Friday, October 31, 2008

Sam The Phony Is a No Show At McCain Rally

Major FAIL!!!!

Sam the Handy Man (still being touted as the fictitious Joe the Plumber/Business Owner/Earner of more than $250,000.00 by McCain's people - although it is all a lie) failed to show up at a rally yesterday...and McSenile was caught completely off guard. LOL How can you lead the most powerful nation on earth, when you can't even pull off your own BS stunts properly? You would think that he would have had his people get confirmation first.


Anonymous said...

Even funnier was Johnny Mac's attempt to cover up the fact that the fake was a no-show. "You're ALL Joe the Plumbers," the poor confused Senator from Arizona said.


King Politics said...

If this weren't such an important election, you'd almost feel bad for McCain, but I can't at all feel bad for him. Not when he's throwing around dangerous lines like calling Obama a socialist.