Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Britian Brings Murder Charges In Litvinenko Case

Britian will charge a former Russian Spy for the Murder of Alexander Litvenenko.
The charges were announced today by Britian's Chief Prosecutor Ken Macdonald.

As I mentioned last year in my comments regarding Litvinenko, this case is likely to increase tensions between Russia and the West.

Russia is already upset about Western influence in Ukraine, plans for NATO expansion, Kosovo independence, and plans for a U.S. anti-missile system in Eastern Europe (territory formerly under Russia's sphere of control). This could erase any gains in relations made over the past 15 years. But this is not the only case that has damaged relations. There have been a series of events over the past several years that have brought the two sides to this point.

And the EU nor the U.S. is in a position to deal with an increase of tensions with Russia. The world is too dependent on Russian oil & natural gas, the main exports from the country, so it is unclear just how the Europeans will react to this situation.

I don't believe that another Cold War has begun. I believe that the first Cold War never really ended (mostly due to U.S. bungling).

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