Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chris Matthews After the Obama Informercial

This family has done everything you've asked them to do.
What more do you want before you'll vote for a Black guy?
What more do you want?

Oh Tweety....sometimes, you speak the truth.


slag said...

Thanks for posting this! I'd read a lot about this online and you made it easy to find. Appreciate it!

The Urban Scientist said...

I love Keith.. I didn't get to catch the show last night. thanks for posting.

Great point. What more does (white America) want from us. We do the right thing and still we're looked at as lazy welfare recipients. WTF?

Supporters at a Palin Rally were on and on about they support McCain because they can take care of themselves, don't have their hands out to the govt. This whistle dog subtle racism of "real Americans from small towns" is making me sick. And I wish that America and the GOP realized how insulting and divisive it is -- they're just afraid that the minorities in this country just might be *gasp* equal to them. *gasp*