Friday, January 02, 2009

Well, isn't this interesting: Reid pressured Blagojevich not to appoint Jackson Jr. to Obama’s U.S. Senate seat

Uh huh.

How it gets more interesting by the minute.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Reid pressured Blagojevich not to appoint Jackson Jr. to Obama’s U.S. Senate seat
January 2, 2009

Days before Gov. Blagojevich was charged with trying to sell President-elect Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder, top Senate Democrat Harry Reid made it clear who he didn’t want in the post: Jesse Jackson, Jr., Danny Davis or Emil Jones.

Rather, Reid called Blagojevich to argue he appoint either state Veterans Affairs chief Tammy Duckworth or Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Sources say the Senate majority leader pushed against Jackson and Davis — both democratic congressmen from Illinois — and against Jones — the Illinois Senate president who is the political godfather of President-elect Barack Obama — because he did not believe the three men were electable. He feared losing the seat to a Republican in a future election.

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First of all, this isn't about Davis or Jones, who would have been nothing but caretakers anyway. Actually, scratch Davis. Nobody thinking who actually follows Danny Davis, thought that he was SINCERELY considering leaving his SAFE Congressional seat, and the ability to pad that federal pension for another easy decade for something that would be OVER in 2010.

Jones, who had retired from the Illinois Senate, would have been a caretaker. Period. He's in his 70's, and this would have been the capper for a long public service career.

No. This was all about Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Deciding from ' on high', that Jesse Jackson, Jr. couldn't win.

Well, excuse me, if I think that's up to Jesse Jackson, Jr. to try and if he doesn't win in a Democratic Primary in 2010, so be it. But, if he won the Democratic Primary, it would be up to the ILLINOIS Democratic Party to put out and help him get over the hump in 2010.

Now, we 'hear', from the likes of :

Sources say Blagojevich’s s successor if he’s removed from office, Illinois Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, is likely to point someone who is African- American, but likely not Burris because of the taint or Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill), who is often mentioned as a possibility but would be too controversial.

Sources said the choice is likely to be someone young and dynamic, like Dan Seals, who ran in a northeast Illinois House district in 2006 and 2008. It needs to be someone who would appeal to the white Republicans in downstate Illinois, to prevent the seat going to the GOP in a future election.

Let me get this straight right now.

The 'Black Street' don't know Dan Seals. I know him,because I'm a poltiical junkie, but color me cynical about this. I'm going to tell you why this is SUS-PECT to me. Quinn had all the time to get this out to the newspapers when this first broke about Blago (to position himself for when he became Governor). You don't nominate someone Black that Black people have never heard of, and has no connection to the Black community - other than skin color.

If Quinn had 'dropped' his intentions of nominating someone African-American, or at least making it clear that Black folks were on this list, it would be a whole other story. But, He DID NOT.

Sorry, if my cynical self isn't buying it.

What is his base?

I'm just askin'.

He's a Half-Black man with a NON-Black wife, who has NO Chicago connections whatsoever. The Black vote IS Cook County, and we don't know him.

So, the thought that they'd throw away Burris - who IS well known and rooted in the Black community.

For Seals, who is a NOBODY in the Black community.

I know some folks live in post-Obama racial delusion. But, wake up.

That SEALS would be chosen over the numerous presently elected Black officials?

Uh huh.

Yes, Barack Obama was a nobody. But, he was a nobody who built his FOUNDATION in the Black community.

I don't speak of where other folks live. I'm a Chicago gal. I went east to school, but came back home after college and graduate school.

Barack Obama built his foundation in the Black community. Folks want to pretend that I don't know where I live.

Dan Seals doesn't live in the Black Community. He doesn't work in the Black community. He doesn't work for the Black community. He has absolutely NO connection to the Black community of Cook County, and we ARE the Black vote in Illinois.

Black folk in Cook County aren't going to be his ' base', just because he's Black. He doesn't even have a political base where he lives, because he couldn't even win the elections where he ran in not one, BUT TWO OVERWHELMINGLY PRO-DEMOCRATIC CYCLES.

If folks want to live in post-racial eutopia, that's fine. But, I'm talking about Illinois politics. And, choosing a Black candidate who doesn't even have a Black voting base from which to depend upon and build for the 2010 Democratic Primary, makes even the possibility of the choice of Seals, just as tokenist as Clarence Thomas.

The beauty and barbershops don't know Dan Seals. And can't point to one reason to choose him - other than he's Black, and despite what folks might think - Black folk DO need something more than that.

Black folk know Roland Burris. That's why we can separate him from Blago.

We don't know JACK about Dan Seals, and 2 years isn't long enough to build it.

Look at the visual.

Work with a Sista.

They would kick out Burris, who has a 30 year history with the Black community. Who won 4 STATEWIDE elections.

To bring in this half Black guy that nobody knows shyt about with absolutely NO connections to the Black community that hasn't won ANYTHING.

And, Chicago/Cook County, has all these politicos and Black business folk that could be chosen who actually HAVE TIES to the Black community.

Stand back and look and see how that looks to us.

What reason would I have to support Dan Seals - other than he is Black. I know a half dozen WHITE candidates that I could POINT TO things that they have done for the Black community - before I could support Seals. There are Black folks who could stand up and speak for these White candidates - because they've worked with them on projects. And, they understand Urban life.

Who Black is going to stand up for Seals and vouch for him on anything related to the Black community?

There's a difference between supporting someone because they're Black, and being asked to support them ONLY because they're Black.

And being told by the likes lf Harry Reid and Pat Quinn that THIS is the kind of Negro that is acceptable?


If I'm going to support a Black candidate that supposedly ' has no chance', then I'd just as soon see Jesse Jackson, Jr. in that spot.

I want someone to tell me, how Seals is a better candidate than Jackson Jr., who has a legislative record, who has an actual base, who actually has been building coalitions across communities from the moment he stepped into Congress, and he's actully WON elections.

PS- For those of you who say that folks like me can't see the forest, and that Reid was only trying to protect the Seat for 2010, the Democratic Primary IS the battle for 2010. And whomever wins that will be able to look good for victory in November 2010.

PPSS-When this all began, 'the talk' in the beauty and barbershops was, "Man, it looks like they're trying to knock out all the Black candidates." To wit, Black folk were called ' paranoid'. And the whole, ' well, we just need the most qualified person for the job.', bullshyt, which always, once that phrase is used, seems to EXCLUDE Black folks. Guess we weren't so ' paranoid' after all.


Brian said...

I applaud Harry Reid!!!

rikyrah said...

Sorry, AI.

This wasn't Reid's call.
Jackson, Jr. is more than qualified, and Black folk are past the day when some White guy is going to give us an ' ACCEPTABLE' Negro.

rikyrah said...

And how is that ALLL the Black folks on the list became ' Unelectable' in the ONLY State in America that's elected TWO Black Senators?