Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Child Mortality Skyrockets In Iraq

Mortality for African Children Also Still Very High

A new report on child mortality shows that the child mortality rate in Iraq has soared over the past several years. Doctors have been leaving Iraq in droves, for better, more secure parts of the Middle East such as Egypt and Jordan.

The child mortality figures in other developing countries have begun to level off after several years of improvement.

Just as alarming as the Iraq figures are the numbers from Africa. Almost all of the countries on the worst nations list are African. This report just shows how neglected Africa has been. Rich countries continue to look the other way...although there have been several initiatives started in recent years. The impact of AIDS, drought, Malaria, poverty, wars and genocides, and other factors impact Africans more than any other segment of the worlds population.

Combine these problems with the fact that the world is much less likely to come to the aid of Africans, and you have a situation where child mortality will be a constant problem for Africa.

Until rich countries provide Africa with assistance in becoming self sustaining, such as building institutions of higher learning, building a good banking system, good governance (Democracy & less corruption), establishing better economies, self sustaining agriculture, establishing sources for water, etc, Africa will have the same trouble year after year after year. Instead of exporting food, knowledge, healthy trade, life saving medicine, and bringing investment to Africa, Richer countries have been sending weapons to fuel wars. How do these poor countries end up with so many tools of death? Middle Eastern countries, European countries and Asia make money from selling small arms to African nations, in exchange for diamonds, oil and access to other natural resources. As if the other threats to life....such as AIDS and Malaria are not enough for Africa to deal with.
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