Monday, May 14, 2007

The Great Gil Scott Heron

"B Movie"

This video is from the early 1980's.....but in many ways he could have been talking about the state of affairs today. Phony election mandates, warmongering, the U.S. consumer culture, John Wayne syndrome, how America chooses Presidents, the U.S. losing its position in the World....& more. Sound familiar? Are we living in another B Movie today with Bush & Co.? I'd say we definitely are. I don't agree with every single thing in the piece, but I think he is on target with most of what he had to say.

Once again we have a Republican electorate that does not want to deal with today....they don't want to face reality, they would rather hold on to a fantasy of a more glorious past. Meanwhile, issues like climate change, dependence on foreign oil, the changing global economy, healthcare, homeland security and other issues are not being dealt with 100% the way they should be.

And yes, John Wayne would be better today.... Damn near ANYONE would be better. lol


Anonymous said...

I really dig Gil Scott Heron. My favorite one by him is The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, and the video is also on YouTube. Its really cool!

Brian said...

He's a favorite artist of mine....has been for years.

I personally love Winter in America (among other songs).

Every now and then I do music playlists here (music is part of the atmosphere on the site.)
I have not had the time to do as many playlists of my own as I would like. But I also post a lot of playlists from other sources.
Maybe i'll post some Gil Scott in the near future, when I get the time.

My next Mirror on America playlist will be Traditional Jazz... working on putting that one together now. I try to post music from my own crates once every month or so.

Doing my own playlists is labor intensive...and takes a lot of time.

Anonymous said...

Great, great song, that one.

"Washington, D.C." is also really fine.

Enjoying the blog from here at Webster U . . . signed, A Gorlok

Brian said...

Thanks Gorlok,

Glad you are reading & enjoying the blog.

Royuncg said...

I love GSK, but he hurt me to see that he has really fallen on hard times. You guys really need to check out "H20 Gate Blues" its one of his best works