Monday, July 30, 2007

Interracial Couple Weds Despite Racist Threats

College football star Ian Johnson (who is Black) went ahead with his marriage to girlfriend Chrissy Popadics over the weekend, despite threats of violence. This is 2007 isn't it? And we are still seeing this kind of sick behavior. See another blog posting on this couple.

I am all for mixed race relationships. People should date and marry whoever they want. But it seems that this Country is still not ready to fully accept interracial marriage....not even dating. It is as if this is the last great taboo when it comes to race. When I dated interracially, I can't tell you how uncomfortable I was with the funny looks that my date and I got from people. I know Idaho has to be one of the least diverse States in the it was not exactly a shock to hear about the threats. But the situation is also bad in places like the St. Louis Metro (which has a very sizable Black population). It is one of the most segregated Metro areas in the nation. So I can empathize somewhat with this story...although I never got any death threats.

I often wonder how I would deal with this situation if it ever came up. I know I wouldn't back down. But constantly needing to look over my shoulder would eventually drive me mad.

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terrance said...

You'd be amazed. As a black gay man in an interracial relationship, I can tell you I've had to deal with hostility a few times. Publicly, too. The interesting thing is that all the public hostility I've had to deal with has come from other African Americans. And the hostility is always directed at me, exclusively. Never at my partner. In fact, it's like he's not even there...