Tuesday, October 28, 2008

America Still Has a Long Way To Go

This Country has come a long way, but it has such a long way to go.

It will take a few more generations before we can tear down the walls of the cultural divide.

Have Palin/McCain set us back... or have they simply brought out a lot of things that were already festering in people? I have been reading about cases where people didn't realize (for years) that their neighbors felt a certain way....and now they are shocked. But I think there is more good out there than bad and in the end, the good will prevail. It has to.

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Truthiz said...

"Have Palin/McCain set us back... or have they simply brought out a lot of things that were already festering in people?"

AI_I was really hoping that other folks would weigh-in on this topic BEFORE me because I think it's an interesting question and I didn't want to go first_lol.

But okay___

My initial thought was to say YES, they've set this nation back. But that response would've been prompted by the anger I sometimes feel towards the McSenile/Palin campaign for “playing with fire” just to win an election.

It’s ironic, because the dangerous tactics they’re using, to secure Power, has Exposed the dark underbelly of a certain segment of white American society __ mostly UNeducated, tribalistic, Racist folks, driven by Hatred, paranoia and an irrational Fear of “all things” pertaining to “the Others”__to the greater white American society, many of who thought "racism" was pretty much no longer a problem.

Black folks have always known the Real deal.

Anyway, thanks to McSenile and Palin, the UGLY truth has been revealed to ALL Americans and most Americans seem repulsed by it.

The UNintended consequences of their despicable deeds has resulted in a "Surge" of support for Obama and a backlash against McCain and Palin.

So to answer your question: Have McSenile and Palin set us back?

No, I don’t think so.

In fact, I'm amazed and "count it all joy" that so many Americans appear to be done with racial and cultural "warfare"_it's madness and we've got BIGGER problems to solve and a better future to pursue!

And on Nov. 4th, IF all goes as I hope_We The People will send a resounding message that We're moving on.