Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Picture of the Muslim Soldier Powell spoke about in this clip:


Truthiz said...

I watched Meet The Press this morning_and the depsite the fact that I really lost a lot of respect for Powell because of his role in the Iraq invasion__the truth is, I appreciate what he had to say.

He really seemed to speak from the heart and he broke it down. To the degree (little or much) that his endorsement helps Obama win _I say Good Job Colin!

Brian said...

Outstanding. This may cause a few fence sitters to go Obama's way.... particularly Moderate Republicans.

Powell is still miffed about the way he was used to spread false information (info that some folks knew was false). He should have pushed back and asked more questions.

He was one of the biggest fools in the whole debacle... because most of the other cast of characters knew exactly what was going on....they knew the Iraq narrative was a lie. But they got Powell to buy into it...and used him (a moderate) to further their neocon agenda. Who wouldn't be upset after that?

Truthiz said...

Oh and I see that Fareed Zakaria, of CNN, also endorsed Barack Obama today_"not only for his good ideas and temperament, but also because McCain represents the past, and Obama represents the future."

The UNholy alliance of misfits and reich-wing radical groups_primarily the neoCons and Talibangelicals_has resulted in a complete "takeover" over the Rethugliklan party much like a "cancerous" disease and they've destroyed everything!

The "elites" within that party are going to have one h*ll of time trying to cut out that Cancer to take back control. I predict that it'll take years before all of the bloodletting is done.

rikyrah said...

This was the best description of what Powell did today on MTP. I found it in the comments in one of the blogs I read:

It was the most eloquent non-cursing cursing out I have ever witnessed.

Brian said...

LOL, good one Rikyrah. I concur. There were a lot of lines to read between in his statement.

He telegraphed this a few weeks ago when he criticized McCain's behavior regarding the Russia-Georgia War. He was even more blunt then.

Theo said...

Did anyone watch the Pat Buchanan video from Hardball? It was quite revealing.

I posted it on my blog at

Check it out and feel free to comment. I felt the blatant use of race was quite unnecessary.