Friday, May 25, 2007

Beyonce on Broadway as Maggie the Cat? I hope not.

Could Beyonce be going to Broadway?

I have to thank POLIOTOPICS for the tip on this.

Could be that Beyonce might be cast as Maggie The Cat in an All-Black cast of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.

Yes, you read that right...Beyonce as Maggie The Cat.

Um, how do I say this?


I'm not hating. I'm just being honest. Maggie the Cat isn't a supporting role. And, it doesn't include any singing. Maggie The Cat IS the pivotal role in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. What, in Beyonce's career, up to this point, would provide any sort of comfort that she has the chops, to ACT, in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE, for 8 performances a week?

Come on, people. Supporting roles where others can carry the film are one thing; actually having her carry a BROADWAY PLAY? Please, don't tell me about Fantasia or Michelle Williams - they are in MUSICALS. Unless it's changed since I read it high school, there's NO music in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.

I didn't even understand why Elizabeth Taylor was a movie star until I saw her as Maggie in the film. Same with Paul Newman as Brick. ...and that's another point..LLCoolJ as Brick? Oh, come on. I don't hate on the singers, but for serious Broadway plays, they need people who actually trained for it professionally. Not two entertainers who have made questionable movie role choices.

It gets even crazier. They dumped FOUR-TIME TONY AWARD WINNER Audra McDonald for Beyonce. This mess gets more looney by the sentence.

There are plenty of REAL actors who could play the parts. Danny Glover and Phylicia Rashad as Big Daddy and Big Mama make sense. Anthony Anderson would be a great Gooper, and Chandra Wilson a good Mae Lynn. Jeffery Wright, Blair Underwood, Hill Harper....any number of professional actors would play the heck out of the role of Brick.

But, the bottom line is: If you don't believe Maggie, you won't believe the play. And, Beyonce isn't credible as Maggie.


Brian said...
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Brian said...
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Brian said...

I can't stand the air that this woman breathes. I don't care much for these Hip Hop Soul Queens... but I seem to despise Beyonce the most. Mostly because of her adoration for the rapper thug male image.... which in turn validates that image and makes it not only acceptable to the mainstream, but popularizes it. In the process... the image of the decent positive black male has fallen by the wayside....largely because of the impact of Beyonce and her ilk throughout the late 90's...until the present.

She is a poor example for Black women and Black womanhood. She is an especially poor example for Black youth. Countless Black girls have grown up imitating this woman, along with the little Kim's and all the rest. And the results have not been good.

Of course she is beloved by the whole BET culture. It seems that the celebrities who provide the worst examples of Black folks and of Black Culture tend to be embraced the most. So much of Black culture has become a race to the bottom.

g-e-m2001 said...

AMen! on the foolishness of her "relationship" with Jay-Z. Yall forget that just because you dress her up in fancy wigs an shiney clothes, she still is basically a High School drop out. She's been doing the music thing since middle school. I don't recall hearing about her graduating from high school during all of this. Just listening to her speak off script confirms this.

Did you see my post about her daddy staring a hip hop inspired toy line called Baby Jamz? Note Jamz spelled with a terminal "z".