Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Palin Supporters Now Calling For The Assassination of Barack Obama

I knew it wouldn't be long before the racism and fearmongering started. Now things seem to be going way beyond the usual Republican Conservative echo chamber discussion. Now we have two desperate Republican candidates whipping up the most extreme elements (actually their base) of their Party. Yet another example of McCain's recklessness.

I actually saw the video of the comments discussed in this post, courtesy of the Daily Kos. (Also See Here). I believe Keith Olbermann covered it on The Countdown on Monday, Oct. 6th. It confirms...and reaffirms for me the idea that the supporters of people like Palin are willing to do anything under the Sun to see their candidate in the White House....or to put it another way.... they are willing to do absolutely anything to make sure Barack Obama does not win the election.

And it was disturbing to see the clip of the Florida Sheriff- Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott- cheerleading at a Pro-Palin rally. What in the Hell is a Sheriff doing at a political rally (as participant)? That seemed odd to me. I understand that some Sheriffs are politicians, and they themselves (in many cases) are elected officials. However, they typically steer clear of partisan political events....especially a rally during a particularly intense phase of a campaign. And notice that he also injected xenophobia and race into the event with his emphasis on Obama's middle name. This appears to be part of McCain's new strategy. Now this is a man who will have his deputies working at or near polling stations throughout his County on election day. His deputies may also be responsible for assisting voters and guarding ballots. What kind of message does this send to voters? What kind of message does this send to the world about American elections? Everyone is fixated on Obama's middle name... but the real story here that is being missed is the fact that a County Sheriff was speaking at a partisan political rally (less than a month before election day...not that this really matters- because he should not be a participant at such an event, period!).

This development can't possibly provide any comfort to minorities in that County who will want to vote on November 4th.... no comfort at all that their rights will be protected, that they won't be intimidated by authorities, etc. In fact, if I were at the top of the food chain in the Obama camp, I would file a complaint with the Federal Court....urging extra vigilance in Lee County and in Counties throughout Florida where Sheriffs are under the complete control of politicians. Whether they are influenced by politicians or not...whether they view themselves as politicians or not should not matter.... their duty to protect the rights of citizens comes first; and frankly I don't see how Mike Scott can be trusted with that responsibility.

This can be remedied by having U.S. Marshals, and extra voting rights attorneys (monitors) in Lee County on election day.

Will this happen? Absolutely not. I think folks completely missed the conflict of interest here. But it's just one example, in a long list, of why the U.S. election process needs to be overhauled.

This is why I don't believe that the U.S. election process/political structure is legitimate nor Democratic.

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