Saturday, May 05, 2007

LaVena Johnson's Body Has Been Exhumed

LaVena Johnson's body has now been exhumed and a new autopsy was performed just within the past few days. Final results will not be released until all the data has been analyzed. Forensic investigators continue to gather information.

Since the original investigation was botched, and details and evidence were covered up or destroyed, we may never know what really happened to LaVena Johnson.

Here is another bloggers take on the case.

A little info about LaVena:

*She was a Straight A Honor Roll Student

*Played the Violin

*Volunteered in her Community, including with the American Heart Association

*Was active in Church

*Loved to do activities w/ her family

*Was only 19 years old when she died

* And she passed up the opportunity to go to just about any college that she wanted to, in order to go into the Army to serve her Country.

& more...

She was a gem.

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