Sunday, January 25, 2009

Media Alert: Air Force One

National Geographic Television is airing a special called " On Board Air Force One", 8 pm EST.

Here is the Website.

Yes, there is a part of this program with President Obama.


Christopher Chambers said...

That's an old photo! Is that Nixon's plane...LBJ's? LOL I think that plane is the only thing that unites the nation and all the presidents. Hell i think even Reagan and Barack could hang if there was a party of AF1.

Answered your query on my blog. Yes, I think Barack needs to go Bill Cosby. Fast...

Brian said...

Hey Chris...

I believe the plane you are talking about was Reagan's (last President to use it for a full term). George H.W. used it for a while. The new plane came online in the last year or two of George H.W.

The current plane (of which there are actually at least two) has been in service for almost 20 years. It was the largest plane for a head of State...for a long time... but at least one country (Iran) has an even bigger one. I believe they use the Airbus A380 (HUGE). Of course they use it for propaganda there is no reason for an Iranian head of State... (or figurehead head of State in the case of Ahmadinejad) to have a plane that big. Their choice of plane was likely aimed at the U.S. 747.

I would have thought that Obama would be getting a new plane... if not a few years. It will likely be another 747....since they would want to buy American...(Boeing), but it might be a more souped up version. I know Boeing was flirting with the idea of a bigger plane... but they later decided to go with smaller ones... hoping to sell more units. But I wouldn't mind seeing that Airbus though.