these because it would cost money to resolve or aleviate the problem of inadequate security. The private sector will only do something about the problem if they are forced to do so through government regulation. In most cases, the private sector does not give a damn about the safety of the public. Private industry is only concerned with providing the perception of security, so that consumers will feel safe enough to spend their money. It's all about perception as opposed to measures that will actually provide more security.

Additional Report from AP via NPR

Dixie Chicks Win Big At Grammy Awards

Congratulations to the Dixie Chicks for their recognition at this years Grammy Awards. I don’t usually watch the Grammy’s but was glad to hear about the Dixie Chicks winning big.

This should send a message to those who say that artists should just keep quiet about issues of politics, war, etc. The critics say that musicians who speak out on important issues, risk ruining their careers. They say that musicians of today should concentrate on making empty spineless music that the masses can dance to. I have always believed that this view was nonsense.

The fact is, artists throughout history (painters, poets, musicians) have always reflected the social/political issues of their societies through their work. This is why archaeologists find so much insight about societies of the past from the work left behind by the artists in those populations. Artists are often catalysts for social and political action. This is also why artists were often sought out first & killed or imprisoned when societies were invaded by rivals. Artists are some of the most dangerous people in a society (for those in power). Artists- especially musicians- are in a position to make a difference. Unfortunately there are not enough artists out there today who are brave enough to take on this responsibility & carry this weight on their backs. But thankfully we at least have the Dixie Chicks (and a handful of others).

I am glad Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, Crosby Stills & Nash, Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scott-Heron, Nina Simone, Bob Marley & others never listened to these kinds of critics. These musicians were not afraid to make music that expressed their views about politics… they were concerned with making music that was from the heart, unlike a lot of artists today who are more concerned with chasing the “bling” and compromising their integrity.

Related Link

An Interview With David Crosby

Obama Makes It Official

Obama makes his official speech announcing that he is running for President.

Watch Speech Here

Obama also appeared on 60 Minutes over the weekend. Talking Points Memo offers a summary of Obama's responses to questions regarding Iraq, Iran, & Syria.

A Brief 60 Minutes Preview

Obama later smacked down Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who belittled him, saying that he would be bad for the war on Terror.

John Howard should keep his nose out of our politics, and concentrate on his own country. He needs to worry about the horrible treatment of Aboriginal Australians.

On another note, it seems that Obama is already facing questions about race...and it's coming from all sides (remember, I said it would happen). Some African Americans are raising questions about his so-called "Blackness"... (I really think the media is doing more to raise this question than African Americans are....but it is a question being raised). While at the same time, White America is still trying to determine if Obama is "Safe" enough for them.

I just watched CNN do a segment on this issue, and they had Jesse Lee Peterson on (how does this man get on CNN?). They tried to dissect Obama a hundred different ways. If they (the TV pundits) are this intense about this now- and it's only February 07- then this is going to be an ugly campaign for Obama..... because it is only going to get worse from here on out.

I will concentrate on the man's policy positions.

Iran Page Has Been Created

The issue of a possible attack on Iran is heating up. Heating up so much that I had to create a special topic page on Iran.

The link will be located under the links category on the right. I will try to update the page as much as possible.

See Page Here

More Information On Iran

More reports on Iran have come out in the last few days, and they provide stronger evidence of a brewing U.S. military confrontation. The reports support my earlier postings that show the U.S. preparing for an attack.

Think Progress has some very useful stories (links below). They have been all over the Iran situation.


1. Bush & Co. Planned to Cook The Books on Iran like they did for Iraq.

2. More Ships Are Headed For The Persian Gulf. A Third Carrier Strike Group (and possibly more) Will Be On The Way Soon.

3. Vice Presidents Office Reports War With Iran A Possibility This Year.

4. The Administration Is Selling A War With Iran, But the Nations Top General Contradicts the White House, Saying There is No Proof that the Iranian Government is Behind Attacks In Iraq.

5. News reports have been saying that Iranian weapons are going to Iraqi Sunnis, which makes absolutely no sense, because Arab Sunni’s are arch rivals to the Iranian Regime, and the Shiite population in general. Why would the Sunni Arab insurgency be connected with Iran? I don't believe there is such a connection. It just doesn't add up.

It turns out, many of these weapons are going to Shiites in Iraq, which does make sense because of the strong links between Iranian and Iraqi Shiites. This is also a group that the U.S. and Iraqi governments have turned a blind eye to in the past, since Shiites control the Iraqi government.

KKK On The Rise

The Ku Klux Klan is on the rise once again, according to a new report.

I wonder if Bush & Co. will take some of the funding used to fight the "Global War On Terrorism" and use it to fight these terrorists right here at home.

See Report

Black America Goes Independent

Here is an interesting story from IndependentVoting.org about Black Americas turn toward more independent politics.

The report helps confirm an earlier post regarding the increased interest in Independent politics by Black voters as well as other Americans. Independents in general are becoming more important since they are often the deciding vote in important elections.


Previous Blog Entry on the Black Independent Vote.

Defense Department Cooked Up The Intel On Iraq

Inspector General Thomas F. Gimble told the Senate Armed Services Committee last week that the office headed by former Pentagon policy chief Douglas J. Feith took ''inappropriate'' actions in advancing conclusions on al-Qaida connections not backed up by the nation's intelligence agencies.

This was part of a bigger campaign aimed at manufacturing the case against Iraq to justify the invasion. This was the Defense Department effort, led by Rumsfeld and Douglas Feith. Dick Cheney was putting pressure on the CIA at the time to do the same thing there.

Now Bush & Co. is acting as if they were innocent victims in the whole thing.... that they didn't know anything about the bad intelligence beforehand. They now blame the intelligence agencies for providing bogus information about Iraq, when in fact, the White House was behind the effort all along to justify the invasion.

Report from NPR

Report from Voice of America

Report from the International Herald Tribune

When will someone be held accountable? If this is not an impeachable offense, then what is?