Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rev. Robinson to Speak at Obama Inauguration

Episcopal priest, Rev. Gene Robinson will deliver the invocation at the opening inaugural service for Barack Obama.

This is a good move and one clearly designed to balance the inclusion of Rick Warren. I don't really have a problem with Pastor Rick Warren's religion, it's his politics that offend. Specifically, his mission to deny and strip homosexuals of the same civil rights that belong to heterosexual Americans. In my humble belief, the Constitution treats us all the same and the laws should have no concern for sexual orientation.

Allowing Warren to speak validates that viewpoint. Thus, the selection of Robinson does serve as a nice counterweight. Better yet, though, would be not to have Warren. Reaching out to your political opponents goes too far if it condones their bigotry.

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Anonymous said...

KP, I'm on board with the anti-Warren sentiment. Frankly, I've always thought his doctrine was off-base and overrated. Still, I think Obama's decision to bring him on board for the inauguration was politically smart (I wish I could say the same about some of his Cabinet picks, but I digress...).

Warren's 'bigotry' toward gays - while unfortunate - isn't nearly as bad as many other people who viciously and callously subscribe to idealogical hatred. I mean, if Obama had invited "Rev." Phelps, we would've had some serious problems. Besides that, what better way to put egg in the face of folks doubting Obama's sincerity in 'reaching across the aisle' than to provide a forum for a person with diametrically opposing viewpoints? Adding Rev. Robinson to the roster further illustrates The Great Unification said to be a staple of the Obama administration.