Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh Now All Of A Sudden He's For The Middle Class?

Apparently McCain is holding a strategy session today with his top advisers, regarding shaking up the campaign. They reportedly plan to retool their campaign to focus on the Middle Class. Now all of a sudden he has discovered the existence of the Middle Class? Does this mean that he will renounce his tax cuts for the rich and will steal Obama's idea of a Middle Class tax cut? (Prepare for a lot of stealing of ideas that we have already heard from Obama and other Democrats this campaign season). McCain will simply slap his name brand on the ideas and hard work of others. Of course they are counting on the fact that Americans have a very short memory, hoping that they fall for this nonsense.

But I hope Americans don't fall for another McCain ploy. He waits until 3 weeks before the election for a major change in his strategy? Will it work?

Unfortunately I think it just might work in States where the electorate is gullible... and where voters are receptive to McCain's message- States like Ohio, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, and even Pennsylvania (although Obama should still win that State). This seems to be an effort by McCain to shore up support in States that were considered Red and that he expected to win prior to Mid September.

I expected something like this to happen....and it will probably lead to a tightening of the poll numbers (but I hope i'm completely wrong). Fortunately, I don't think this ploy will work in all of the contested States. Obama should still eek out a win but it won't be the landslide that some people were hoping for.
We could be in for more of a nail-biter on November 4th.


Truthiz said...

I think we're in for "nail-biter" on Nov 4th even IF Obama has a 15-20 pts lead, as of Nov 3rd!

But that "anxious" feeling won't be due to any "new and improved" economic plan put forth by McCain_because their is no "new" plan. He'll present the same old plan simply nuanced a bit to make it SOUND like it's "new"_or at least "improved."

Republican party leaders really don't have in their DNA to seriously address the needs of low-income, and middle class working people/families_and most assuredly NOT when it comes to economic matters. They see to the needs_and wants_ of the rich ..and could give a fig about anybody else, Black or White.

Until I hear McCain present an economic plan that is substantively different from what Republicans always offer_which is "MO money, MO money, MO money" for the rich_I don't believe he's got anything "new".

And I think most Americans will see that for what it is. I'm hopeful_PRAYING_that they will see it.

But if it turns out I'm wrong_that most Americans really ARE that stupid to elect McCain and Palin?!_

_then Heaven help us all!

Theo said...

The fact that McCain is for small government, yet supports government bailout of home mortgages as well as tax cuts for the rich should explain a lot. He doesn't allow for the fact that we need funds from taxes and you can't bailout taxpayers without a bigger government. His own plan can't work. And now with this whole middle class thing, it is sad to see that he still has supporters. Republicans are not for the middle class and will never be in this decade.

It is sad to see that people who will not receive his tax cuts adamantly support his campaign. Sometimes it seems like this is a race about race. Some people just don't want a black president, plain and simple.

Truthiz said...

Politico is reporting the following as of this (Monday) morning:

[ McCain had planned to unveil a new economic policy this week, but the plan fell apart amid internal campaign confusion. Insiders won't talk about what happened. "We're locked down," one official told the Politico. "I have no comment on anything, to anybody," policy adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin said to the New York Times.]

Translation: NO "new" plan.

And no "new" message either. I just heard McSenile give his "new" stump speech. Sounds like nothing but more neoCon talkng points with more of an emphasis on "FIGHT."

I don't think it's gonna save him_even factoring in "racism" (which I actually don't think is going to be as significant as it might have 2 months ago).

Barack needs to win the "debate" tomorrow night (or what's passing for "debate" these days)_he needs to stay on message and campaign like h*ll up to the very day of the election.

Truthiz said...

Correction: I meant say_

Barack needs to win the debate on Wednesday night etc.

BTW: Andrew Sullivan and Slate are reporting the following endorsement by Chris Hitchens, posted this morning:

"Vote for Obama. McCain lacks the character and temperament to be president. And Palin is simply a disgrace."

By Christopher Hitchens
Monday, Oct. 13, 2008

Complete commentary:

rikyrah said...

Hitchens cracks me up. Guess he posted that before he went to the bar.

Truthiz said...

Yep, Hitchens IS a piece of work!

But it's funny because_there appears to be a bit of "family" fight brewing between the neoCons who now view McSenile/Palin ticket as a lost cause_and_the neoCons who view any such talk as "treason."

What a difference 8 years of Dubya makes!

Okay so now it's being reported that McSenile is going to roll-out his "new" economic agenda tomorrow (Tuesday).

Of course, what's striking is that:

1. The announcement wasn't made until AFTER Barack had rolled out some newer specifics of his economic plan, this afternoon.


2. IF it's true_IF McSenile rolls out his "new" plan tomorrow_there really WON'T be anything "new" in it.

The Rethugs are nothing if not cynical masters_(or this year, CHUMPS)_ of the smoke-and-mirrors game.