Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bush Administration Stalling Causes the Deaths of At Least 650 U.S. Troops

Pentagon Refused To Provide Troops With The Armored Vehicles That They Needed

Hear Report and Interview Below

The MRAP (Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected) Armored Vehicle

Despite being aware of the MRAP vehicles and the protection that the vehicles offered, the civilian leadership in the Pentagon refused to provide U.S. troops with the units until recently. If U.S. soldiers had these vehicles a few years ago, when they were requested, hundreds of lives could have been saved. Instead, U.S. troops were sent to Iraq with Humvees that lacked basic protection.

Listen to Story and Interview with Blake Morrison (USA Today writer and author of MRAP report), Courtesy of KMOX Radio.


USA Today Blog Commentary


Constructive Feedback said...


Both you and Hillary Clinton, (if she is elected) are constructing some challenges that you will have to face in the future. You see - from my previous calculations during the transition of administrations the base of federal employees and military command that remain is upwards of 96%. You and Hillary have been attacking the "POLICIES OF THIS ADMINISTRATION" as the source of every failure and stubbed toe in America.

What happens in late January 2009? When the "Evil Bushes" clear out and take their command staff but the PEOPLE WHO DO THE WORK remain?

Let us set up a frame work for our debates right now?

Late January - Evil Bush gone
February - New GOOD GUY Leadership settles into office

Summer 2009 - Deprogramming from Evil Bush takes place among the employees. A new light is shown and their spirits are risen.

Winter 2009 - The new practices of the Good Guy Administration take over and the government operates at efficiencies never seen before.

So Angry - could you tell me what timeframe that you and I can do some critical inspection in the Post-evil-Bush era to confirm that the government is now operating at peak efficiency?

Or is the answer to NOT put them in the situation in which our military and FEMA have to show their effectiveness or incompetence?

The Angry Independent said...

If you look through the archives you will see that I am no fan of Hillary.

When Bush leaves? I expect to see SOME improvement...but we still won't be where we need to be.

And you mention "Good Guy"...I assume you mean Democrats. But once again... you clearly don't know the history of this blog...or this blogger.

Anonymous said...

Bush is an incompetent idiot! That's why most of us were shocked when he bullied his way into office in 2000.

Sadly, more US troops have died in this "Operation Iraqi Freedom" than the fatalities on 9/11, and for what? We have more enemies now, than ever before. All Bush has accomplished is to stir up a major terrorist hornets nest while simultaneously ruining the US economy.

Now that we are in this conflict (and unfortunately, likely more to come), we need to focus on "lessons learned" on survivability and get these MRAP vehicles over to the troops ASAP. We have to simultaneously work on a plan to peacefully ease our troops out, while minimizing collateral damage to Iraq civilians. The latter is not easy, we should have strategically thought that one through more carefully before removing & executing their former leader.

2008 Elections = CHANGE - mostly positive change, but then again, we live in an imperfect world.