Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Do People Vote Republican?

Jonathan Haidt, delves into the question of why people vote Republican in a recent academic paper. He touches on personality and cultural factors, leading people to vote Republican even when it goes against their best interests.

He touches on a little bit of what I mentioned in one of my earlier posts regarding the McCain/Palin rallies.

It's a tough read.... but interesting. Read it here.


See my thoughts about the McCain/Palin rallies.... to see how my comments tie in.


Anonymous said...

Hm...your blog is drifting further and further away from its "independence" and turning into just another black Democrat blog.

LanceThruster said...

This is my first time here (nice site - thx for the link to this article) and I think one can still have a fully independent viewpoint and yet argue for the preferable choice among limited options.

When we have a fair and workable IRV system, then every voter can safely support his or her first pick. Until then, it's part election, part horserace (i.e. voting based on who actually has a chance to win).

Brian said...


Clearly you haven't been around here very long...

"Another black democratic blog"... I hate to disappoint you. But I blog to the beat of my own drum.

Although i'm independent, and we have a few independent blog contributors, as with all blogs, we lean to one side or the our case, we lean Progressive. I myself am an Independent-Progressive. I make no apologies for that. And considering how the Country has gone far to the right over the last decade...even an independent person can often look like a Democrat in this environment. Even a moderate Republican looks like a Democrat. We have people at Republican rallies talking about killing/lynching a Presidential candidate...calling him a terrorist, etc. This is somehow supposed to be accepted as the new normal....Brought to us by the GOP.

Finally the Country is swinging back to some sort of middle ground... (a more sensible middle).

But I try to offer something different from other ethnic blogs.
If you can't see that... then that's your issue.

Brian said...

"I think one can still have a fully independent viewpoint and yet argue for the preferable choice among limited options."

Exactly lance...

There are limited options...and the options we are left with aren't all that great.

I would much rather have a 3rd or 4th choice... (a viable one).