Saturday, January 31, 2009

Double-Take of the Week: All I Do Is Think Of You

All I Do Is Think Of You

Written By Michael Lovesmith (A St. Louisan by the way) and Brian Holland

The Jacksons - Original Performance (1975)

Troop - (1989)

Verdict: I prefer the version done by the Jacksons... Troop, although they did it well... tried too hard.

This is one of those remakes that could go either way....

The Jackson's version also seems slower... Troop's version seemed to be geared more towards the New Jack Swing R&B of the time (which I never cared for). That was about the time (20 years ago) when I really started to delve into other music besides the Rap and the Commercial stuff of the moment... like Jazz, 60's and 70's material, Rock, Fusion, etc. The commercial stuff started to sound the same to me.

There is a reason why the 60's & 70's was the greatest period for American music... Soul and Rock in particular.

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