Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sick Around the World - A Documentary from PBS

See an interesting documentary from PBS, entitled Sick Around the World. The program examines healthcare systems around the World, and asks how the U.S. system could improve. Watch documentary online.


Hear a discussion about the healthcare plans of Barack Obama and John McCain...actually it's a discussion about Obama's healthcare plan, since he is the only candidate who actually has a plan. McCain's "healthcare plan" involves giving you a $2,500.00 coupon if you're single or a $5000.00 coupon for a family and telling you to have a nice day... you're on your own... free to search for your own healthcare on the open market. What you may not know is that private plans are more expensive (because you don't have the benefit of getting a group rate)...and you can be excluded for pre-existing conditions. Also, the McCain coupon program won't cover catastrophic medical costs. More importantly, the $2,500/$5000 coupon won't come close to covering your costs....and it doesn't address issues such as dental care, home health services, etc. And McCain's program will tax employer benefits. It also wouldn't help those who are poor, out of work, etc. and it would be of little help to the 45 million + who are currently uninsured... or the 70-80 million + who are under-insured. In other words, the McCain program would be a disaster.

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