Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Rich are Different Than You and Me: They Cheat

A couple of Econ professors combed through old IRS data and have reached the conclusive conclusion that the rich cheat more on their taxes. That might explain why they have more than you. You're a regular Honest Abe and the rich are a bunch of Shoeless Joe Jacksons.

A good start at cleaning up the fiscal mess we're in would be to actually collect all that is owed the federal government. You may not like paying taxes, but it's the law. You shouldn't get to pick and choose which laws to obey. Leave that to me.

Increase fines and penalties on financial miscreants. It's one thing to make an honest error, but these folks who pay tax lawyers and accountants millions a year to hide millions more should be ashamed. My God, think of the children!

I'm not for a flat tax - it is not fair, but I do support a trimmed down federal tax code. That would certainly help.

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