Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Roland Burris Was Blocked As He Attempted to Take Senate Seat - But The Dems Will Likely Cave As Usual

Democrats blocked Roland Burris the Clown from entering the Senate Chamber today...But the circus continues. It looks like Senator Harry Reid may have finally grown a spine (we will know for sure if he has one if he is still standing his ground once the legal battles start).

He was blocked by the Secretary of the Senate because his documentation was not in order...since it was not certified by the Illinois Secretary of State - THANK YOU JESSE WHITE!

A USAToday Survey backs them up:
A majority of Americans say Roland Burris should be blocked from taking a U.S. Senate seat and Illinois should hold a special election to fill the vacancy he was appointed to fill, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll.

But I expect the Democrats to eventually cave... because they always do. Harry Reid is the weakest, most inept Senate Majority "leader" in recent history.
The Democrats in the Senate don't stand for anything... they are truly a pathetic group. One thing I can say about Republicans is that they stand their ground. It may be the wrong ground... but at least they don't cave so easily.

In the case of Burris... the Dems are already starting to cave. Dianne Feinstein, now says Burris should be seated. Expect other Senators to follow suit over the next week or so. Burris will probably be in the Senate before the end of the month. Dems would have caved by then.

Now the Dems want to negotiate.... Negotiate about an appointment made by a crook. Once again, the Dems played Chicken and it looks like they will lose pretty badly. And this is the same group of pathetic clowns who will be tasked with getting Obama's legislation passed? LOL. This is going to be funny (yet sad) to watch. Obama won't be able to get half of what he promised through the Senate... not with this group of Democrats. They can't even handle their own administrative BS without caving. How are they going to deal with the Republicans in the Senate?
LOL. Prepare for 4 years of stagnation from the Obama Administration.

In the meantime, if Burris is seated...and odds are in his favor... the perception of Blacks in politics (and Blacks in general) will take yet another hit. And the Republicans are loving this. They have been salivating... quietly hoping that Burris gets the seat. The Republican media machine is already preparing to use this against Democrats and Blacks. Yippee!!!

Here are comments that I left on another blog... that pretty much sum up my thoughts. This is from an African American blog where the author believes Burris should be seated despite the authors reservations about links to Blago. The author also pretty much believes that Black representation (of any kind) is more important than the circumstances surrounding the appointment... values, integrity, image, Blacks being used and dragged through the mud, etc... just don't seem to matter, since these issues are not of much concern to Blacks anymore.

These are the kinds of things that make me question my racial identity (further fueling my identity issues). I'm not quite suicidal yet... But...

My comments:

Black representation at any cost?

By hook or by crook, lets get “a brotha” in the Senate. It’s ridiculous…and it’s not going to do Blacks any good in the long run.

The proper thing for Burris to do would have been to approach Pat Quinn and express his interest in the seat. Perhaps he would have been chosen…at a later time or at least he could have participated in a special election.

This move just continues to erode the image of Blacks in this Country… and solidifies the perception of Blacks as whiners…wanting a handout….Blacks as just affirmative action picks, etc. It doesn’t help at all. I know… power trumps all else in the “Black Community”… moral standing, integrity, etc.. really don’t hold sway for Blacks. But how Blacks are perceived is only going to worsen as a result.

Burris will be dead weight in the Senate… he will have no clout, will get very little respect from his colleagues, and won’t hold any major committee assignments. And when 2010 rolls around, he won’t get support. And with his history of losing every big election he has participated in…. i’ll place my bets on another horse.

Even Obama is against the appointment (I don’t think he’s against Burris per se… but against the appointment from Blago). It has been a while since I agreed with Obama on anything.

Your first gut reaction was that something wasn’t right about the Burris pick (Regarding Burris and - by extension - Black folks being used as pawns for Blago’s benefit).

Even if Reid caves (and he usually does because he has no balls and no backbone to speak of)…. Those who opposed this appointment will still be right.


rikyrah said...

When will you place the blame for this on who it belongs: Harry Reid and Michael Madigan.

IF they had agreed to the democratic (small d) thing - a SPECIAL ELECTION - you wouldn't be upset.

BUT, they thought they were SLICK.

And now, they are STUCK.

Anonymous said...

If the Dems embrace Burris and his pimp...er, boss...er, Governor appointer, they will feel the repercussions during the next midterm election. And for what?

Burris will be nothing but an empty suit in the Senate. The tantrums this dude is pulling would make my two-year-old nephew tell him to chill. That may be good for creating noise, but it will do very little to validate Burris' role as major player in the upper chambers of the Senate. It'll be hard to get validation as a U.S. Senator when you won't even be assigned to serve on a committee.

Anonymous said...

Burris has no blame in this? Burris was handcuffed, beat'n, and told to seek the seat? No, of course not. It was Burris' and the CBC and their "by any means necessary" approach that blinds them to the long term repercussions of this appointment.

In between stimulus and response lies our ability to choose. Burris chose wrong.