Sunday, May 13, 2007

Considering Opening Up Comments

I'm considering opening up comments so that I can spur more debate. Up until now, I have kept comments on the moderated setting. I had to do this to control the nonsense that comes through via comments.

I notice that my peers with really great blogs have open comments. I'm just concerned that if I open comments, I will have to deal with spam, and I won't be able to control the hate mail that might get through.... and I get a lot of hate mail (especially from Hip Hop apologists). I get just as much from Black folks as I do any other group.

I'm only home for a few hours out of the day.... so I can't police the site.


redante said...


I would suggest a comment policy to establish ground rules on what types of comments you will accept. Here is an example from my blog:

Rachel's Tavern said...

You can also delete spam and racist comments after the fact. I have most of my comments going into moderation, even after I lightened the moderation level.

It does help get more traffic, but of course it comes with head aches.

g-e-m2001 said...

I don't know what your work schedule is like. I actually go to the library down the street from my office and moderate my comments at around noon and then continuously as I get home. What you might consider is enlisting the help of friends to monitor your comments and then if something outrageous pops up, they can text you and you can take care of it.

I am going to keep moderating the comments on my blog,

but then again it is a baby blog, but the hits keep increasing exponentially every week. I may have to change that