Monday, May 14, 2007

Greg Palast Reports on The David Iglesias Case

Greg Palast has been digging deeper into the case of fired U.S. attorney David Iglesias. What Palast finds is chilling. He contends that Karl Rove was involved in orchestrating the firing of Iglesias because Iglesias did not agree to play politics. Palast broadcasts an exclusive interview that he had with Iglesias, where the former U.S. Attorney makes it plainly clear why he believes he was fired. The mainstream U.S. media has yet to pick up Palasts story which has been shown overseas via BBC. SEE VIDEO BELOW.

Palast Reveals An Orchestrated Effort to Suppress Black Voters

Palast also reports that Iglesias is now in a legal battle against the White House because of the Bush Administrations claim that he was absent from work when he was U.S. Attorney. This was one of the excuses used to fire Iglesias. The truth is- he was absent from duty because he was serving his country in the Navy Reserves at the time. It's illegal to fire someone for being on Military Reserve duty.

Palast also gives information regarding previously missing e-mails and how they tie in with the current case. Palast shows that there was a coordinated effort to create barriers to voting, particularly among members of the U.S. military, all in an effort to help Republicans.

Meanwhile, Alberto Gonzales believes that he has weathered the storm and will keep his job.

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Anonymous said...

I heard Mr. Palast on a local radio program. I always appreciate what he has to inform us about, because it's always on point. We need a good 500 more journalists like Mr. Palast.

I saw you asking me to email you, Angry Independent. I don't know how. All my links click on your profile page, and then Mirror on America.

I've calmed down over the incident on the bus, but I now realize it was my tipping point. Stick a fork in me; I'm done. I just can't hear anymore excuses. Not when I'm out here, trying to be a good, positive member of the village that I inhabit. I've had it with the excuses. I don't mean to be harsh. But, this one has been my tipping point.

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