Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Wouldn't Have Believed If I Hadn't Seen It

Spotted over at the Revolution in Jesusland blog. Also check out the official site.


Brian said...

I heard about this group a couple of weeks ago...and I had to do a double-take too. lol

The economy has a way of bringing folks together...and eclipsing the cultural barriers.

When you are struggling with medical bills...trying to keep food on the table... superficial cultural differences often take a back seat... at least to some folks.

Obama is now competitive in States like Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, North Dakota (places that conventional wisdom would have counted out).

Some polls are even showing Arizona in play... (unreal).

I expect McCain to win Arizona and some of the so-called Red States... But the problem for McCain - he has to win them all to have a chance at winning the election.

rikyrah said...

when I saw the t-shirt, I was like, I WANT ONE OF THOSE.

I cracked up.

I've been finding pictures of 'conflicting issues'.

One had a lawn jockey AND an Obama sign in the yard.

The best ones are the ones who have a Confederate Flag AND an Obama sign....I REALLY would like to talk to those folks...LOL

rikyrah said...

More from Montana

rikyrah said...

GA/NC Update - Extended Voting Starts in GA and Numbers Soar!

Brian said...

Thanks Rikyrah,

I had written off Montana a few weeks ago when it looked like McCain had regained control.

(I think McCain may be hoping to avoid a blowout at this point).

For weeks I have been saying that Obama would be lucky to get to 270 EV. Now... it's anyone's guess... but it looks like he will get at least 300 (a good conservative figure).

I am addicted to Dave Leip and Pollsters analysis pages.... they are like the crack cocaine for political junkies.... at least for me. I wanted to try to post more of that stuff... but i'm working on a broken computer and also don't have the time to read through all the material like I would like to. Dailykos often has it covered....so it's easier to link at this point. But the analysis is fascinating. Some of the numbers are all over the place, so i'm reluctant to put too much faith in them. I pay more attention to overall trending. If 7 or 8 polls say one thing....and 1 poll says something else... I put it all together to see the larger picture. That's why I prefer Dave Leip... you can see all the polls for each State on one page.... all lined up. So if one poll is way off... it's really easy to pick up on it. But there has been more than one poll showing Arizona and Montana as competitive.... so anything can happen.

I also don't count Ohio or Florida in my own calculations because of all the shenanigans in those States...and all the racist rhetoric. I wrote those States off long ago... basically spotting McCain the two big States..giving him a head start, lol. But too bad for McCain... Obama still wins comfortably under the scenario I had in mind. All Obama has to do is hold Penn... and win Colorado, NM, and maybe one other State for insurance. McCain has to win all of the contested Red States that Bush won in 2004 (ain't gonna happen)... Basically the McTanic has sunk to the bottom of the Ocean at this point. The worst case scenario for Obama has him winning anywhere from 274-290+. All Obama has to do is stay on cruise control (and not make any gaffes...same goes for Biden).

Nov. 4th is going to be a long day... but hopefully not too crazy.

I have a feeling I am going to be standing in line for a while.
Hopefully I can get to the polling place early.

Truthiz said...

To paraphrase a quote I ran across a few weeks ago when this kind of Phenomenon really began to be noticed in "redneck" parts across the country.

The truth is:

"These days, racism is a luxury that many racists can no longer afford."

I mean you've got "rednecks" coming right out and saying that they're voting for "the n*gger" because they believe Obama is "more for the people."

When asked if they'd be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket, a group of self-described "hillbillies" responded:

"We're hillbillies_but we AIN'T stupid!"

lol...history in the making!