Monday, July 23, 2007

Romney Joins Other Bigots In Attacking Obama

Mitt Romney is seen not only standing behind the sign with a supporter, but he is also seen holding the sign himself.

Hat Tip: Talking Points Memo

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney joins other bigots to attack Barack Obama. Once again, the Republicans are associating Obama's name with a major international terrorist and essentially with Al Qaeda. Fox News started this nonsense (associating Obama with Bin Laden) a few months ago. Now the ignorance is spreading.

I knew that Obama would have to deal with these kinds of ignorant attacks, and that the Conservative media would participate, but I did not expect it to be so vicious, so early....and so obvious. I thought that it would be a little more nuanced. But the Republicans apparently have little shame about what they are doing.

This is just the latest in a string of bigoted incidents involving Republican politicians. More recently (late last year) there was the attack on Congressman Keith Ellison because he is Muslim...(with the ignorant White Congressman assuming Ellison was an immigrant due to his religion). And just a few days ago, a Hindu priest, a guest of the U.S. Senate, was heckled as he gave the official opening prayer. This kind of ignorance just never seems to end.

Do Republicans realize how stupid they look when they engage in the kind of behavior shown above?

(Notice how "Mama" is misspelled)


Constructive Feedback said...

I agree with you that this is ignorant and uncalled for.

Now if only we could hear you speak up when some leftwing extremists make the case that BUSH BLEW UP the World Trade Center.

Let me ask you - Since you indicate their "bigotry" is the source of their "attacks" on Obama - do you thing that if a WHITE candidate had the same middle name that is ripe for political exploitation that they would NOT do this?

I am just attempting to understand your use of the word "bigotry".

The Angry Independent said...

Bigotry is part of it... but it isn't the only motivation... ignorance and politics play a part as well. They are taking advantage of Americas natural xenophobia for political advantage.

I believe that a White candidate with a similar name would have also caught grief, but not the way that Obama is getting it. If the candidate was White, there would be more discretion and more nuance IMO. But since this is a Black candidate, there is this idea that it is o.k. to openly engage in this kind of stupidity... because the candidate is "different from us" (not a Conservative, pro-christian, White male, etc).