Sunday, October 19, 2008

“That's Why We're Going to Beat Him in This Election on November 4!”

Hat tip: Craig Hickman tell ' em, Senator Obama!


Brian said...

He's in cruise control; or should I say, he has reached what aerospace scientists call "Max Q". He's at the top of his game and can't be stopped. :) You only get to this level in the heat of actual battle... you can't practice it. Only the pressures of the situation can bring out a level of sweat and performance to match it. The civil Rights movement gave us heroes like MLK...the pressures of the situation demanded it.

And not as serious... I'm reminded of situations like Michael Jordon in that last big playoff game, where he was in a trance.... where he actually had the TV announcers in complete shock about what they were seeing and for a moment they lost control of the broadcast...unreal (I still have that game on VHS tape). Or Joe Montana when he was slaughtering defenses in the NFL... or Magic Johnson and Showtime when they were streaking down the Court in the big game. It's historic because it doesn't happen too often...and you probably won't see anything else like it in your lifetime.

It's going to be great watching him over the next two weeks.

Truthiz said...

What a time to be alive and living in the USA!

Despite all of the flaws of my countrty, I have always Loved my country and I want nothing but the best for her and Us, We The People.

As I watch Barack's ascendance to the Presidency__the "Tsunami" outpouring of support from people across all ages, races, ethnic and socio-econominc brackgrounds and even sexual orientations_I can not shake the feeling that I'm witnessing not only History unfolding in REAL time__

but I'm also witnessing a Masterpiece_a rare work of art, in the making_and it really is quite amazing!

I agree with AI:

"It's going to be great watching him over the next two weeks."

And I would add_it's going to be great watching Us (the majority of American voters), come together, IN MASS, to elect this man, over the next two weeks!