Thursday, October 09, 2008

What Do You See When You Watch This?


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I see a creative and positive way to reach these young men using the longstanding traditions of Black Greek organizations.

I hear principles of self-reliance, independence, reinforcing that they can use their minds to make it in this country. I hear the Old School Lessons.

But, maybe it's just me.

But, I guess for some folks, the only way they're comfortable with Young Black Men is with a ball in their hand, or in line getting ready for the prison bus.

The teacher behind this was suspended, by the way. Why do I suspect that if his plan for these young men had been playing basketball afterschool, nobody would be talking about suspending him?

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Brian said...

I don't see anything wrong with the concept per se... I think teachers should try whatever works (within reason). But I would just say that they didn't have to wait for Obama to get inspiration. There are plenty of men, probably within their own communities, who could have and should have provided all the inspiration they needed.

It may seem Controversial because it's called "Obama youth...."... It raises partisan questions...and from a legal standpoint, it may present problems in terms of funding. I think the organizers could have been a little more thoughtful when it came to naming, they could have avoided those technical issues.

The group (if by another name) could have still used Obama as a source for inspiration...

Instead of the teacher being punished...he should have been given guidance on how to make the program work avoid pitfalls, etc.

I'll have to read more about this later (late for work)...

Interesting post.