Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Truth About ACORN

Don't let the GOP smear this organization without a fight to tell the truth about it.


Anonymous said...

If ACORN deliberately produced fraudulent registrations, they have to be brought to bear. However, I suspect that most of the bogus registrations that appear on ACORN's lists are from people who filled out forms just to fill them out (perhaps to receive a giveaway or out of pressure). If that's the case, I can't fault ACORN for being deceitful, but they CAN still be brought to bear for being negligent in verifying the registrations.

Anybody who has been at a credit card kiosk knows the workers go to GREAT LENGTH to validate the forms people fill out. Perhaps if ACORN had been as careful, the GOP wouldn't have an argumentative leg to stand on.

- Andre

Anonymous said...

You do realize they are under Federal Investigation don't you? The real question is why is Obama lying about his involvement with the group. He should be condemning them too.

I'm so disappointed in him. I just wish he would say something about it.