Saturday, January 31, 2009

Republicans Hope to Be Obstructionists Towards Obama

Let me get this straight... the Party that primarily brought the Country to economic ruin, now believes that we should follow their advice on bringing the Country back to financial health??? Talk about delusional. They want more tax cuts... but we did that for several years already under their watch... and it didn't work. And of course they are offering no real alternatives.

When will Obama face the fact that the Republicans don't care about helping the Country... and that they are mainly interested in seeing him and the Country fail? Their leader, Rush Limbaugh, basically stated so last week. And the fact that Obama is non-white just aggravates them even more. It's killing them. Therefore, there won't be any bipartisanship in Washington. They plan to obstruct everything proposed by Obama and the Democrats. Since most of the Republican members of the House of Representatives are in "safe seats", they will cater more to their Conservative base. Unfortunately, having tea or Cocktails at the White House once a week isn't going to change any Republican minds. It appears as if they will be forced to play to the racial fears & partisan feelings of their constituents at home (particularly in the South...where most of these folks are concentrated). This may end up being a good thing for Obama... particularly if Obama can turn the economy around within the next two years. It will help keep the Southern Party marginalized.

Something tells me that half of these RepubliKlans go to bed at night just praying that Obama fails... or worst... that something happens to him.

But I like Obama's approach to them... by taking the high road and reaching out, Obama will keep the GOP marginalized for quite some time... he will blunt arguments that Obama is a far left partisan or doesn't listen to their concerns.

I do agree with some Conservative economists who believe that the stimulus is not the best piece of legislation. There seems to be little in the "stimulus" bill for sustainable job creation....or job creation over a wide range of industries. Obama's economic advisers believe that increasing employment in the Construction and heavy equipment industries will somehow spread through the rest of the economy. I don't see how temporary infrastructure projects will help the retail clerk, the telecom worker, the Bank rep, the Sales rep, the Restaurant manager, the Real Estate agent, or customer service person who has lost a job. This bill has plenty of money.... spends a lot, but does not seem to wisely target the money to areas that would create the best return - creating jobs (sustainable jobs). Although it will help the economy...simply because it is so massive. And apparently there was not much Republican input.... could there have been more...probably... but then again, Obama has the support of the American electorate to move in a different direction of economic policy. Why should we go back to what failed under Bush? The Republicans are behaving as if there is fresh evidence that their fiscal policies actually work. They don't!

I hope Obama succeeds. The Republicans are gambling... hoping that he fails as President....and that the Country goes down the tubes too. That's how desperate they are to regain power... hoping for the downfall of their own Country. But if the stimulus plan works (and there is probably a 50-50 chance that it will help enough to cause the economy to at least turn around), the Republicans will have to live with their vote. Hopefully the Democrats won't let American voters forget how the Republicans voted....that they actively voted against improving the lives of Americans during a time of economic hardship. I hope Obama takes some of his campaign money and runs ads reminding people that every Republican in the House of Representatives voted against his bill. Because you know what the Republicans will do.... if the stimulus fails... they will distance themselves from it (the whole purpose for their vote)...but if it succeeds... they will claim that they were responsible for it succeeding...and they will steal the success from Obama by lying their asses's the same trick that they always play around election time.

Meanwhile, while the Congress twiddles its thumbs... the economy continues to slide further into a hole.

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Theo said...

I am tired of the Republicans. They want President Obama to fail so they can succeed. But as you pointed out, if he fails, then WE ALL FAIL. I understand if they don't agree with his policies, but wishing failure is a massive mistake. Can't the Republicans (and Democrats for that matter) have intelligent debate regarding the issues that face our nation without fear mongering and mudslinging?