Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rev. Joseph Lowery Speaking In Chicago This Month

This speech (sermon) was recorded a week after the inauguration of Barack Obama (1-25-09). He briefly touches on his benediction. His appearance at the St. Sabina Church in South Chicago was part of an MLK celebration.

Listen to Speech (You may have to turn off firewall to get audio to load)


Anonymous said...

Sigh. This guy again...

Brian said...


Well... I think Rev. Lowery is o.k. He's one of the few "Civil Rights" figures who I still like. And he's one of the few "old guard" Civil Rights figures who is still admirable. He doesn't chase news cameras and microphones like some of the others do. He doesn't have anything to 80+ years old.

And while the Civil Rights Industrial Complex was trashing Obama before and during the Primaries (when they lined up behind Clinton) Lowery stepped out in support of him. That was when Andrew Young, Jesse Jackson, and Julian Bond and others were talking so negatively of Obama.
Even John Lewis was for Clinton... Obama had very few supporters from that group (until very late of course when they all wanted to get on the bandwagon).

He always tells his truth as he sees it...

When the CRIC was so worried about having access to the White House... so they could have dinner with the President and feel important...and when the Black preachers were concerned about continuing to get their big money payments from Bush (through that phony faith based bull which was really about getting votes from the Black community)... they were all so worried about the above that they all sat quietly and didn't speak out about the War (they were such cowards), But not "The Dean".... Lowery decided to speak out. Right there above Coretta Scott King's front of a National Audience... he told Bush he was wrong!...basically telling him to his face.

I don't agree with everything that he believes...but I have to say... I like the man.

rikyrah said...

I love Rev. Lowery. Nothing wrong with him. He's served his country, and folks need to leave him alone.