Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spelman Students Launch Campaign Against BET

A group of students at Spelman University have launched a letter writing campaign against BET, complaining about the often negative portrayals of Black women. The students demand that BET improve its format.

The following is a segment of the letter written by sophomore Angela Boudreaux, the student leading the effort:

“I am disgusted with images of black women in the media, particularly those provided by television and music videos. I can no longer tolerate the way women are portrayed and the disgusting way that BET perpetuates this behavior.

“I will never understand how a company that is supposed to be the voice for black people makes them look worse than any other organization in the world. Some of the videos that are played at BET can be classified as pornographic. The lyrics to the songs, with these outrageous videos, are just as alarming. Black women are all depicted as nothing but sexual objects and their only value stemming from various parts of their bodies.”

In a report from Eurweb, Boudreaux goes on to thank networks like TV One for showing positive images of Black women.

See Full Report Here

Hear an interview with Angela Boudreaux from the NPR program News and Notes.


Anonymous said...

Before you congratulate TV One, check out "Black Men Revealed" and the episode they did on why lighter skinned black women are more desirable that dark skinned black women. It was without question the most ignorant and degrading discussion I've ever heard come out of the mouths of black men. I am really astonished there has not been more reaction to this. I caught it channel surfing because I don't watch TV One.

hydroharmony said...

i've seen the show black men revealed, and while some of their discussions do seem a bit surfaced at times, it doesn't begin to compare to image of black women in the majority of rap music videos. there is an oversaturation of hyper-sexual black women in entertainment right now. lets focus on solutions to this problem in hopes of positive effects to others that are plaguing our community.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Spelman Women! Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Thats inspiring! I wonder if there is a petition around. There was the sexist hip hop one already that was directed to BET and other companies though. I want to find out how their campaign end up. Then I might actually subscribe to BET.