Thursday, May 31, 2007

Homeland Security Fails ANOTHER test

Ok, is anyone scared yet?

The past couple of days, we've found out that a guy with a contagious disease, a hard-to-treat form of tuberculosis, was allowed to travel out of the country, and allowed to come back in.

Will someone explain to me why the hell we have NO FLY LISTS, if they allow people with contagious communicable diseases to be on board planes, in a confined space, with HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE?

Does anyone feel scared yet?

If we can't stop a guy that we KNOW has a disease from flying and putting OTHER LIVES AT RISK, then what is the point of the NO FLY LIST?

In this day of chemical and biological weapons, this ' mishap' is inexcusable. This is a 'gimme', and they screwed it up! Nobody sounds the alarm bells that putting other folks' lives at risk is NOT AN OPTION. Everyone along this chain of information needs to be fired.

I swear, our terrorist enemies are cracking up at our incompetence. They're jotting down yet another way to attack us.


Brian said...

It's crazy isn't it? Especially when we have Congress members being stopped at airports... and other well known folks who end up on the list for having similar names as the people who are supposed to be on the list. The agents at the land borders have the same systems & capabilities that the airports have as far as I know...

But they let someone through who was really on the list? UNREAL!

Apparently there has been an investigation launched by DHS against the border agent or agents involved. But should the blame be placed solely on the agent? It's hard to determine that right now. But people like to blame the agents, when it could be a system problem. Perhaps that particular post is understaffed and overworked. There is no way that they can run a thorough check of everyone who comes through, especially when they don't have enough staff or enough lanes. Commerce between the U.S. and Canada would almost come to a halt.

But SOMETHING has to be done. This is a problem that they have known about for years... but they keep neglecting it. They refuse to hire enough people to watch these borders and they refuse to pay the agents well enough to attract and keep the best people.

Another problem is that so much attention has been placed on the Mexican border that the Canadian border has been neglected for years.

My immediate thought after hearing this story was.... What if this was a terrorist.... a terrorist posing as an American? This shows how easy it would be to get something or someone across the border.

But not all agents are bad.... in fact, most do their jobs well. In 1999 a Customs Officer stopped a terrorist from coming through Canada with bomb making material. There were enough explosives to kill hundreds. But the officer was suspicious and followed his instincts....and this was before 9/11.

The Homeland Security Committee will be holding hearings on this case on June 7th.

But this is nothing new for DHS... take a look at these two posts from last year.

Agents Testing System, Sneak Across Border With Fake Documents

Serious Flaws Found in Immigration Service, According to Former Senior Security Official

Sleeperwithheavyeyes said...

I can't help but believe that if he had been an olive skined Arab instead of a white southerner, he wouldn't have made it past the border.

rikyrah said...

I can't help but believe that if he had been an olive skined Arab instead of a white southerner, he wouldn't have made it past the border.

2:24 PM

As they say, PREACH!

You aren't the ONLY one who thinks this.

Anonymous said...

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