Monday, October 13, 2008

Congratulations to Paul Krugman for winning the Nobel Prize in Economics

I became disgusted with Krugman during the Primary Season as he turned into a Hillary shill, but give respect when it's due.

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Anonymous said...

Krugman is a shill for the MICC.

His exceptional service to his establishment benefactors has won him the prize no less appropriate than the one given to Jimmy Carter.

Nobel's are now given to the best of the world's statists.

What a terribly sick joke.

Get a REAL economics & history education in the classical liberal style of our Founding Fathers at The most trafficked non-partisan website extant on the subject of FREEDOM.

Is it a surprize to ANY-freakin-ONE that Herr Krugman supports the $700 Billion rippoff of the American taxpayer? He's below pond scum.

He said this AM "we learned from the Great Depression the consequences of not doing enough..."

..which parrots Bernanke's take.

What these degreed lame-brains are lying about is that it was GOVT's 1920's interventionist monetary EXPANSION that ultimately caused the Fed to have to TIGHTEN which is what caused depression.

Which is my, naive compatriots, the SAME printing press, interest rate interventions that ALWAYS bring us a boom followed by the inevitable busts; cycles I myself have witnessed since the great Carter "malaise". Another CFR/TriLat/NWO bought and paid for puppet statist.

Indeed 4000 CFR's head all the top slots in govt, media & academe where they mold the population into the sheeple they today so easily dupe - a la a Nobel for Krugman, IE.