Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama Will Soon Be Faced With A Serious Military Crisis

Livni, Netanyahu, Barak

And it will likely come from the Middle East.

One of the Most Dangerous Men In The World Is Close To Taking Power In Israel

Americans should be focused very closely on the Parliamentary Elections that will be held in Israel in a few days (Feb. 10). These elections will likely determine whether Israel drags the U.S. into a serious military conflict or not in the next couple of years. Why this isn't getting more coverage in the U.S. is a mystery to me.

The three main candidates vying for the Prime Minister post are former Prime Minister and current defense chief Ehud Barak, foreign minister Tzipi Livni, and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Barak and Livni are from more Centrist Parties (Labor and Kadima respectively) and they are considered moderates when it comes to the Palestinians and Iran. However, Benjamin Netanyahu is a hardliner. I consider Netanyahu to be one of the most dangerous pro-war political figures in the World... (Donald Rumsfeld or John Bolton on speed). He's an extreme version of a Bush neocon...and a dangerous megalomaniac.

This is why I have stated on more than one occasion that Obama's biggest challenge will be his foreign policy.... not his domestic policy. If his foreign policy is in crisis, he won't be able to deal with the domestic problems we face... World events have the potential to drain his time, and the nations resources. This is why the make-up of his foreign policy team was so important. The U.S. needed a Secretary of State that could tell Israel "No"...and if necessary could tell them to go to Hell. Instead... Obama (like every other President since 1948) has set himself up to be a lapdog for Israel. That's going to be a very serious problem... probably within the next year or two.

It is very likely that Netanyahu will launch an attack on Iran, with or without U.S. backing. This will draw a military response from Iran (with the support of Syria and Russia). And of course as a lapdog of Israel, Obama will commit this Country to war once again...and it could put us on a collision course with the Russians. Russia will likely send ships, troops and equipment to assist the Iranians (because Russia has assets and interests in Iran). Russian military leaders (off the record) have already indicated that they may join the fight...alongside Iran in any military conflict with Israel or the United States. And it appears this nightmare might be setting itself up like many had feared.

Why voters in Israel want this.... I don't know. I don't understand their logic. They learned nothing from the war in Lebanon in 2006....or the latest conflict in Gaza.

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