Friday, January 09, 2009

Latest Chapter In 'As The Senate Seat Turns'

Thanks to Icebergslim for the updates on the Illinois Senate Seat Saga.

From TPM:

Durbin: We Still Won't Seat Burris
By Eric Kleefeld - January 9, 2009, 5:25PM
Dick Durbin just made a very bold announcement, in the wake of the Illinois Supreme Court decision that Roland Burris does not need the Secretary of State's signature on his certificate: As far as the Senate is concerned, Burris still needs that signature for his appointment to be legal and valid, and the seat will just have to stay vacant.

"At this point we've clearly reached an impasse," Durbin told reporters in Chicago.

Most legal scholars at this point believe the Burris appointment to be legal, and that an attempt to keep Burris out can be successfully challenged in court. But it's become obvious by now what Durbin's and the whole Democratic leadership's strategy is: Keep stalling on this thing long enough for Rod Blagojevich to be kicked out of office.

Now, follow that. The Illinois Supreme Court has declared that Roland Burris DOES NOT NEED the Secretary of State's Signature. But, Durbin's saying it doesn't matter.

Durbin is saying that the seat should remain vacant.


Illinois U.S. Senate seat to stay vacant - Durbin
Reuters North American News Service
Jan 09, 2009 17:05 EST

CHICAGO (Reuters) - No one can occupy the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama until the governor of Illinois is removed and a new appointment can be certified, Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois said Friday.

Durbin, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate, was reacting to the Illinois Supreme Court's ruling denying a motion by Roland Burris that the state's secretary of state certify his appointment to the seat.

Secretary of State Jesse White has refused to sign the appointment by Gov. Rod Blagojevich because of corruption charges against the governor, which included accusations he tried to sell the seat.

"At this point we've clearly reached an impasse," Durbin told reporters at his Chicago office.

He said the Senate seat could remain vacant until Blagojevich is removed from office and the lieutenant governor takes over, making a fresh appointment.

He said the Senate cannot waive a 125-year-old rule requiring the signatures of both the governor and the secretary of state on any election or appointment. (Reporting by Andrew Stern; editing by Michael Conlon and John O'Callaghan)

Well Dick, I'm glad that signature is SOOOO important to you, cause now your worries are over.


Because Illinois Secretary of State Jesse " They're not going to make ME the patsy" White has indeed signed on the dotted line.

Following a decision by the Illinois Supreme Court, Jesse White, the Illinois secretary of state, has certified Roland Burris' appointment to the Senate, removing a major roadblock blocking Burris' ascension to the body.

According to his office, White has signed a certificate saying that Roland Burris' appointment document is "true and accurate."

Um, Dick...Harry....

The shyt ain't subtle and you ain't slick. Stevie Wonder can see your stalling tactics.

But, it's time for you two to act like GROWN MEN.

Point 1: Admit you got PUNKED by Blago
Point 2: Swear Roland Burris in and get about the business of this country.


Brian said...

Definitely a soap opera.

But I support their strategy.


At least some level of integrity has to be maintained.

But you are correct... Blago and Burris owned Reid. ... by merely signaling that they had to back down from their earlier tough talk... they failed.

But yesterdays impeachment makes it a slightly different Ball Game... that's why there is a different tone now from Durbin. They are right to wait for the end of the impeachment proceedings.

The lazy and terribly slow Illinois Legislature is the cause of much of this nonsense. If they would have taken care of business a long time ago... there wouldn't be this circus.

Even with the impeachment...the State Senate isn't going to get around to dealing with this until late January. Since this process is so slow... they may have no choice but to seat Burris. I am sure he is planning to file a Federal lawsuit within the next few days.

Hopefully Blago will resign in an effort to avoid going down in history as "impeached"... and Pat Quinn can take over sooner rather than later.

Hopefully Quinn he will choose Tammy Duckworth! Anyone would be better than someone chosen by Blago.

But i'll admit...they are playing with fire dealing with Burris and Blago. These are tough, old school, politicians...

It seems as if Reid (after being humiliated & owned by Burris) has turned this over to Durbin and others to deal with.

Reid really should resign. The man is a pathetic majority leader. With so many strong Dem Senators... he is leading the Senate? It doesn't make any sense.

rikyrah said...


The impeachment means nothing.

The law is the law. I know you hate for me to go back to this, but I have to.

This is a LEGAL appointment.

Made by sitting Governor.

Not a convicted Governor.
Not an impeached Governor.
Not even an indicted Governor.

It was made by a sitting Governor.

I know you hate all thr messy politics involved here, but this has become a matter of law to me.

Folks need to follow The Constitution after 8 years.


Seat Burris, who has the law on his side. And this is what it has come down about to me. I'm glad Burris' ego is so large. It means he's not going to let these mofos off the hook and force them to FOLLOW THE LAW.