Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Possible Great News About Attempted Ohio Voter Suppression

From The NYTimes:

October 29, 2008, 5:22 pm
Ohio Vote-Challenge Effort Hits Another Roadblock
By Ian Urbina

The Department of Justice will not require Ohio to disclose the names of voters whose registration applications did not match other government databases, according to two people familiar with discussions between state and federal lawyers.

The decision comes about a week after an unusual request from President Bush asking the department to investigate the matter and roughly two weeks after the Supreme Court dismissed a case involving the flagged registration applications.

Federal law requires states to verify voter registration applications with a government database like those used for driver’s licenses or Social Security cards. Names that do not match are flagged for further verification. But the law provides little guidance on how these flagged registrations should be handled and discrepancies corrected.

Ohio Republicans had sought the lists to challenge voters, but the Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, refused the request, saying that numerical errors or misspellings are the probable reason for most of the discrepancies. Forcing these voters to cast provisional ballots would possibly disenfranchise thousands of eligible voters, she said, since these ballots are easier to disqualify.

Republicans then took their request to court, but were unsuccessful. The Justice Department has been in contact with Ohio election officials since early October and this week its lawyers determined they would not pursue litigation before the election, according to the sources familiar with the discussions.

Most studies by non-partisan groups have found little evidence that voter fraud is a wide-scale problem or that fraudulent or duplicate voter registration applications lead to ineligible voters casting ballots.

The Ohio GOP remains unconvinced, however, and on Tuesday, it stepped up its public relations campaign on the issue. In a radio advertisement it accuses Ms. Brunner of ignoring the problems with voter registrations and “concealing evidence.”

The ad opens with the sound of a ticking clock and asks, “Could Ohio’s election be stolen?”

The only one who wants to steal Ohio's election is YOU, mofos, with your Voter Purging.

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