Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open Thread: Presidential Debate #3 - Hofstra University

Well, tonight is the final one.

Let's discuss.


redante said...

OK I'll start. McCain was on the attack for most of the debate. He was pretty aggressive with one attack after another lobbed at Obama -- sometimes pointed and hits and sometimes just nonsensical accusations such as the Bob Ayers thing. Obama was his calm, unflappable self but I was sort of wishing he'd go on the offensive a bit more. It appeared to me that McCain took the gloves off but Obama as a conscious strategy did not. John McCain was a better debater than he was in the previous two debates. Was it good enough to win the debate and turn the campaign around? I guess the next few weeks will show.

rikyrah said...

McCain is a punk.ass.bitch. Thought that going in, thought that coming out. Autism and Downs Syndrome are not interchangeable conditions.

Truthiz said...

Yep McSenile showed his crazy-azz from beginning to end.

Obama was, as LAD stated, his usual "calm, unflappable self."

And despite the fact that I too wanted to see Obama go on offense just a bit_most polls taken right after the debate ended showed that Obama played it just right_AGAIN!

If those winning polls numbers hold up over the next 3 days, I think it's all over but the mass voting on Nov 4th.

the sda truth is, if Barack was white_this thing would be a given already!

But history requires that this thing be played out__

_and so it shall.

Truthiz said...

A reader over at The Field Negro posted a comment that articulates my thoughts, exactly, regarding "Joe-the-plumber."

"Another thought occurred to me. That Joe the Plumber was another paid shrill for McCain. That was suppose to be booby trap, but the trap had a defect in it, and didn't work."

And the truth is, after seeing/hearing a CNN clip of "Joe-the-plumber" giving an interview, i'm thinking, he is indeed a "paid" Rethuglican shrill. The theme of his repeated blather being:

"Barack will raise your taxes. McCain got it right and Obama got it wrong."

Theo said...

I am tired of this campaign. McCain can't tell the truth to save his life. He seemed to be trying to bully Obama during the debate, but failed miserably. He also whined and complained about Rep. Lewis' comments. Those rallies have become anti-Obama. They shout terrorist and Nobama. It gets pretty ugly. The Daily Show did some hilarious work on this subject a few days back.

I think Obama remained calm and confident throughout the debate. He won the debate.

Brian said...

Obama was on the defensive for the entire debate. But he tried to stay on the issues. He worked hard not to get into a fruitless argument with McCain over the distractions.

As always I would have preferred a more aggressive Obama....but that's just not his style. Lucky for him, Americans are worried about jobs, the economy, the future, the 2 wars that are going on right now, their retirement savings, healthcare, etc. This is an unusual election year...(idiot Americans are actually worried about the issues this time)... because any other time, the American electorate WOULD be more concerned about frivolous nonsense... and Obama's smooth style would be detrimental to him.
I still think he has to learn how & when to fight (and you can do that without looking like the angry Black man monster image). Even if he wins this election, he may have a fight on his hands in 2012....and the laid back style may not work.

I just think this time.... McCain/Palin's BS was so transparent that people were finally able to see through it... at least I hope that's the case. We will know for sure on Nov. 4th.

This was probably the best debate format of the 3...and Bob Schieffer was the best moderator.

And regarding Joe the Plumber.... I think this guy is a phony... Almost immediately I thought he was a plant from the try to set up Obama. If not, then he's definitely working on their behalf in some way. Even after Obama explained his economic/tax plan...and after it was determined that "Joe" wouldn't fall into the taxable category in Obama's plan, the guy still gave Obama a hard time and suggested that he would be voting for McCain. It seemed as if he was a McCain voter all along and had no intentions of even considering why all the fuss? Vote for McCain and get off of my TV screen! I don't want to see this guy.

Now they are parading this guy on all the so-called news shows (really it's entertainment). These so-called news programs will put any idiot on the air.... even though there is no substantive reason to do so.

Brian said...


"if Barack was white_this thing would be a given already!"

You are absolutely correct.... That's what is holding folks back. There is still this lingering "doubt" about a Black person being the President of these Divided States.

It's interesting to see how Whites are doing this mental gymnastics... attempting to find legitimate sounding excuses for why they are doubtful about a way to cover for the real reason they are reluctant to support him - THEIR PREJUDICE. Few people are willing to admit the real reason.

Even within the same conversation... they will continue to look for reasons. If you explain the tax plan.... they find another reason.... if you explain that his health plan would be better... they look for another reason. If you debunk the religious smears, the terrorist smears, etc... they look for another reason. It never ends.
Why can't they just admit the real reason? I would rather have them come out and say they won't vote for a Black person for President...(ever) and then we won't have to waste time on these people.... (because unfortunately, a lot of them won't least not anytime soon).

And Rikyrah,

I'm still not clear on how you really feel about McCain. lol

You get so brash when you are PO'd. lol. You don't hold back.

But really.... I do recall you singing McCain's praises back during the Primary...and I warned you that you didn't know the real McCain. Maybe you don't remember.... I was wondering what was wrong with you, lol. It looks like you have come to a different conclusion now :).