Tuesday, July 31, 2007

FBI Searches U.S. Senator's Home

Well, well, well....

The rumors and smoke have been smoldering around him for years, but finally, it seems as if some action has been taken.

From CNN:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- FBI and Internal Revenue Service agents searched the Alaska home of veteran Sen. Ted Stevens Monday amid a corruption probe that has already snared two oil-company executives and a state lobbyist.

Rest of the story is here.

I'm not too surprised. They have been investigating his son for awhile now, and they've been working their way up to him. Politically, I don't like Stevens, I admit that. And, if they can prove that he's crooked, then this is a strike for good government. The people should be able to trust the people that they elect to represent them.


Admiral Komack said...

But...but...this can't be happening...he's a REPUBLICAN! :-)

The Angry Independent said...

It looks like they may have a good case on him. The FBI wouldn't serve a warrant to search a Senators house unless they had good information.

It looks like one of the other subjects of the investigation have turned on him... and are cooperating with prosecutors.

If that's the case, I think we will see another major Republican go down for corruption.