Friday, May 11, 2007

Majority of Iraqi Lawmakers Support a Timetable For Withdrawal

It turns out that the majority of the Iraqi Parliament is in favor of a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. Troops.

So why has Bush and Co. framed this debate in the context of- Iraq wants us to stay, when they know full well that this is not true? Bush is doing everything he can to avoid any kind of timetable or withdrawal plan.

Of course since the Parliament is majority Shia, it is no surprise that they want the U.S. out. But then again, some Sunni's want U.S. troops to leave as well, though some would rather have the U.S. stay put for fear of Shia reprisals. But Iraq has to eventually deal with its own problems.

And If Iraq is a free and sovereign State, why is the U.S. still making the major decisions for that country?

I have stated several times before that the U.S. has no real intention of leaving Iraq. There will be U.S. troops there for many many years. The questions is when do we get the majority of them out. There will always be a presense of tens of thousands of U.S. troops in that country for the next decade (or more).

Right now, Bush is trying to keep troops in Iraq long enough to pass the problem on to another administration to deal with. The endeavor has already been lost for all practical purposes, but Bush & Co. are trying to avoid a withdrawal under their watch. They are hoping that such an event will take place under another President, so that the new President can be blamed for the failure.

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