Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blogging Will Be Slow

My blogging will be very spotty over the next few weeks....probably throughout all of the month of November, due to personal issues (overwhelmed with problems and projects and with some potential life changing events). Need some emergency down time to try to deal with the madness.

I will try to be around during election time.....

Monday, October 30, 2006

Crack, Blacks, and Federal Prisons

Cracks in the System

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, the American Civil Liberties Union today issued the report, “Cracks in the System: Twenty Years of the Unjust Federal Crack Cocaine Law.” The report details discriminatory effects of the drug law that devastated African American and low-income communities.

“This anniversary marks two decades of a tragic mistake, when lawmakers allowed emotion to overtake reason.” said Caroline Fredrickson, Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office. “The result is a drug policy that makes a false distinction between powdered and crack cocaine and perpetuates a racial caste system when it comes to our criminal justice system.”

One of the report’s key findings indicates that sentencing policies, particularly the mandatory minimum for low-level crack offenses, subject people who are low-level participants to the same or harsher sentences as major dealers. As law enforcement focused its efforts on crack offenses, a dramatic shift occurred in the incarceration trends for African Americans, relative to the rest of the nation. This trend effectively transformed federal prisons into institutions increasingly dedicated to incarcerating African Americans.

The report also explains that there is no rational medical reason for the 100-to-1 disparity between crack and powder cocaine, and instead causes an unjustified racial disparity in our penal system. More

St. Louis Cardinals- The Kings of Baseball

My Thoughts on the Series.

Awesome games....all the way through...

But on the world series itself...there were a couple of things that I noticed.
(always looking for the story behind the story)

Game three-Opening game in St. Louis.... they roll out a Country music singer. 7th inning, they roll out another Country music singer. More Country music for games 4 and 5.

What was up with all of the Country music singers? The last time I checked, St. Louis was not exactly a bastian for Country music.... and it isn't a "Southern Town".
A fellow blogger shares my view on this.

I just found that to be odd, especially in a City with so much Soul (and influences from many other musical genres). It's a cradle of great American music.

So, with all the Country singers, it just seemed more like a Nascar event. It was a big whitewash attempt IMO.

Who chooses the music for these events? Is it Major League baseball or the City of St. Louis? They couldn't find a local singer (at least for a day)? They could have at least offered a better mix of genres.

The World Series in St. Louis was a chance for the City to shine on the World Stage. I love it anytime St. Louis has a chance to do this. But as glorious as it was, the World Series inadvertently exposed to the World another problem with this City- it's stratification and segregation. The economic and racial divide in the City (and metro area) is almost crippling. St. Louis was ranked as the third most segregated city this year and has been consistently ranked in the top ten for the last couple of decades. St. Louis is also a prime example of the impact of white flight on an inner city.

What people outside of this area must understand is that St. Louis is one of the poorest, most rundown, most blighted, most neglected, and most crime ridden cities in the country, and has been for quite some time. It is much like New Orleans in that respect....but at least New Orleans "recognizes" its people....white, black, poor, young & old. Over the past week, it seemed as if St. Louis forgot about its people. It's like the non-Whites and the poor didn't exist. What did the World Series do for them??? Did they benefit? Could they even partake in the exciting events?
This is the segment of the American population that is always erased during these big events....almost like someone taking an eraser and wiping them right off the page.... in this case, they were wiped off of the TV screen and therefore off of anyones mind. Detroit did something similar with the Superbowl not too long ago.

Let me add some context here- What folks need to understand is that Black Folks (along with Asians, Hispanics, East Indians, Arabs, etc) make up AT LEAST 55-60% of the population of St. Louis City. Minorities make up the majority within the city limits and they have for quite some time now. But you would not have known this by watching the games on Television and seeing the faces in the stands as the cameras panned around. Most of the Whites....especially the affluent Whites, live in the suburbs of St. Louis County (and surrounding Counties). And everything is catered to them...so that they will come into the city to spend their big bucks.... FINE.... I'm o.k. with economic development and prosperity, and making good economic decisions. But it was strange to see entire groups of people ignored. Just a few blocks from the stadium you have rundown areas...

When I saw the people in the stands... I saw almost no black faces. Most of what I saw were the faces of affluent Whites from the suburbs (they are the only folks who can really afford to go to the games at Busch Stadium).

There are plenty of great Soul, Blues and Jazz singers who either live in St. Louis or who have connections to this town, as well as great instrumentalists who could have participated in the presentation of the National Anthem or God Bless America.
Where were they?

There is Angela Winbush (rene & angela), Fontella Bass (both still working and living in the area), singer and trumpeter Jeremy Davenport, singer Michael McDonald, sax legend David Sanborn, singer Erin Bode, or musicians from the St. Louis symphony (who have done the honors in the past). The list goes on and on. Were all of these folks unavailable? ANYTHING would have been better than an all Country Western line-up.

The Country music line-up night after night was not an accurate reflection of St. Louis, and all of its various flavors. Now don't get me wrong, I don't have a big problem with Country music. I have been known to listen to Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Charley Pride, Johnny Cash, and a few others..... But it was weird to trot out Country music singers night after night.... for the opening and the later parts of the games. Not only that... but they shipped these folks in. There are a few local Country music acts from the area who could have been chosen.

Detroit did a better job of mixing up the choices of musicians. (as would most other cities).

One other thing that bugged me was the ticket distribution for the celebration this past Sunday. It didn't affect me, but it affected a lot of other folks.
The celebration rally....was to be free and held at the new ballpark... A great chance for some of our poorer/less fortunate folks and others who have not had a chance to set foot in the new stadium to get the opportunity to see it...right? Well, not really. At least the Cardinals organization didn't see it as such.
The tickets for the celebration rally at the new stadium (which were free and supposedly first come first serve) were only offered online.... the poorer segments of the population were once again left out of the mix. I'm starting to wonder if this is/was by design.

Of course many of the lower income people in the city may not have internet access or even a computer to go online and print the tickets from home (which were the instructions). Why couldn't there have been a distribution system that would have allowed people to pick up tickets from their local grocery store, or from one of the ticket offices at the Stadium itself?

Soulful Sounds James Brown Style

Popcorn Mix Courtesy of Funky16corners

Download or Listen Here (39mb- 41 min.)

Track Listing

1. James Brown - The Popcorn (King)
2. Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk Popcorn (King)
3. Hank Ballard – Butter Your Popcorn (King)
4. James Brown – Mother Popcorn Pt1 (King)
5. James Brown – Mother Popcorn Pt2 (King)
6. James Brown – Lowdown Popcorn (King)
7. Vicki Anderson – Answer to Mother Popcorn (King)
8. Charles Spurling – Popcorn Charlie (King)
9. James Brown – Let a Man Come In and Do the Popcorn Pt2 (King)
10. South Street Soul Guitars – Poppin Popcorn (Silver Fox)
11. Lou Courtney – Hot Butter n’All Pt1 (Hurdy Gurdy)
12. Mr. C & Funck Junction – Hot Butter n’All Pt2 (Hurdy Gurdy)
13. Eldridge Holmes – Pop Popcorn Children (Atco)
14. Johnny Jones & The King Casuals – Soul Poppin’ (Brunswick)
15. Juggy – Buttered Popcorn (Sue)


Get On The Good Foot

Blogger Down Over The Weekend

Blogger has been off and on over the past few days. Seems like when I had the time to post something, Blogger was out of service.

It's interesting that they go out of service with elections coming up in a few days. Hopefully it won't go out next weekend....leading up to election day.

I am considering moving the blog to Wordpress which is becoming a more popular (& reliable) blog host.

I will be catching up on my blogging tonight and tomorrow.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Red Auerbach, Basketball and Politics

The publisher of African American Political Pundit was raised in Boston and remembers listening to the Boston Celtics late night on a little AM radio as a kid growing up in a segregated Roxbury section. He also remembers watching the Boston Celtics and Red Auerbach providing most blacks in Boston black sports hero’s like Bill Russell, Sam Jones, KC Jones, Satch Sanders,and Wayne Embry in the day. Red Auerbach was a sports hero to the publisher of African American Opinion and African American Political Pundit. Blue eyed soul brother Red Auerbach, former Mayor Kevin H. White, State represtative Mel King, and former Gov. Francis W. sargent, did more for racial harmony in Boston than many politicans, faith, and community leaders. during the early 60’s Red Auerbach did what no other leader in Boston did, decided to employ blacks on a Basketball team based on talent rather than racism - the rest is history. Red Auerbach managed a basketball team in a town like Boston and broke down racial barriers. He did what so many white politicans in Boston failed to do. He got people talking. Blacks and whites playing pick up games on basketball courts in Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, East Boston, South Boston, Charlestown, and other segregated neighborhoods of Boston. Yes, talking with each other. Red Auerbach was a hero to this black man.

Red Auerbach lit his famous victory cigar to celebrate Celtic victories.

Red Auerbach lit his famous victory cigar to celebrate Celtic victories. (Globe File Photo)

Red Auerbach, 1917-2006

Celtics President Arnold “Red” Auerbach, architect of 16 Championships and one of the NBA’s greatest coaches, passed away Saturday. The Celtics are dedicating this season to him. NBA TV will have complete coverage of Auerbach’s life all day.

Source: Boston Globe

Arnold “Red” Auerbach, who for more than half a century was the combative, competitive, and occasionally abrasive personification of pro basketball’s greatest dynasty, the Boston Celtics, died yesterday in the Washington area. He was 89.

Source: nndb.com

Red Auerbach’s parents were Russian immigrants, and he had a hardscrabble beginning in Brooklyn, where he washed taxicabs and worked at his father’s dry-cleaning shop. He played basketball at PS 122 in Brooklyn, lettered at Eastern District High School, and earned an athletic scholarship to George Washington University. He coached at St. Albans Prep and later Roosevelt High School in Washington DC, and earned extra income with part-time work as a referee. After a stint in the Navy, with only high school and military coaching on his résumé, he became a professional coach simply by walking into the offices of the Washington Capitols and telling them he was the best man for the job.

He coached the Caps for three winning seasons, then left to coach the Tri-City Blackhawks, where he suffered through his only losing season (the team went 29-35). He quit the team when the owners made a trade without consulting him. (The Blackhawks’ three cities, by the way, were Moline and Rock Island, Illinois, and Davenport, Iowa; the same franchise is now known as the Atlanta Hawks.)

Auerbach was quickly offered a job by the then-pathetic Boston Celtics, who had gone 22-46 and finished in last place the previous season. While discussing the job, he recommended that the team’s owner should draft Chuck Cooper, a black college player. No blacks had ever been drafted in the NBA, but the Celtics picked Cooper, and hired Auerbach two days later. He remained in the team’s employ for the rest of his life. Through most of his coaching tenure with the Celtics, Auerbach’s teams played a high-pressure defense led by Bill Russell. They ran only seven basic plays on offense, but those plays led to nine championships. Auerbach’s Celtics won an amazing eight consecutive NBA titles from 1959 to 1966.

As a coach, he was credited with making bench players and role-players an integral part of the team. He often said it was more of an honor to make his “finishing five” — one of the players in the last few minutes, when the game was on the line — than his “starting five”. He became known for smiling and lighting his cigar at courtside when he was certain his Boston Celtics would win the game.

Still, his habit of lighting that cigar when he knew the Celtics would win was an annoyance to opposing players, and to several Celtics. Bob Cousy complained that the cigar was a “trigger point” — it irritated the other team, angered fans on the road, and sometimes led to more aggressive and painful fouls in the game’s closing minutes. But the fans loved it in Boston, where to this day some restaurants have posted “No smoking,” and in smaller letters, “except Red Auerbach.”

He retired as coach in 1966 to concentrate on his duties as general manager of the team, and handed the coaching reigns to Russell, who became the league’s first black coach. Auerbach, upstairs as GM and later as Vice Chairman of the Board, eventually brought the Celtics seven more championships.

Auerbach’s brother Zang, a political cartoonist for the now-defunct Washington Star, designed the Celtics’ famous logo.

For almost all his adult life, Auerbach resided in Washington DC. Even while coaching the Celtics, he had only an apartment in Boston, and DC was his home.

Video NESN: Video

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The Salt Lake Tribune: Red’s impact on Jazz execs
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Los Angeles Times: No one beat L.A. like Auerbach did

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Stem Cell Debate in Missouri

Listen to the Missouri Stem Cell Debate.

The Stem Cell initiative here will be Amendment 2 on the Missouri ballot.

Hear advocates from both sides of the Debate.

Progressives who support the Amendment sent a weak spokesman to represent them in the Debate....part of the larger problems that Democrats are having nationwide.... not arguing effectively and challenging misinformation.

I could have gotten a law student from St. Louis University or Washington University and given them 3 or 4 days to make a case....they would have made better arguments and would have been more aggressive than this guy....

He allowed the Conservative spokeswoman to lie at least 10 times about what the Amendment actually does....without challenging and correcting her. This Conservative, pro;life advocate was shipped into the St. Louis area by the Republican Party to Swiftboat the Stem Cell initiative. The Republicans have been extremely effective so far....They are in the process if killing the Amendment and also sinking the campaign of Democrat Claire McCaskill.

The pro-life group has successfully turned the Stem Cell issue into an abortion issue....which has energized the Conservative base in Missouri.

It was dumb liberals who put this Amendment on the ballot....but they turned around and neglected to plan to properly defend it.... Not only that, but they have actually helped Republicans by allowing Republicans to use it as an abortion issue to energize Conservatives and encourage many more Republican voters to come out and vote. Now...many more Conservatives will be coming out to vote than there would be if the Amendment were never proposed.

This will severely hurt Claire McCaskills Senate chances. If McCaskill loses, this will certainly be one of the reasons, if not a main reason for the defeat. Once again, Democrats...through their bungling, lack of planning & strategy, and lack of skill in winning elections, are shooting themselves in the foot. This is equal to a soccer player putting the ball into the goal of the opponent, winning the championship game for the other team.

Republicans usually use wedge issues, such as abortion, gay marriage, etc as part of their get out the vote strategy.... They used this strategy extremely effectively in 2000 and 2004. But this time around, Democrats are helping the Republicans execute their own strategy...by putting issues like this on the ballot or making them into big issues right before important elections... remember Rosie O'Donnell and all sorts of other high profile Gays and Lesbians falling right into the Republican trap a few years back? Republicans push the buttons....hoping for (and banking on) certain reactions from these crazy Liberals...who keep the issue in the spotlight for Republicans by doing these kinds of protests...which help to create public controversy. This in turn helps Republicans win elections. It's one of the best plays in the Republican Party strategy book.... and Liberals fall for it everytime. This is why Modern Republican strategists and planners are some of the greatest strategists of all-time...... regardless of what happens on Nov. 7th.

Democrats are becoming their own worse enemy....

The same thing is happening in New Jersey right now with Gay marriage. This is back on the front pages there..... Conservatives were pretty much going to stay home.... the anti-Gay marriage crowd really had no reason to vote....and Mendendez (the Democratic Candidate for Senate) was coasting to an easy victory.... now that may be at risk....now that Conservatives have been riled up in the past few days.

Regardless of what happens on Nov. 7th.... I think Democrats are basically too stupid to maintain any gains that they achieve. So victory will be temporary.... Republicans still have the upper hand.

I'm disgusted right now.....

Listen to Debate Here.

The Internal Politics of the U.S. Congress

Amy Goodman Takes a Peek Under the Congressional Rug, To Give Insight Into What Really Happens in Washington D.C.

On her Democracy Now program, Goodman interviews Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi. In the interview, Taibbi discusses a world of lazy, corrupt lawmakers who are taking our money, while not putting in any real work.

Watch/Listen to report here.

Americans have only themselves to blame for this because they have allowed it for so long.

I don't think this will ever change....mainly because Americans will never demand a better system.

As long as the current corrupt system exists.... it will breed corrupt Congressmembers... Republican AND Democrat. There will always be politicians willing to sell themselves to corporations, as long as the money is there.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Hear an update on the Congressional elections from NPR (National Public Radio).

Follow elections with election maps and other resources. (scroll to bottom of page)

In 11 days, Republican Tyranny will come to an end.... at least in one House of the U.S. Congress. Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives for a dozen years...and you see the results.

Will the U.S. be totally free? No... The Titanic is still sinking.... and will probably continue to sink no matter which Party is in Control of Congress. The Congress is quite weak in the U.S. anyway.....it has become pretty much a ceremonial body, with little power. But... this event could be the start of the end of a dark period (I call it the Dark Age) in the U.S., particularly in U.S. politics. This period started around 1998-1999 (under Democrat Bill Clinton and a loony Republican Congress) and continues until the Present time. The 9/11 attacks (along with the invasion of Iraq) represented a climax or bottoming out of this period. Then there was (at least somewhat) an awakening of some kind over the next several years. This period- if we survive it- will probably last a few more years.... But Nov. 7th will mark the beginning of the end of this period....and the true period of recovery MAY start... that's assuming that the U.S. does not invade/attack anymore countries....

Unfortunately, more wars appear to be planned for the near future. But then again, that's why Nov. 7th is so important.

Republicans will lose their grip on power in the largest Congressional Body....the House of Representatives. Republicans also have about a 50/50 chance of losing control of the U.S. Senate as well....which would be devastating to the Republicans.

But the House of Representatives is good enough...if that's all Democrats are able to get control of.

If Democrats win the House of Representatives, what would it mean?

1. It would mean that the Emperor, and his minions in Congress, in the media, and in the religious establishment won't be able to impose their agendas on Americans anymore. It will still be a Rubber Stamp Congress....because that's just what Congress does. It's a ceremonial body. However, Democrat support will not be so easy to get... it won't be the automatic rubber stamp that the Republicans provided to the President.

2. Democrats will gain the chairmanships of all Committees. These Committees determine what the Congressional agenda will be. Rules will be changed to remove all of the Republican corruption that has taken root in the Congress over the last 12 years.

3. Democrats will set the rules about how Lobbyists can operate in Washington D.C. Many of the lobbyists will be dumping their Republican Congressmembers because that Party will no longer be in power and will no longer have much influence on legislation. Democrats will now be chased by these lobbyists..... will Democrats be able to resist the money that is about to be thrown their way? That remains to be seen.

4. Democrats will begin REAL hearings into the crimes of the Bush administration and the Republican Congress. This is why Speaker Dennis Hastert is begging the ethics committee to hurry up and finish (cover-up, destroy evidence) the Foley investigation.... once Democrats take over... none of this will matter.

Top investigations and hearings will probably be the following:

1. Iraq...all the lies....crimes, etc Plus...getting to the bottom of what is really happening there now.
2. Mark Foley & the actions of the Republican Party related to that case.
3. Jack Abramoff....and all of the Republican (And Democrat) corruption scandals.
4. Halliburton
5. Valerie Plame....the outing of a CIA agent.
6. Voting Fraud and faulty voting machines (Diebold)...and conflicts of interests.
7. Hurricane Katrina...what really happened. And are people getting what they need now?
8. The Bush energy policies... remember those files that VP Cheney refused to release? Uh Oh!!!!
9. The loss of billions of dollars in Iraq, due to fraud, waste and abuse... especially from no bid contracts, etc (similar to #4).

** Other possible investigations/hearings.... include issues surrounding 9/11.

The new House of Representatives will have real subpoena power and will be able to call REAL witnesses before Committees to testify and will ask REAL questions...

Bush's "free pass" is about to be revoked. And I can hardly wait...

My guess (& hope) is that many of the Republican/Bush crimes will be exposed over the next 2 years.

Democrats have basically nicknamed the first few days of their new Congress as "draining the swamp". lol

How Far Have We Come?

The map on the left is the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election results.
Blue States= Democrat (Kerry). Red States= Republican (Bush).

The map on the right shows the era of Slavery in the U.S. (Pre-Civil war).
Green States= Free States. Red States= Slave States. Brown States= States Open to Slavery.

Racist Whites in Ohio Are Targeting Black Children

As if that’s not bad enough, you have adult Whites teaching this to their children and using their children in the racist verbal assaults.

I guess this is part of Republican religious and family values....since Ohio is such a "family values" oriented State. Matthew 7:12.….“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”…. Unless they are of another race or nationality. Hmmm. I guess racist White Republicans/Conservatives added that last part to the Bible themselves.

Follow Story Here Thanks to Rachels Tavern for blogging on this situation. Visit Main Page Here.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Democrats: America's Other War Party

Excellent Commentary about the Democratic Party....

Democrats: America's Other War Party
By Mike Whitney
October 16, 2006

The giddiness among Democrats about their prospects for a sweep in both Houses of Representatives has reached a level of absolute euphoria. But what exactly are the voters hoping for?

A speedy exit from Iraq?


John Walsh posted a great article on counterpunch.org; “Election 2006: The Fix is already In”, which outlines the grim facts about “candidate selection” in the Democratic Party. The Democratic leadership has no intention of extracting us from the bloody mess in Babylon and they have methodically rooted-out the bothersome antiwar-types from their pool of potential candidates. As Walsh points out, nearly 8 out of every 10 Democrats (78%) want an immediate or partial withdrawal of troops from Iraq. That, of course, makes no difference to the DLC-powerbrokers who have thrown their bucks behind candidates who are completely divorced from the convictions of the party faithful.

As Walsh says:

“64% of the Democratic candidates in the 45 closely contested House Congressional races OPPOSE a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. Note carefully: not only do these Democratic worthies oppose the Murtha or McGovern bills for rapid withdrawal or defunding the war; they oppose as much as a timetable….The position of these Dem candidates is indistinguishable from that of George W. Bush”.


Prediction: The Democrats will never get us out of Iraq nor will they repeal the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions Act of 2006 (which allows Bush to imprison American citizens without charges and torture them according to his own discretion)

The party has been co-opted by a pro-business, liberty-slashing, war-mongering clique of free traders who simply feel they can put a better face on imperial politics.

No argument there; but for anyone with a trace of a conscience, the prospect of voting for a party that may slaughter another half-million or so Iraqis presents some basic ethical problems. Is it too sanctimonious to suggest that the war in Iraq is MORALLY EVIL, and that any policy or party that supports the conflict must be flatly rejected?

Ahhh yes; time to don the body-armor and protective headgear that one needs whenever they make disparaging remarks about the Democratic Party. It’s never healthy to take aim at the emasculated phonies who run America’s “other” war party.

Regrettably, the Democratic Party is only slightly different from the GOP. That’s not pessimism; it’s realism. We need to be clear about the magnitude of the task in front of us if we expect to have any hope of restoring our personal liberties and ending the butchery in Iraq.

Despite the dramatic shift-away from the Republican Party, Bush and Co. must have something up their sleeves for the mid-terms. After all, the Eisenhower carrier group is steaming towards the Gulf for a possible confrontation with Iran; so the fur could fly at any minute.

It seems improbable that Bush would allow a takeover in the House and Senate knowing that unpleasant investigations into 9-11, war crimes, and executive abuses of power could quickly follow.

So, what’s he up to?

Who knows? But we do know that the present occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. are high-stakes gamblers who are bound to roll-the-dice to keep their chestnuts out of the bonfire.

Something is bound to snap, and fairly soon, too. Bush and Cheney didn’t assemble all the levers of tyrannical rule (including the repeal of habeas corpus, due process, and the laws banning cruel and unusual punishment) just to transfer that authority to Democratic leaders in the congress. That simply won’t happen.

The Democrats are headed into the elections fairly confident that they can regain a place at the political table and have their voices heard on the conduct of the war. They have no intention of leaving Iraq. They simply want to change directions and minimize the damage to America’s long-term interests. Their strategy is probably similar to the (forthcoming) recommendations of James Baker’s “Iraq Study Group”. In fact, I’d be surprised if leaders on both sides of the aisle haven’t already collaborated on the details to make it more palatable to Bush.

But these guys are in La-la Land. The Bush team will never relinquish power nor will they accept the results of a system of balloting which they conspicuously despise. They’ve spent 6 years “transforming” the military so that it serves the exclusive interests of corporate mandarins. They have changed FEMA into a stealth-organization which defends the political status quo from potential internal security threats (including Continuity of Government COG provisions which disband the Congress) And, they have created a global torture and liquidation regime for preemptively eliminating enemies real or imagined.

Nothing in the present Bush-system is transferable. It is a “one-shot deal” tailor-made for fanatical neocons, who play for keeps.

Winner take all.

I have no idea what the Bush troupe is planning, but we’ll all have a better idea by November 7; so, buckle up!

One small footnote:

Prensa Latina News Agency reports that “Luis D. Elia, Undersecretary for the Social Habitat in the Argentine Federal Planning Ministry, issued a memo in which he spoke of the purchase by Bush of a 98,842 acre farm in Northern Paraguay, between Brazil and Bolivia”. (Oct 13)

Bush bought a 100,000 acre ranch in Argentina!?!

Are you kidding me? Is Bush planning an early retirement with his Nazi friends south of the border?

It’s just too weird to wonder?


The Angry Independent: Great article.... But as truthful as it is... I would much rather ride the Donkey, than have this Elephants foot crushing my neck.

What is really needed is a viable 3rd and even 4th Political Party. But I know this will never happen in an undemocratic country such as the United States.

Amy Goodman Reports on Harold Ford Jr.

Amy Goodman covers the Tennessee Senate Race, and looks at Harold Ford's chances.

Watch/Listen Here

Harold Ford Faces Racism in Tennessee Senate Campaign

Harold Ford is catching Hell from his Republican opponent and from racism that is still alive in the South.

Are the attack ads racist? I'm not so sure that all of it has to do with racism.... I have seen most of the commercials that people are talking about and I think folks are reading too much into the ads. Some of the nonsense has gotten really silly at this point.

But is Ford catching Hell from the racism that is such a big part of the Southern tradition and is still prevalent in the hearts of Southern Whites? Absolutely.

I'm convinced that the only reason the contest is even close right now is because Ford is Black.... plain and simple. If Ford were a white candidate, I just don't believe that Corker would have much of a chance.

It's a sad commentary on the State of race relations in this country (In 2006).

For more information on the Ford situation and the racial divide in Tennessee, see story here.

African American Roundtable, Wednesday Oct. 25th

Great Roundtable from NPR's News and Notes Program on Wednesday.

October 25, 2006 ·

Wednesday's topics: President Bush says the United States will no longer "stay the course" in Iraq & Parenting.

Guests: Hofstra University journalism professor E.R Shipp; John McWhorter, Manhattan Institute senior fellow in public policy; and Jeff Obafemi Carr, host of the radio show Freestyle.

Listen to Program Here

U.S. Troops Ask Congress To End Occupation

More Trouble for the Bush Administration

In a very rare move, hundreds of U.S. Troops are petitioning Congress to end the war in Iraq and bring troops home.


Service members press Congress to end occupation in Iraq
By Ed Shearer, Associated Press Writer
October 25, 2006

ATLANTA --Active duty service members, including one from Vermont, are using the military whistle-blower protection act to urge Congress to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq and bring American soldiers home.

Jonathan Hutto of Atlanta, a Navy seaman based in Norfolk, Va., said the idea to appeal for redress originated in January when he was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom when one of his friends suggested he read the book "Soldiers in Revolt." It chronicled opposition to the Vietnam War by active duty military and how they appealed to their congressmen to end the conflict and bring the troops home.

"Many of us have to follow orders because we took an oath to defend the U.S.," Hutto said during a conference call with an attorney and two other active members of the military.

"Many of us have reservations about their orders and some feel compelled to let our feelings be known," Hutto said. "This occupation should come to an end right now."

Continue Reading Report Here (from the Boston Globe)

Update on Elections- House of Representatives

The On Point radio program offers much needed political analysis on the upcoming Congressional Elections.

From The On Point Website:
Karl Rove says "no way." The GOP is hanging tough, and is going to hang on to Congress, says Rove. But almost everyone else, outside the media tent thrown up to beat the drum on the White House lawn yesterday, is talking about the "wave."

For fifty years, once or twice a decade, Americans have turned one party or the other out of Congress in droves. They did it when Vietnam became a quagmire. They did it after Watergate. They did it after Bill Clinton's rough start. Democrats hope, and increasingly believe, they're going to do it next week, especially in the House.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Earths Resources Being Used Up At Alarming Rate

A new report from a major Conservation group suggests that Earths resources are running out at an alarming rate. See Story here.

Meanwhile, Republicans (and some Democrats) who are owned and controlled by oil companies and huge Energy utility companies have been giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to the oil corporations. The energy companies have no incentive to change their technology (to do more research and development of alternative fuels). Major energy companies will never do so, until they are pressured and encouraged by the government, and until the government pushes for a major initiative to develop new energy technologies. The government will have to be the driving force in the effort to move to cleaner alternative fuels. The energy industry will not do this on its own because it has no incentive to do so. Why would oil companies want to move people off of their product. The economic interests of these companies is to keep us dependent on oil as long as possible.

This is a national security issue as well as an environmental issue. Not only can we solve one problem (oil dependence) but we could also alleviate another problem at the same time (the health of the environment).

See an earlier video of this great tune....


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The Bush Administration Was Hoping for a Nuclear Test By N. Korea

Was the Bush Administration rooting for a Nuclear test by North Korea?

It appears so, according to media insiders with access to the happenings in the White House.

Instead of working on good faith negotiations and using real diplomacy to deal with the situation with North Korea, the Bush administration was hoping that a nuke would be tested.

This is another example of negligence and dereliction of duty by the Bush crew.... and this may be the worst example yet.

See Story from Think Progress

NATO Troops in Afghanistan Not Getting What They Need

Once again, Bush administration claims about success in Afghanistan and Iraq have been challenged by this thing called reality....something that Bush & Co. don't seem to have a clue about.

This time the reality is in Afghanistan.

Apparently, NATO forces are not only hurting due to the lack of troops, but they are also having the problem of a lack of equipment.

Fellow blogger from Disgusted in St. Louis has the story.


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Rush Limbaugh Shows His True Colors Once Again

Republican Party Spokesman Rush Limbaugh attacks Michael J. Fox, saying that Fox is faking his illness. Limbaugh goes on to tease the actor about his health condition (Parkinsons Disease).

Again, this just shows the hypocrisy of Right Wing, Holy Conservatives who support people like Limbaugh, and other Republican henchmen who engage in this kind of behavior. This has become the standard for Republicans.

My co-blogger, African American Political Pundit, blogged on this issue. Follow story here.


Listen to Limbaughs sickening comments courtesy of Media Matters. Here, and Here. Limbaugh is now a doctor? What medical school did he graduate from?

As if Bush didn't use the hell out of 9/11 victims, military personnel, police, and emergency workers after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

The Parkinsons Foundation blasts Limbaughs claims.... See Here.

This guy is a complete sleeze ball. And this is the go-to guy for Republicans. Their #1 Spokesman and media hitman. Republicans don't seem to have any shame whatsoever.
Yet they are so Holy???

Karl Rove Predicting that Republicans Will Keep Congress?

Republican master strategist Karl Rove predicts Republicans will keep Congress after election day. Will this be another phony election? Well...all of them are phony to me due to the nature of the American political system (An anti-democratic system). But do the Republicans have something extra in store this time? Or is this just about saving face?

I guess would be confident too if my Party controlled most of the election facilities, in most of the Counties nationwide. Most of the election officials and poll workers are Republicans.

I think it was Joseph Stalin who once said... "It's not the votes that count....it's who counts the votes".

That is pretty much the Republican idea of Democracy and voting in America.

Republicans will be up to their old tricks again.... but will Republican voter fraud and intimidation be enough this time? That remains to be seen.

Listen to a report on this story from NPR.

Update to "Return of the Minstrels"

New Article Added to "Return of the Minstrels" Post. View Here. Scroll to bottom.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Brother of Pat Tillman Speaks Out

Kevin Tillman, brother of Pat Tillman, speaks out in this recent commentary.

Republican Senator Says Iraq Near Chaos

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says Iraq Is Near Chaos, and that Bush & Co. Must Change Course.

Iraq "On the verge of chaos"??? Umm... Mr Graham, you are a little late. Perhaps you didn't get the memo. Iraq has been in
Chaos since March of 2003, when the invasion began.

But it's still good to see Republicans breaking ranks and rebelling against the Party script.

Oct. 23, 2006
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Under election-year pressure to change course in Iraq, the Bush administration said Monday there are no plans for dramatic shifts in policy or for ultimatums to Baghdad to force progress.

Just two weeks before the Nov. 7 elections that will determine whether Republicans retain control of Congress, the White House tried to calm political anxieties about deteriorating security in Iraq. Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers are calling on President Bush to change his war plan.

"We're on the verge of chaos, and the current plan is not working," Sen. Lindsey Graham R-S.C., said in an Associated Press interview. U.S. and Iraqi officials should be held accountable for the lack of progress, said Graham, a Republican who is a frequent critic of the administration's policies.

Asked who in particular should be held accountable — Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, perhaps, or the generals leading the war — Graham said: "All of them. It's their job to come up with a game plan" to end the violence.

Bush, in a CNBC interview, said, "Well, I've been talking about a change in tactics ever since I — ever since we went in, because the role of the commander in chief is to say to our generals, `You adjust to the enemy on the battlefield.'"

Rumsfeld, in remarks at the Pentagon, said U.S. government and military officials were working with Iraq to set broad time frames for when Iraqis can take over 16 provinces that are still under the control of U.S. troops. He said officials were not talking about penalizing the Iraqis if they don't hit certain benchmarks.

The Iraqis have taken control of two southern provinces but have been slow to take the lead in others, particularly those around Baghdad and in the volatile regions north and west of the capital city. Rumsfeld said specific target dates probably will not be set. Instead, he said there might be a broader time frame — such as a one- to three-month window — for the Iraqis to take control of certain provinces.

Rumsfeld visited the White House early Monday with Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Rumsfeld said the United States was looking at when the Iraqis would move close to setting up a reconciliation process to help quell worsening sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shiites.

Frustration with the war is eroding support in Republican as well as Democratic camps.

Joseph Biden, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said two Republicans have told him they will demand a new policy in Iraq after the election. Biden declined to name the GOP lawmakers. He said Republicans have been told not to make waves before the election because it could cost the party seats. Yet some prominent GOP lawmakers have expressed doubts about Bush's policy.

White House press secretary Tony Snow said the United States was continually adjusting its strategy in Iraq.

"In that sense there are new things going on. But are there dramatic shifts in policy? The answer is no," Snow said.

"There is still a very large to-do list before Iraq is in a position to sustain, govern and defend itself," he said.

"Are we issuing ultimatums? No."

He acknowledged, however, that Bush no longer is saying that the United States will "stay the course" in Iraq.

"He stopped using it," Snow said of that phrase, adding that it left the impression that the administration was not adjusting its strategy to realities in Baghdad.

Showing progress in Iraq is critical with the approaching elections, which are widely viewed as a referendum on public support of the war. In Baghdad on Tuesday, Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, and Gen. George Casey, the top U.S. commander there, are scheduled to hold a rare joint news conference.

Facing growing impatience with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's failure to stem the carnage, Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh said international forces must not abandon Iraq while the situation there remains volatile.

"I do believe there is no option for the international community to cut and run," he told reporters after meeting Prime Minister Tony Blair in London. He said Iraqis and the international community need to be realistic, "but not defeatist."

"We need to understand that there is a need of utmost urgency to deal with many of the problems of Iraq but we must not give in to panic," he said.


Associated Press writer Anne Flaherty contributed to this report.

Keith Olbermann Special Commentary on Threat to Constitutional Rights

See Keith Olbermann's Commentary on the Military Commissions Act of 2006 and the death of Habeas Corpus. (For More Information). Another great presentation by Olbermann.

Although I don't agree with Olbermann 100% on this issue, his general point here is a valid one.

For me it's about the creeping threat to rights.... It's been a slow process, with one thing leading to another. For me it's a question of What Next? If they can do this now, what will they try to do tomorrow....etc? If you look back at history... rights are seldom taken away all at once... It's often one law changed here or there until eventually civil rights are taken away.

I'm a little more restrained than the Olbermann crowd on this issue, since the legal move does not apply to American citizens.... however, the more skeptical and cautious side of me says that if the government was this bold in taking away such rights, even from non-citizens, then my rights as a citizen could also be at risk.

Habeas Corpus is a legal concept of Ancient European governance that is older than the U.S. Constitution and the nation itself. It's almost like the Magna Carta in terms of its roots and fundamental importance to our society.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Return of the Minstrels

The Return of the Minstrels

Everywhere you look today, there seems to be more and more negative images of Black folks, especially young Black men. Much of it is fueled by the ignorant rap culture. This rap culture has become so popular that it has gained a certain level of legitimacy, not only in Black culture but in the wider society in general. In the process, the negative, ignorant rap culture and the destructive images that it perpetuates have become the images of Black Americans worldwide. This is what often represents us to the world. I don't know about you, but for me, this is a sickening thought.

Todays Rap/Hip Hop culture is one of the reasons why I despise modern Black culture in general..... This stuff has become poison for the so-called African American community.
What has this culture created? Yes....it has created some entrepreneurs, and a few big money artists....but beyond that, what has it really done?

We now have a new generation of minstrels, African Americans who make fools of themselves and help to support the ignorant stereotypes that some of us have worked all of our lives to disprove. Every other day there is a story about someone from the Hip Hop establishment getting arrested, running from police, getting shot, having drugs, getting indicted or involved in some sort of violence or criminality. And what is the general response of Black America? Does Black America reject these values? No..... instead, Black America and Black culture embraces them.

Flavor Flav, and Three 6 Mafia are two examples of Minstrels in action. And what does the rich White power structure do? They take advantage of the situation by making money from these Minstrels and providing them with a huge stage where audiences worldwide can see their foolishness.

Hip Hop culture, particularly the thug rap that is so popular, helps to perpetrate steretypes that say black males are ignorant, are violent, are drug dealers, are oversexed, bahave like animals, abuse/mistreat women (as the norm), are only concerned about Partying and Bull.....and are mostly concerned about their cars (a lot of truth to this unfortunately), etc etc.... Unfortunately, because this Hip Hop culture has distorted & wrecked so many brain cells, there are a lot of young Black men out there who will spend more money on their car accessories than on their children. Yes, I said it....and it's the truth! The trinkets of this culture have become more important than taking care of other more crucial responsibilities.

Flavor Flav was given a second season of his show, Flavor of Love, and it was one of the most popular shows ever for the VH1 network. Now VH1 is working on a spinoff. Of course, this kind of Minstrel entertainment has been popular before, so it's not exactly a surprise that this is what Americans want to see.....it's especially not a surprise in an anti-intellectual society such as this one.

As if that's not bad enough, rap group Three 6 Mafia-- remember the Oscar winners?-- will star in their own reality show next year. Wow! I'm really looking forward to it. As if we are not up to our eyelids in this garbage as it is.

Rap/Hip Hop culture is doing in just a few years, what it took the KKK decades to do IMO. Except that in the case of modern day Hip Hop, the destruction is more mental than physical.... but the results are not that much different in the end.

I can't lie.... I hate this stuff and have hated it for several years now.... with the exception of Public Enemy (and perhaps a handful of others) there is nothing going on with this genre.

There was a time....going back 15, 20, 25 years ago when this music called Hip Hop made you proud to be who you were. The music had a different slant to it. It made you want to research your culture and learn about the important figures who made the culture what it was up until that point. On one hand it was a tool for entertainment & having fun, and on the other hand, it was a means by which young people were educated about their past....or it at least sparked some interest. I didn't learn about Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Stephen Biko, Mandela and other such figures from school books. I learned about many of these people from Rap artists like Carlton Ridenhour (Chuck D.) who mentioned them in his music....which sparked my generation to carry our butts to a library to see what he was talking about (I spent hours and hours in libraries doing this)..... But groups/artists like Public Enemy, X-Clan, Arrested Development, Big Daddy Kane, etc.... are no longer in the forefront. Rap/Hip Hop today is much different than what it was 20 years ago. Now of course I grew up and have since become more conservative in my thinking about certain "Black" leaders, however, that time in my life still taught me to take pride in who I was and that Black people have made tremendous contributions to society. It taught me that being smart= being cool. My how times have changed.

The Hip Hop music today is basically about getting rich quick, the degradation of women, criminality, sex, violence, & ignorance, etc. There is basically nothing uplifting about the culture or the music.

In order for Black culture to really progress and to fully become great again, it will require us to break the back of this ignorant Hip Hop/Rap culture and this new Minstrelsy. This Hip Hop culture has exacerbated many of the problems faced by Black Americans today... poverty, education, children born out of wedlock, social ills, drugs, self image/self esteem, the negative relationship with the criminal justice system, etc. As long as this negative Hip Hop culture thrives, Black America will continue to deal with the same social ills. So far I see no signs that the influence of this culture is fading.

Instead, you have a lot of Black folks (including the political, religious, and civil rights elites) embracing this culture of thuggery & irresponsibility. You even have so called Black "intellectuals" like Todd Boyd and Michael Eric Dyson supporting these artists and Black men who are part of this culture by making all sorts of excuses for them. Even Dr. Cornell West (one of the few Black elites who I admire greatly) does this to SOME extent....although not like Boyd, Dyson and others.

But this sort of excuse-making does the "Black Community" a dis-service. Instead of challenging Black men, people like Boyd and Dyson reward past negative behavior and encourage more of the same. Listen to thug Todd Boyd explain the importance of Hustlin'. This guy just happens to be a thug with a title behind his name....(professor). People think that "titles" somehow change what you are inside. I just call em' like I see em'. The guy is a thug and fraud. This is the same guy who stated a few years ago that Hip Hop Culture was just as important or more important than the Civil Rights Movement of the 50's & 60's. I kid you not! These are the kinds of people we are up against. Boyd is constantly trying to gain acceptance of Rap and Hip Hop Culture....and the behaviors associated with them...he wants them to be seen as o.k. He wants Black folks....young Blacks in particular.... to internalize the images and behaviors associated with Hip Hop.

When will this minstrelsy end? Will it stop at all? When will Black men stand up and become Black men again?

This is why I am greatful for people like Juan Williams, Bill Cosby and others who have begun to stand up to this nonsense more forcefully in recent years. This is what we need more of... Black men standing up and saying enough is enough.

I would also like to see more Black women stand up against this Hip Hop culture. After all, their image is under attack and threatened just as much (and likely more) than the image of Black men. I think Black women are the key.... when they say enough is enough.... a lot of the ignorance will fall out of favor. BUT Black women have embraced this stuff more than they have opposed it. They are guilty of buying a good portion of the CD's that go to support these Rap artists. Black women are basically in a situation where they are supporting their own degradation....the destruction of their own image. INSANE but true. Will Black women ever wake up?



Here is another great article on this issue from the NY Daily News.


In an audio interview from NPR, author Lonnae O'Neal Parker talks about her experiences with Rap/Hip Hop and why she had to turn away from this music.

Listen to Interview Here.

She was far too kind in this interview.....

Ms. Parker just had an Editorial published by the Washington Post, entitled Why I Gave Up On Hip Hop, describing her experiences with Hip Hop and the awakening that led her to turn this music off.

Read The Full Text of Ms. Parkers' Commentary Here.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Roundup of the Weeks Events

The On Point Radio program examines the news from this week.

Topics: N. Korea, the Mid-Term Elections, and more.

Listen Here

African American Roundtable

From Friday, October, 20, 2006

Up for discussion at the roundtable: President Bush on Iraq's similarity to Vietnam, and why Chris Rock's mother and Rev. Al Sharpton are suing a restaurant for discrimination.

Farai Chideya is joined by Mary Frances Berry, of the University of Pennsylvania, Joe Davidson, an editor at The Washington Post, and Nat Irvin, of Wake Forest University.

Listen Here

Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Chaos in Iraq as Civil War Continues

Iraq is seeing the most Chaos since 2003, when the ground invasion began.

At least 11 soldiers died on Wednesday, Oct. 18th alone, during one of the bloodiest months for U.S. troops in Iraq.

The response from Bush & Co. ? (as if I needed to ask)... "Stay The Course". More of the same nonsense from rich white men who never served in battle.

Meanwhile, 11 U.S. soldiers have been singled out for Court Martials for murdering Iraqis....including the brutal rape and murder of an Iraqi girl. The suspects killed the girls entire family and burned the bodies in an effort to cover up the crime. Some of the soldiers are facing the death penalty.

Iraqis are also fleeing their homes by the thousands, in an effort to get away from the violence. About 50,000 Iraqis are fleeing their homes every month! Some are becoming internally displaced within Iraq, and others are fleeing to neighboring countries such as Jordan and Syria, creating a humanitarian nightmare for the region.

U.S. troops are also paying a big price and suffer long after they return home. Approximately 1 in 5 U.S. soldiers are becoming casualties of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Disability claims are growing fast.

Update On David Kuo And The New Book Tempting Faith

Two new Interviews with David Kuo have been added. One is a very detailed interview....the most detailed interview given so far by David Kuo.

Listen to Both Interviews Here (original post updated).

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Update to Scott Ritter Post- Additional Interview Added

Update to Scott Ritter Story

Additional Interview Added. Listen Here.

Wesley Snipes Indicted For Tax Fraud

Wesley Snipes Has Been Hit With an 8 Count Federal Indictment for Tax Fraud

A Warrant Has Been Issued For His Arrest

Actor Could Face 16 Years in Prison

The Angry Independent: I don't understand why these wealthy people have to be involved with this kind of thing. They are already wealthy, but it seems they want more. Millions of dollars just aren't enough for some. They want to live beyond their means when they already have plenty.

Give me a few million and i'm a happy man (financially speaking).....a happy tax paying man too. Although I don't like how my tax money is spent.


Wesley Snipes indicted for tax fraud
Actor charged with failing to pay nearly $12M, failing to file for 6 years

WASHINGTON - Wesley Snipes was indicted Tuesday on tax fraud charges that accuse the actor of trying to cheat the federal government out of nearly $12 million in false refund claims and not filing any returns for six years.

Prosecutors said Snipes fraudulently claimed refunds totaling nearly $12 million in 1996 and 1997 on income taxes already paid. The star of the “Blade” trilogy and other hit films such as “Jungle Fever” and “White Men Can’t Jump” was also charged with failure to file returns from 1999 through 2004.

According to the indictment, Snipes had his taxes prepared by accountants with a history of filing false returns to reap payments for their clients. As part of the deal, the indictment alleges, the firm American Rights Litigators would receive 20 percent of refunds from clients.

“It’s a conspiracy against the IRS, basically to harass the IRS, from doing its lawful job in term of collection of taxes,” U.S. Attorney Paul I. Perez said at a news conference.

If convicted of all the charges, Snipes could face 16 years in prison — five years each on two conspiracy counts and one year each on six counts of failure to file income tax returns.

Read Full Report Here

Ken Blackwell Planning to Steal Election in Ohio?

Is Ken Blackwell planning to steal the election for Governor in Ohio? Blackwell has been trailing far behind his Democratic opponent for quite some time now. I guess desperate situations call for desperate measures in order to get what we want huh?

Does Blackwell, who is the Secretary of State in Ohio and controls elections in the State, have another way to win the Governors race? Does he plan to steal the election with Republican gangster tactics?

You have to see it to believe it..... there have been interesting developments in the Ohio Governors race. It's shaping up to be a likely legal battle in November, if things actually go the way that Blackwell probably hopes they will. Read Here for More Information.

Disgusting stuff.... Hopefully Blackwell will not actually go this low.... but it appears that he is already putting the play into motion..... Hopefully the people of Ohio won't stand for it.

More Republicans In Trouble

The FBI has begun a preliminary investigation targeting ANOTHER Congressman regarding possible inappropriate activities with Page Boys. Seems that moral Republican Men have a serious craving for Boys these days. ABC is also reporting story.


Meanwhile, another Republican, Bob Ney, has just pleaded guilty to bribery charges in connection to the Abramoff scandal. Abramoff is telling on many of the corrupt Congressmen that he had dealings with. More politicians likely to be investigated and indicted in the future.

Yet another powerful Republican, Curt Weldon, is under FBI investigation. The homes of an attorney and family member have been raided, as well as other locations connected to the Congressman.

James Baker and Study Group Don't See Victory in Iraq

A leaked portion of the Iraq Study Groups assessment of Iraq shows that the group, led by major Republican figure James Baker, has given up on the idea of victory in Iraq.

The full report is to be released AFTER the November Congressional elections. The group will suggest other alternatives to the current "Stay the Course" plan of Bush & Co.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Scott Ritter Discusses Possible U.S. Attack Against Iran

Amy Goodman Interviews Former U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter.

Ritter discusses U.S. plans to attack Iran.
Ritter has a new book, entitled "Target Iran: The Truth About the White House’s Plans for Regime Change”.

Find Audio/Video of Interview Here.



Listen to Additional Interview with Scott Ritter from Oct. 17, 2006

Listen Here


Previous Blog Entries on This Subject

Iran Given Deadline

Earlier Report from Seymour Hersh

U.S. Moves Closer to an Attack on Iran

U.S. Seeking Confrontation

UN Security Council Approves Sanctions On N. Korea

However, the sanctions appear to fall short of what would be needed in order to really be effective. One of the biggest problems that I mentioned in my previous comments- all the aid that the U.S. and other countries send to N. Korea. It appears that most of that aid remains intact with these sanctions, particularly the food aid. As I mentioned before... STOP FEEDING THE NORTH KOREANS! With the constant aid the North Korean people are not going to be motivated to take over their government or to overwhelm their borders. The aid gives them little incentive to act.

Much of the food that is sent to N. Korea does not get to the general population anyway. The food aid is instead diverted to the N. Korean military. Stopping the food shipments and the fuel shipments will put real pressure on the N. Korean government. It would also put pressure on China to do more....because China would pick up some of the slack for any food shortages in N. Korea. I say, let China & Russia feed the N. Koreans and deal with the problem of refugees. Those two countries are supporting and protecting N. Korea, so they should deal with it when and if it collapses. China is already attempting to dodge their duties required by the Security Council. And Russia is pretty much in the N. Korean camp as well and probably won't honor the UN Security Council requirments.

I think that this sanctions plan will only have a limited impact on N. Korea.... and Iran is probably not phased by it either.

See report from the BBC.

Great Discussion on Poverty in America

Listen to recent discussion on the subject of poverty in America.

The Three Black Stooges of the GOP All Falling Behind

The Three Black Stooges of the Republican Party, All Falling Behind.

Another potential colossal failure of Republican strategy. It turns out that the Three Black Stooges that Republicans created in the effort to gain Black support and split the Black vote have all fallen behind their opponents, including the highly touted Republican Michael Steele.

Photos of the Three Black Stooges cheesing and shufflin' for their bosses




View profiles of the Stooges Here.

Republicans have put on a dog and pony show effort to gain more Black support this election season, especially in the States of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland which have high numbers of African American voters in several large urban cities. The plan may have been to siphon off African American votes from Democrats to give Republicans a better chance at victory.

There are several Black candidates running in key parts of the country this year, but these 3 candidates represent the top three black Republican candidates.

The three were introduced as major candidates earlier this year with great fanfare. The Republican Party pumped millions into their campaigns. But despite all of the publicity, the use of State-Run media (Fox,etc), money, the visits of George Bush, the plan to attract Black voters appears to be a huge failure, just like several other Republican strategies of recent years.

As we are getting closer to the mid term elections, voters are beginning to pay more attention to actual issues, and are better able to see through the Republican propaganda, which has been bombarding the public airwaves for much of the past year. The voters are seeing these guys for what they are- Stooges and props for the Republican Party....Black men allowing themselves to be used by a political organization that does not have the interests of African Americans or the poor anywhere near the top of their agenda.... some might say that such interests are not even a footnote for the Republican Party.

I’m holding on to hope that all 3 will lose miserably on election day.

Lynn Swann Falling Behind in Pennsylvania

Ken Blackwell Falling Behind in Ohio

And Michael Steele Falling Behind in Maryland

---- But from watching news and reading blogs you easily get the impression that these guys are frontrunners.... that's especially the perception that's given by big media networks....which provides free airtime and free marketing to these guys everytime they do a story on them (Thanks to State Run Media which helps the Republicans). We have hardly heard anything at all about the Democratic opponents in any of the three races....in fact, most people don't even know the names of the Democratic challengers in any of these races.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

African American Roundtable from NPR

Listen to good Roundtable discussion from NPR's News and Notes. Show from last week (Thursday).

Farai Chideya's guests are Walter Fields, CEO and publisher of the NorthStarNetwork.com; economist and author Julianne Malveaux; and Brown economics and social sciences professor Glenn Loury.

Thursday's topics include Latino voter registration and President Bush's comment on the Mark Foley scandal.

Listen Here

Pakistan To Make More Deals With Taliban Allies

Remember the report of Pakistan providing safe haven for militant groups who are fighting U.S. Troops, including Taliban militants? Also See Here, and Here. Well, Pakistan plans to expand this deal to more areas of the Pakistan Afghanistan border.

And according to an NPR report, The U.S. was complicit with this deal and in cahoots with Pakistan....the U.S. was aware the whole time and apparently went along with the deal. These deals puts U.S. troops at greater risk, with a spike in violence noticed after the deal was made. These deals give militant and pro-Taliban forces a safe haven to regroup and launch attacks on U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Listen to Report here.


Watch a PBS Documentary, The Return of the Taliban, which shows the resurgence of the Taliban and how Afghanistan is being lost. The documentary also shows how Pakistan is providing safe havens for Anti-U.S. forces there.

Roundup of This Weeks Events

The On Point Radio Program offers a roundup of the weeks events.


This has been an interesting week, to say the least. It started with a big bang in the mountains of North Korea. An atomic bang, said Pyongyang -- and what are going to do about it? President Bush's response? Not military, he said in the Rose Garden. On Iraq -- there is word that Bush family "main man" former secretary of state James Baker is ruling out victory. On the hustings, there are more bad midterm poll numbers for the GOP. Republicans in Washington are still slogging through Foley and Abramoff. In New York, a Yankee flyer's bad end spooks the country. Google pays $1.65 billion dollars for YouTube - a company only nineteen months old!Hear about this week in the news.

Listen to Program Here

Iraqi Security Forces Part of Death Squads

1,200 Iraqi cops suspended for suspected links to death squads

By Kim Murphy and Doug Smith
Los Angeles Times

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraqi authorities have suspended an entire brigade of as many as 1,200 police officers for suspected connections to a mass kidnapping and murder.

The Ministry of Interior said it would recall and retrain the national police's 8th Brigade, based in the capital, after witnesses reported that men wearing police uniforms were behind the kidnapping Sunday of 26 workers at a south Baghdad meat-processing plant.

Six of the workers later were found dead. One who had been shot and left for dead crawled to a military checkpoint, authorities said.

The decommissioning comes after street protests erupted at one of the police unit's checkpoints in the capital. U.S. military officials requested that one of the unit's battalions be recalled.

"There is clear evidence that there was some complicity in allowing death-squad elements to move freely, when in fact they were supposed to be impeding their movement, that perhaps they did not respond as rapidly when reports were made," said Army Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, spokesman for the U.S.-led forces in Iraq.

Continue Reading Here

British Army Chief Suggests That the UK Should Seek An Exit From Iraq

British General Called Tony Blairs Iraq Policy "Naive"

Story Here


Audio Story from NPR

U.S. Military Leaders Not Getting What They Need

U.S. Army Leaders Are Not Getting What They Need, Despite Claims From Bush and Secretary Of Defense.

Report from the L.A. Times


Listen to Audio Story from NPR

Friday, October 13, 2006

More Religious Lunacy- The Christian Right in America

I want to post some interesting tidbits that take a look at how Republicans have been using religion/ and the "Christian Right" to advance their political agenda.


How the Christian Right has wrapped itself in the flag to hijack American Politics- Part of their struggle to join government and religion.

It's interesting how each group seems to be playing the other.... Republicans using Conservative Christians, and Conservative Christians using Republicans...each using the other for their own narrow agendas, while behind the scenes, neither one really cares all that much for the other. IRONIC!!! It's like a marriage of convenience.


UPDATE: Two new interviews of David Kuo added on 10/19.

1. One Very Detailed Interview from Public Radio Program "On Point". The Most detailed interview from David Kuo. Listen Here.

2. An Interview with Tavis Smiley from PBS Television. (Click Audio link- Authors name).
Listen Here.


How Republicans have been using the Religious Right

On his MSNBC program, Keith Olbermann talks about how the Christian Right in America is being used by the Republican political establishment.

In the program, Olbermann talks about the work of David Kuo, author of the book entitled Tempting Faith: An Inside Account of the Rise of Christian Conservatives, and Their Betrayal by the Bush White House.

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Text/Transcript From Crooks and Liars

Rove Often Privately Referred To Evangelicals As "The Nuts...Ridiculous...Out Of Control"...


How the Religious Right has been using the Republican Party and politics to try to further their religious agenda; how they want to link religion and government.

Listen to a radio Interview with Robin Meyers, Ph.D- Senior Minister, Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ & Professor of Rhetoric at Oklahoma City University.
Meyers discusses how the Christian Right has hijacked American politics.

Meyers is the Author of the book entitled “Why the Christian Right Is Wrong: A Minister’s Manifesto for Taking Back Your Faith, Your Flag, Your Future”.

Listen to Interview Here

The Angry Independent: This stuff scares the crap out of me.... the things mentioned by this author/professor and by others who have spoken on this subject are just plain frightening and real! What is happening to the country?


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